When it comes to Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS, there are so many different approaches you can take when building a lineup. Never let anyone tell you that you’re wrong, because nobody has all of the answers. There are, however, some strategies you can follow to better yourself as a DFS player and help yourself in both cash games and tournaments or otherwise known as guaranteed prize pools (GPP’s).

Generally, there are going to be specific strategies used in cash games and in tournaments as we mentioned up top.


Cash Game Strategies 

When starting your builds, locate matchup’s that are ideal and likely high scoring. When a team is projected to score a lot of points, that team will have a couple of candidates for elite level production. Security and volume is what we look for in cash, so you’ll be able to pick out the elite players from that aspect from the teams with the plus matchup’s. 

When you look at the Ownership percentages -- which we have right here at Fantasy...