Rotations are still in flux, and that means plenty of changes occurring on a daily (and weekly) basis due to ineffective early performance and more problematic, injuries being suffered by the arms we rely upon to propel our fantasy teams on to success. A nice collection of aces to consider plugging in for satisfying results, at least for the most part. A nice middle tier set of hurlers, too. Of course, plenty of SPs to simply avoid unless you are truly desperate for innings without regard for the potential damage to your ratio stats.


Please realize that these articles feature most recent rotation information available when the article is written, but that circumstances do change due to weather conditions, injuries and general craziness with managers. If a pitcher listed here as having two starts ends up with one (or perhaps none) in the upcoming week, apologies but this article is meant to provide analysis, it is up to the manager to set the lineups or rotations. Without further ado, here are this week’s two start pitchers.

 Start 'em If You Own 'em 
Starting Pitcher1st Start/Opponent/Date2nd Start/Opponent/Date
Spencer Stridervs. MIA @ NYM 
 ATLEdward CabreraTylor Megill
 Mon, 4/24, 7:20 PM Sat, 4/29, 4:05 PM 
Nestor Cortes@ MIN @ TEX 
 NYYKenta MaedaMartin Perez
 Tue, 4/25, 7:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:35 PM 
Joe Ryanvs. NYY vs. KC 
 MINJhony BritoBrad Keller
 Mon, 4/24, 7:40 PM Sat, 4/29, 2:10 PM 
Nick Lodolovs. TEX @ OAK 
 CINNathan EovaldiMason Miller
 Mon, 4/24, 6:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 4:07 PM 
Drew Rasmussenvs. HOU @ CHW 
 TBLuis GarciaMike Clevinger
 Tue, 4/25, 6:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:10 PM 
Justin Steelevs. SD @ MIA 
 CHCRyan WeathersEdward Cabrera
 Tue, 4/25, 7:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 12:05 PM 
Logan Gilbert@ PHI @ TOR 
 SEABailey FalterChris Bassitt
 Tue, 4/25, 6:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 1:37 PM 
Charlie Mortonvs. MIA @ NYM 
 Tue, 4/25, 7:20 PMSun, 4/30, 1:40 PM
Chris Bassittvs. CHW vs. SEA 
 TORLance LynnLogan Gilbert
 Mon, 4/24, 7:07 PM Sun, 4/30, 1:37 PM 
Alex Cobbvs. STL @ SD 
 SFJordan MontgomeryJoe Musgrove
 Mon, 4/24, 9:45 PM Sun, 4/30, 4:05 PM 
Jose Urquidy@ TB vs. PHI 
 HOUTaj BradleyBailey Falter
 Mon, 4/24, 6:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 7:08 PM 
Johan Oviedovs. LAD @ WAS 
 PITNoah SyndergaardJosiah Gray
 Tue, 4/25, 6:35 PM Sun, 4/30, 1:35 PM 

An even dozen arms to use for both their trips to the bump, without overly concerning yourself about opponent or venue. These pitchers are those that you should rely upon for stable performance…the occasional tipping of the apple cart is no reason to lose faith as even the best athletes can sporadically have a poor outing. There are a couple of arms that do not provide value across the stat line (Lodolo, Gilbert) but the overall counting stats make up for the less than fantastic ratio values.

 Maybe Yes, Maybe No 
Starting Pitcher1st Start/Opponent/Date2nd Start/Opponent/Date
Taj Bradleyvs. HOU @ CHW 
 TBJose UrquidyLance Lynn
 Mon, 4/24, 6:40 PM Sat, 4/29, 7:10 PM 
Kyle Bradishvs. BOS @ DET 
 BALCorey KluberSpencer Turnbull
 Tue, 4/25, 6:35 PM Sun, 4/30, 1:40 PM 
Nathan Eovaldi@ CIN vs. NYY 
 TEXNick LodoloJhony Brito
 Mon, 4/24, 6:40 PM Sat, 4/29, 7:05 PM 
Martin Perez@ CIN vs. NYY 
 TEXLuke WeaverNestor Cortes
 Tue, 4/25, 6:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:35 PM 
Eduardo Rodriguez@ MIL vs. BAL 
 DETColin ReaDean Kremer
 Mon, 4/24, 7:40 PM Sat, 4/29, 1:10 PM 
Noah Syndergaard@ PIT vs. STL 
 LADJohan OviedoJake Woodford
 Tue, 4/25, 6:35 PM Sun, 4/30, 4:10 PM 
Jordan Montgomery@ SF @ LAD 
 STLAlex CobbClayton Kershaw
 Mon, 4/24, 9:45 PM Sat, 4/29, 9:10 PM 
Josiah Gray@ NYM vs. PIT 
 WASTBDJohan Oviedo
 Tue, 4/25, 7:10 PMSun, 4/30, 1:35 PM 
Kenta Maedavs. NYY vs. KC 
 MINNestor CortesBrady Singer
 Tue, 4/25, 7:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:10 PM 

Bradley has secured a spot in the Tampa Bay rotation through his efforts on the hill, but has also been handed a role on the starting staff due to the injuries running rampant among the Ray hurlers. Over his 10.1 IP to date this season, he has accumulated a 17:2 K/BB ratio and also an attractive set of ratio stats with a 2.61 ERA and 0.97 WHIP. 

Bradish has yet to allow a runner to cross home plate safely, posting an extremely attractive 0.00 ERA and a equally desirable 1.04 WHIP through his 7.2 IP to date (small sample size, admittedly). He is also striking out better than a hitter per inning. He has a pair of decent matchups lined up this coming scoring period, especially with the Orioles playing well behind their pitchers.

Eovaldi is coming off a bounce back effort, holding the host Royals to just a pair of earned runs over 6.0 IP, in his first quality start (QS) of the season (second victory which evens his record). He has a fine 10.0 K/9 ratio to his credit through his four starts this season, and is demonstrating great control as evidenced by a 1.7 BB/9. His first game, an away contest at Cincy, portends to be his better start this week if you were to be selective in your employment of his skills for your fantasy squad.

Perez is the second Ranger arm to be profiled in the middle tier this week, and he offers a useful 3.38 ERA accumulated over the 21.1 IP he has tossed in his four starts. He has been touched for better than a hit per inning, which when tallied with his seven free passes handed out to opposing hitters has exaggerated his WHIP to an unsightly 1.55. Be warned, though, as his K rate has been steadily dropping over his four trips to the bump this year.

Rodriguez twirled his second consecutive QS this season, while going 8.0 IP and holding the visiting Guardians scoreless over that stretch of frames. He was also extremely effective at missing bats, racking up 10 Ks while not handing out a free pass. This is the SP the Tigers envisioned being a part of the rotation when he was brought on board in 2022, and while the Detroiters are not exactly a team to be feared, they are playing better which bodes well for the veteran southpaw’s continued resurgence.

Syndergaard was charged with a loss despite holding his former team to just two earned runs over 6.0 IP, his second consecutive QS. He is demonstrating good control, which helps offset his lower K rate the past couple of seasons. He has a home start to wind up the week, but opens Week 4 on the road in Pittsburgh, not necessarily an easy matchup early this season, thus his lower placement in this group of SPs.

Montgomery stumbled badly in his last visit to the hill, allowing seven tallies, all earned, during his shortened 4.0 IP start against the visiting Diamondback offense. Despite being on the road for two starts this coming week, that is not necessarily a concern as his splits do not favor either home or road trips to toe the rubber. Look for him to bounce back from the recent aberration in his season performance.

Gray has been working diligently to lower his inflated ERA and WHIP, which were bloated due to his first start of the season. He is sitting at 0-4 on the season, which is a liability in points leagues, to be sure. Things are not looking particularly friendly with a pair of tough matchups on the horizon in Week 4, but the stat line is trending positively aside from the win column situation.

Maeda took a liner off his left ankle in his most recent appearance, but x-rays came out negative as to a serious injury, and he is being penciled in for his next start in Week 4. His early departure in his third trip to the mound has limited his accumulated innings to just 13.0 this season, which has led to his ERA being exaggerated (4.15) due to a four earned run stint against the White Sox in his second start. His WHIP is at an attractive 1.00, due to handing out just one walk thus far, and the 12 Ks on the season are useful. He is carrying a 0-3 record into Week 4, and if he can make the trip to the hill this week, has two home contests to seek out his first victory of the season. 

 Not On My Roster 
Starting Pitcher1st Start/Opponent/Date2nd Start/Opponent/Date
Edward Cabrera@ ATL vs. CHC 
 MIASpencer StriderJustin Steele
 Mon, 4/24, 7:20 PM Sun, 4/30, 12:05 PM 
Brad Keller@ ARI @ MIN 
 KCTBDJoe Ryan
 Mon, 4/24, 9:40 PMSat, 4/29, 2:10 PM 
Mike Clevinger@ TOR vs. TB 
 CHWJose BerriosDrew Rasmussen
 Tue, 4/25, 7:07 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:10 PM 
Brady Singer@ ARI @ MIN 
 KCRyne NelsonKenta Maeda
 Tue, 4/25, 9:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:10 PM 
Colin Reavs. DET vs. LAA 
 MILEduardo RodriguezJose Suarez
 Mon, 4/24, 7:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:10 PM 
Lance Lynn@ TOR vs. TB 
 CHWChris BassittTaj Bradley
 Mon, 4/24, 7:07 PM Sat, 4/29, 7:10 PM 
Mason Miller@ LAA vs. CIN 
 OAKGriffin CanningNick Lodolo
 Tue, 4/25, 9:38 PM Sun, 4/30, 4:07 PM 
Jhony Brito@ MIN @ TEX 
 NYYJoe RyanNathan Eovaldi
 Mon, 4/24, 7:40 PM Sat, 4/29, 7:05 PM 
Spencer Turnbull@ MIL vs. BAL 
 DETEric LauerKyle Bradish
 Tue, 4/25, 7:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 1:40 PM 
Bailey Faltervs. SEA @ HOU 
 PHILogan GilbertJose Urquidy
 Tue, 4/25, 6:40 PM Sun, 4/30, 7:08 PM 
Dean Kremervs. BOS @ DET 
 BALChris SaleEduardo Rodriguez
 Mon, 4/24, 6:35 PM Sat, 4/29, 1:10 PM 
Ken Waldichuk@ LAA vs. CIN 
 OAKJose SuarezHunter Greene
 Mon, 4/24, 9:38 PM Sat, 4/29, 4:07 PM 
Jose Suarezvs. OAK @ MIL 
 LAAKen WaldichukColin Rea
 Mon, 4/24, 9:38 PM Sun, 4/30, 2:10 PM 
Jake Woodford@ SF @ LAD 
 STLSean ManaeaNoah Syndergaard
 Tue, 4/25, 9:45 PM Sun, 4/30, 4:10 PM 
Austin Gomber@ CLE vs. ARI 
 COLPeyton BattenfieldTBD
 Mon, 4/24, 6:10 PM Sun, 4/30, 3:10 PM

As is the case every week, these two-start pitchers just do not justify their use even one time in Week 4. The potential detriment to your ratio stats for limited at best counting stat production argue against plugging any of the pitchers into your rotations. Unless, that is, you need some inning production for your points leagues, then pick and choose based on venue and opponent. 

Potential Streaming Options for Week 

There is no promise that each game day will provide a streaming option. First of all, the pitcher must be available in at least 50% of leagues to be a viable candidate to snag off the wire. Then, the pitchers discussed above are not included as they have a different sort of value, even though some might be available as free agents in your league. Plus, some days the matchups and/or venues just do not figure as positive enough factors to favor plugging the arm into your rotation, even for one start. That all being said, here are this week’s best streaming candidates:

Peyton Battenfield (Cleveland Guardians) vs Colorado Rockies

The Guardian rookie righty has fared extremely well in his two outings this season, possessing a sub 2.00 ERA (1.69 over 10.2 IP) and a stellar 0.94 WHIP as well. Even so, he remains winless but gets a great matchup with the Rockies coming to visit in Cleveland early this week. He will continue to grace this article so long as he keeps the ratios low, although a W or two soon would be appreciated; the recommendation to use him last week did result in a QS.

Griffin Canning (Los Angeles Angels) vs Oakland Athletics

Canning has been steady and solid in two starts this season, although his record is empty on either side of the hyphen thus far: 0-0 record with a useful 3.48 ERA and 1.16 WHIP. This is a great matchup for the 26-year-old righty, taking on the last place A’s at home.

Ryan Weathers (San Diego Padres) @ Chicago Cubs

The young southpaw pitched deep enough into his third start to collect his first QS on the campaign; despite the successful time on the bump, he still was charged with a loss in a game he allowed just two earned runs on six hits. He upped his K production in his third start, too, but this week’s opponent is not known for their free-swinging ways, so do not bank on that trend continuing.

Domingo German (New York Yankees) @ Minnesota Twins

The last time the Yankee righty faced the Twins, he whiffed 11 Minnesota hitters, so look for the Ks to add up in another start for him. He truly needs to figure out how to the keep the ball in the park, having been tagged for a pair of dingers in two of his four trips to the hill this season. He does offer up a useful 1.05 WHIP on the season, although that homer-inflated 4.50 ERA needs some attention.

Tanner Houck (Boston Red Sox) @ Tyler Wells (Baltimore Orioles)

Either side of this matchup has appealing features. The BoSox righthander recently tossed a QS and has been working to reduce his inflated ERA, which now sits at a palatable but open to improvement 4.29 level. He is striking out a batter per frame plus, and has been more of a road warrior over the past few seasons than a home aggressor. Wells pitched a gem in his last outing against the Tigers, who are playing much better as April proceeds, holding the visiting Detroit hitters scoreless over 7.0 IP on just three hits and a single free pass. His ratios are superb: 2.70 ERA, 0.69 WHIP, although his K rate is below average at 6.2 K/9 over 23.1 IP. He has been effective at home early on this year, a good sign as that was not his methodology over the past couple of seasons.

Marco Gonzales (Seattle Mariners) @ Philadelphia Phillies

The veteran southpaw pitched well in his last outing, racking up nine Ks and allowing just a pair of runs (both earned) in his first QS of the season. He only walked one Brewer hitter, an improvement in his control this season, and continuing those trends in the counting stat areas will aid him when he heads to a hitter’s venue in Philly in this contest.

Noah Davis (Colorado Rockies) @ Cleveland Guardians

Davis has an advantage in taking to the hill away from Coors Field for this challenge. He features a superb sub 1.00 ERA (0.93) and a decently useful 1.24 WHIP, as he serves fill-in duties while German Marquez occupies the IL with a forearm issue. He is useful for streaming purposes, pitching away from home once again.

Braxton Garrett (Miami Marlins) @ Atlanta Braves

The Marlin lefty has been hittable this season in the early going, resulting in an ugly 1.58 WHIP through his three appearances this season, although his other main ratio stat is not quite so unattractive, as the ERA sits at 3.38 over 13.1 IP.  His control is a plus, handing out just two walks thus far, and he also has fooled hitters to the count of 13 Ks. The inordinate number of safe knocks looks to be the result of some bad luck, given that his FIP is at 3.04 and his BABIP is an unsustainable .419. The main concern in this matchup, though, is that he has struggled on the road over the past two seasons mightily, although not so much early this year (but consider small sample size variation).

Matt Strahm (Philadelphia Phillies) vs Seattle Mariners

The Phillie southpaw took the loss in his last outing, despite striking out 11 Colorado hitters over the 5.1 IP he lasted on the hill. His ratio stats are superior, sitting at 0.94 and the ERA at a positive 3.00. His K rate is fantastic: 13.5 K/9, although his control is suspect as witnessed by a 3.5 BB/9 rate. He does have a home start on tap here, another plus on his ledger.

Drew Smyly (Chicago Cubs) vs San Diego Padres

Smyly has picked up the pace nicely after a questionable start to the season, especially in his most recent outing where he was perfect for seven innings until a David Peralta swinging bunt marred his efforts. He still picked up a win after tossing 7.2 IP of one hit ball, striking out 10 Dodger hitters. His ERA and WHIP are entirely respectable: 3.13 and 0.91 respectively. Pitching against the visiting Padres plays into his strength as a pitcher who enjoys taking the mound at home.

Wade Miley (Milwaukee Brewers) vs Los Angeles Angels

The crafty veteran southpaw was on top of things in earning a victory against the host San Diego squad when he did not pass out a walk while collecting eight Ks. His ERA sits at 1.50 and the WHIP is a tantalizing 0.94 through 18.0 IP. He has a home contest on tap, with the Angels coming for a visit at the end of the scoring period. His peripherals hint as some negative regression in his future, so take advantage while the getting is good.


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