As we wrap up May, the two-start options are plentiful, and fortunately, depending upon how your rosters are comprised, you may be blessed with some aces to rely upon for fantasy baseball success. Not that many arms in the middle group, following a trend we have seen repeatedly this season, but a lot of bottom tier arms that are perhaps suitable for streaming use, not dual start status. The streaming options who are only slated for a single mound trip this scoring period are not overwhelming in number but cover most of Week 9’s scheduled dates.




 Start 'em If You Own 'em 
Starting Pitcher1st Start/Opponent/Date2nd Start/Opponent/Date
Tarik Skubalvs. PIT @ BOS 
 DETJared JonesBrayan Bello
 Tue, 5/28, 6:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:35 PM 
Luis Castillovs. HOU vs. LAA 
 SEACristian JavierGriffin Canning
 Tue, 5/28, 9:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 4:10 PM 
Max Friedvs. WAS vs. OAK 
 ATLTBDMitch Spence
 Tue, 5/28, 7:20 PMSun, 6/2, 1:35 PM 
Cole Ragans@ MIN vs. SD 
 KCSimeon Woods RichardsonMichael King
 Tue, 5/28, 7:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 2:10 PM 
Framber Valdez@ SEA vs. MIN 
 HOUBryce MillerJoe Ryan
 Mon, 5/27, 9:40 PM Sat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 
Freddy Peraltavs. CHC vs. CHW 
 MILKyle HendricksNick Nastrini
 Tue, 5/28, 7:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 2:10 PM 
Joe Ryanvs. KC @ HOU 
 MINAlec MarshFramber Valdez
 Mon, 5/27, 2:10 PM Sat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 
Nestor Cortes@ LAA @ SF 
 NYYGriffin CanningBlake Snell
 Tue, 5/28, 9:38 PM Sun, 6/2, 4:05 PM 
Michael Kingvs. MIA @ KC 
 SDTrevor RogersCole Ragans
 Mon, 5/27, 6:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 2:10 PM 
Charlie Mortonvs. WAS vs. OAK 
 ATLJake IrvinAaron Brooks
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 
Chris Bassitt@ CHW vs. PIT 
 TORNick NastriniMartin Perez
 Mon, 5/27, 2:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:37 PM 
Brandon Pfaadt@ TEX @ NYM 
 ARITBDTylor Megill
 Tue, 5/28, 8:05 PMSun, 6/2, 1:40 PM 
Robert Gasservs. CHC vs. CHW 
 MILJustin SteeleGarrett Crochet
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 
Alec Marsh@ MIN vs. SD 
 KCJoe RyanJoe Musgrove
 Mon, 5/27, 2:10 PM Sat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 

A fine set of 14 aces or developing ace-like pitchers to use for their dual-start benefits this week. There are a few who are residing in the upper tier due to recent production while toeing the rubber for their respective squads, but the overall atmosphere surrounding these arms is that you should rely on them for both their starts and hopefully reap the benefit for your fantasy team(s).


 Maybe Yes, Maybe No 
Starting Pitcher1st Start/Opponent/Date2nd Start/Opponent/Date
Austin Gombervs. CLE @ LAD 
 COLXzavion CurryGavin Stone
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 4:10 PM 
Gavin Stone@ NYM vs. COL 
 LADTylor MegillAustin Gomber
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 4:10 PM 
Zack Littellvs. OAK @ BAL 
 TBMitch SpenceTBD
 Tue, 5/28, 6:50 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:35 PM
Cooper Criswell@ BAL vs. DET 
 BOSTBDCasey Mize
 Mon, 5/27, 1:05 PMSat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 
Jake Irvin@ ATL @ CLE 
 WASCharlie MortonBen Lively
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sat, 6/1, 4:10 PM 
Blake Snellvs. PHI vs. NYY 
 SFTaijuan WalkerNestor Cortes
 Mon, 5/27, 5:05 PM Sun, 6/2, 4:05 PM 
Lance Lynn@ CIN @ PHI 
 STLNick MartinezTaijuan Walker
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 7:10 PM 
Griffin Canningvs. NYY @ SEA 
 LAANestor CortesLuis Castillo
 Tue, 5/28, 9:38 PM Sun, 6/2, 4:10 PM 

Gomber tossed his fourth quality start (QS) in a row, but has only one victory to show for those stellar efforts. His ratios are incredible over that stretch: 0.67 ERA and 0.82 WHIP over 26.2 IP. The 19:6 K/BB ratio is nice; even if not exceptional in terms of striking out opposing hitters, he is not hurting himself with free passes. His matchups this week are not easy, by any means, and his peripheral metrics do indicate his fortunes may take a downward turn, but he has been pitching exceptionally well and perhaps the hot hand will continue for a time.

Stone has been pitching deep into contests, going at least six frames in each of his last five starts. He owns a useful 3.60 ERA on the season, but the WHIP is a bit inflated, in part because of his below-average control (3.1 BB/9 over his 50.0 IP in 2024). He is a sub-average strike producer like the Colorado pitcher profiled above, with a 6.1 K/9 rate. His away game, where he has been less successful, is against the Mets who are not world-beaters at home, certainly, and then he gets to face off against the above-discussed Gomber in his second start in Dodger Stadium. 

Littell, the veteran right-hander, has accumulated a nice set of ratios over his 10 starts this season, with a 3.42 ERA and 1.25 WHIP to his credit over 55.1 IP. His control has been exceptional, handing out just nine walks to date, and he is striking out nearly a batter per inning. His home/road splits are fairly even, but the road game in Baltimore to wind up the scoring period profiles as the least favorable of the two starts to select for his employment in your lineup.

Criswell, with his enticing 2.86 ERA and 1.13 WHIP, is anticipated to stick in the BoSox rotation for the near future with Garret Whitlock now scheduled to undergo surgery. He is striking out just under a batter per frame over his season so far (8.8 K/9), and is demonstrating better than average control, too (2.1 BB/9 over 34.2 IP). He has been superb away from Fenway Park, so neither of his two starts, the first at Baltimore and the second at home against the Tigers, pose any drastic potential for disaster based on venue, certainly.

Irvin has been charged with the loss in three of his last four games, and four of the last six times he climbed the hill for the Nationals, so if your league punishes for losses, he is not the pitcher you want to saddle your fantasy effort to this week. On the other hand, he does offer a useful 3.79 ERA and a better than useful WHIP of 1.07 over his 57.0 IP. He does also offer exceptional control, but slightly below-average strikeout production. His two road games play into his road warrior persona this season, despite facing two less than ideal opponents.

Snell is coming off his delayed start to season with less than desirable results, but there is the pedigree to consider. He is likely to right his ship, soon his owners must be hoping. He is on a paternity leave but is not expected to miss his starts in Week 9, a pair of home contests. The high walk rate is something to figure that will continue, based on his recent performance, but he will also deliver superior whiff rates (10.2 K/9).

Lynn is another pitcher you will want mostly for his strikeout potential, albeit slightly less than a batter per frame. The rest of his attributes even as a two-start option in Week 9 are not exceptional, including a 3.5 BB/9 rate. He does pitch better on the road, so two road contests are slightly in his favor this scoring period.

Canning has been pitching effectively over his last four starts, comprised of 22.2 IP, for the most part, if the four homers and nine walks are taken out of the equation (which to be accurate in analyzing a pitcher’s performance while on the bump cannot be ignored). While the Angels play better so far this season away from their home park, heading to Yankee Stadium is not ideal, nor is facing the division-leading Mariners at the end of the week at home. His recent results while toeing the rubber hint that he is not a pitcher to avoid simply because of the team he labors for, but one to consider based on recent success. Still, he is the final dual start entry in the middle tier, so keep that in mind.


 Not On My Roster 
Starting Pitcher1st Start/Opponent/Date2nd Start/Opponent/Date
Bryce Millervs. HOU vs. LAA 
 SEAFramber ValdezReid Detmers
 Mon, 5/27, 9:40 PM Sat, 6/1, 7:15 PM 
Simeon Woods Richardsonvs. KC @ HOU 
 MINCole RagansCristian Javier
 Tue, 5/28, 7:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:05 PM 
Taijuan Walker@ SF vs. STL 
 PHIBlake SnellLance Lynn
 Mon, 5/27, 5:05 PM Sun, 6/2, 7:10 PM 
Tylor Megillvs. LAD vs. ARI 
 NYMGavin StoneBrandon Pfaadt
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:40 PM 
Justin Steele@ MIL vs. CIN 
 CHCRobert GasserAndrew Abbott
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sat, 6/1, 7:15 PM 
Trevor Rogers@ SD vs. TEX 
 MIAMichael KingTBD
 Mon, 5/27, 6:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:40 PM
Nick Martinezvs. STL @ CHC 
 CINLance LynnKyle Hendricks
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 2:20 PM 
Xzavion Curry@ COL vs. WAS 
 CLEAustin GomberTBD
 Mon, 5/27, 4:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:40 PM
Kyle Hendricks@ MIL vs. CIN 
 CHCFreddy PeraltaNick Martinez
 Tue, 5/28, 7:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 2:20 PM 
Mitch Spence@ TB @ ATL 
 OAKZack LittellMax Fried
 Tue, 5/28, 6:50 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:35 PM 
Nick Nastrinivs. TOR @ MIL 
 CHWChris BassittFreddy Peralta
 Mon, 5/27, 2:10 PM Sun, 6/2, 2:10 PM 
Cristian Javier@ SEA vs. MIN 
 HOULuis CastilloSimeon Woods Richardson
 Tue, 5/28, 9:40 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:05 PM 
Brayan Bello@ BAL vs. DET 
 BOSGrayson RodriguezTarik Skubal
 Tue, 5/28, 6:35 PM Sun, 6/2, 1:35 PM 

None of these pitchers are worthy of plugging into your pitching rotations for both their trips to the top of the hill in Week 9. Using one or more in a streaming capacity, based on venue or opponent, is a possibility, though. Hurlers facing the Astros, Reds, Rockies or Angels have some cachet as we head into the summer months. Most likely, though, you will be better served avoiding the use of any of these arms in your fantasy pitching rotations this week, as the damage your ratios may suffer is not outweighed by the minimal counting stat accumulation you might extract from one or more of their starts.




Potential Streaming Options for Week 9

There is no promise that each game day will provide a streaming option. First of all, the pitcher must be available in at least 50% of leagues to be a viable candidate to snag off the wire. Then, the pitchers discussed above are not included as they have a different sort of value, even though some might be available as free agents in your league. Plus, some days the matchups and/or venues just do not figure as positive enough factors to favor plugging the arm into your rotation, even for one start. That all being said, here are this week’s best streaming candidates:

Kyle Gibson, St. Louis Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Reds

The Cardinal veteran righty has not exactly looked overwhelming during his recent time on the hill, but he has an ERA one run better when pitching away from St. Louis this season, and the Reds are a below .500 at The Great American Ballpark so far in 2024, making this a decent streaming option. His average K production could benefit from facing the 6th easiest team in the majors to fan.

Matt Waldron San Diego Padres vs. Miami Marlins

Waldron has some mediocre season stats, which is why his ownership is low. He has been effective of late, posting a 2.81 ERA and 1.19 WHIP over his last 16.0 IP, while accumulation 23 Ks over that stretch as well. Getting to face the Miami hitters when they are on the road is a benefit.

Logan Allen, Cleveland Guardians vs. Colorado Rockies

The second-year southpaw has been extraordinary when toiling away from Progressive Field, so despite the fact he is pitching in notorious pitcher unfriendly Coors Field, his prospects are potentially good in this matchup. He is hit and miss with his strikeout production, but again, the Rockies hitter figure to assist there with their free-swinging ways this season.

Trevor Williams, Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves

Despite a recent ineffective start where he lasted just 4.1 IP in a no-decision in Philly, Williams has been remarkably useful for fantasy purposes this season, posting a 2.35 ERA and 1.09 WHIP through 46.0 IP. The K rate is pedestrian at 6.8 K/9 through his nine 2024 starts, but he is 4-0 on the season to go with those excellent ratios.

Patrick Sandoval, Los Angeles Angels vs. New York Yankees

The 27-year-old southpaw’s peripheral metrics indicate he has been perhaps a bit unlucky while toiling on the hill this season. His FIP is better than 1.5 runs below his ERA (3.05 vs 4.59) and his BABIP is an unsustainable .351, while his LOB% is depressed at 64.1%. Facing the Yankees at home, while not entirely positive, is at least not entirely negative. 

Jose Soriano, Los Angeles Angels vs. Seattle Mariners

The Angels are not exactly a team with great prospects this season, but you would not guess that from the profiles of the two SPs being profiled here and immediately above. The second-year-righty is pitching effectively well with a fine 3.30 ERA and 1.23 WHIP over his 46.1 IP tossed to date, and an 8.4 K/9 rate. Note also that his road record is exceptional, a good sign for his start in Seattle.

Ben Lively, Cleveland Guardians vs. Washington Nationals

The Guardian’s veteran righty is posting excellent K numbers, striking out a batter per frame, and his home/road splits are heavily in his favor for this home contest against the visiting Nationals. In addition to Lively being a Progressive Park warrior, his team plays on their home field with remarkable efficiency, too.

Cal Quantrill, Colorado Rockies vs. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Colorado veteran right-hander has been better when hurling the baseball away from Coors Field (not a huge surprise) so heading to Dodger Stadium is not entirely hopeless for Quantrill, despite the Dodgers’ efficiency at home. He has twirled four consecutive QS, allowing just four earned runs over those 25.2 IP and striking out 27 hitters in those four contests.

Michael Lorenzen, Texas Rangers vs. Ryan Weathers, Miami Marlins

The final streaming options face one another in a contest in notorious pitcher-friendly park in Miami. Lorenzen has been effective in three of his last four outings (an unfortunate 6 run game against the host A’s marring that streak). The Miami lefty is working on a four-game quality start streak himself. Both hurlers are slightly below average K producers with control issues. It is their recent success on the bump that makes them pitchers to consider in this game, on either side of the field in fact.