Look, we know Fantasy Alarm brings you the best tools, analysis, and rankings out there. And we bring it to you with as much entertainment mixed in from folks like the talented Howard Bender and Britt Flinn. But we want Fantasy Alarm to be more than just that. We want #FAmily members to be part of a COMMUNITY. Which is why we built the Discord in the first place. And it’s why, this year, we went out of our way to completely overhaul and improve that experience! So let’s take a second to get you set up with our Discord community and highlight some of the exciting perks that come with it!



First thing’s first - you need a Discord account. So go over here and get set up with that. It’s free and it only takes a minute or two.

Current Members

Now, if you are already a Fantasy Alarm member, getting set up is easy. We also have some free options that we will get to momentarily but, for members, here are the quick steps:

Step 1: Go over to FantasyAlarm.com

Step 2: Click the profile button shown here 

Step 3: Click the Connect FA button shown here

Step 4: When you click connect, you will be asked to authorize access to your Discord account. The authorization will display in the browser window you are logged into Discord on or in the Discord application if installed. Click the ‘Authorize’ button.

Step 5: Once you have authorized the connection, an invitation to join our server will display, hit the ‘Accept Invite’ button and you should see the list of free channels and premium channels. If you don’t see the Premium Channels shown in the section below, please reach out to support@fantasyalarm.com and we’ll get you squared away!

Congratulations - you are now connected as a member! Scroll past this next section to see all of your new benefits!


If you are not yet a member, well you should be. But that’s okay - you can still hang out in the free sections or even get a preview of the premium sections for FREE!

Once you create a Discord account, you can click this link which will invite you to the Fantasy Alarm Server.

You will be brought to the Start Here channel where you can choose your level as a free member. If you click the “Proceed With Limited Access” option, you will be granted access to the free channels. If you click the 7-Day Free Trial option, you can create an account with a 7-Day Free Trial then use the steps above to get access to the FULL premium Discord to decide if you like it or not. 

Free Version

We wanted to create a place for folks to hang out and talk ball even if they aren’t full members so each sport has at least one free channel for general discussion! With a limited FA Discord membership, your options will look like this. Rooms like #NFL-locker-room, #MLB-clubhouse, #NBA-luxury-box etc. are a free place to hang and chat!

Premium Discord

The Premium Discord is where the real fun goes down though. Here’s a quick look at just some of the channels on our premium Discord (as I couldn’t possibly fit them all in one screen shot). Below that I’ll talk about some of the perks there!

With the premium set up, you get the following perks

  • Access to Premium Channels above and beyond the basic “free” locker room channels for ALL sports
  • Custom advice directly from our analysts covering:
    • Add/drops
    • Start/sits
    • Trades
    • Redraft strategy
    • Dynasty rankings
    • DFS
    • Best Ball
    • Sports Betting
  • Access to private leagues with Fantasy Alarm Members/Analysts
  • Access to Live Stream question and answer sessions on game day
  • Chance to win other prizes and membership perks

You see that spot under NFL labeled #Coops-Corner for instance? That’s my own personal channel where I hang out and talk football with members - feel free to pop in there and drop any questions, news, memes etc. that you want to talk about! So far this summer we’ve been doing drafts LIVE ON AIR with Fantasy Alarm members on a regular basis like this one here we did just the other day with Howard Bender, Kevin Tompkins, and yours truly!


Didn’t think it could get any better? Well guess what - our annual ALL PRO membership that gives you access to EVERYTHING is 40% off right now for the year. Yes, you can get the entire year of all sports for essentially what it costs just for the NFL season. And that includes a FREE copy of our NFL Draft Guide just in time for the NFL season. So pop over here at this link to take advantage of this offer right now and become a part of the Fantasy Alarm #FAmily today!