I usually have a pretty good idea of how the TE Coach will go before I start my research. For instance, with Delanie Walker on a bye, Jordan Reed and Rob Gronkowski hurt and Greg Olsen facing the Seahawks, I figured the Week 13 edition of the TE Coach would mostly feature cheap players, since most of the expensive ones were already accounted for. I was wrong.

The premium and value options may not be quite as safe as I would normally prefer, but they distinguished themselves with their upside. The truly safe tight ends have pretty limited ceilings, so if you have to pay for some upside, that is what I am willing to do, especially in a GPP lineup.

                PtsOpp PaOpp OvOpp Pa     
PlayerTmH/AOppGSnapsTarTar%Tar/GRecRec/GCatch%ReYdsReTDFumYPCAllowDef RkDef RkYds/GO/U$Line$FD$DK$FA
Tyler EifertCINHPHI5249369.1%7.2214.258.3%3122014.95.123236.542-125$6800$5300$4800
Jimmy GrahamSEAHCAR115537019.1%6.4514.672.9%7064213.812.41510275.244.5-320$6400$5500$4900
Travis KelceKCAATL116408220.9%7.5575.269.5%6753011.810.72124282.249-220$6300$4700$4750
Greg OlsenCARASEA117579023.4%8.2585.364.4%7903013.67.754235.544.5-320$6200$5100$4700
Hunter HenrySDHTB10390389.6%3.8262.668.4%3715114.38.61012253.547.5-190$5800$2900$4150
Eric EbronDETANO84384912.9%6.1354.471.4%4511012.99.82522271.453.5-265$5700$3900$4600
Coby FleenerNOHDET114425812.9%5.3373.463.8%4613212.5133231250.953.5-265$5500$3500$4300
Cameron BrateTBASD115285713.8%5.2413.771.9%4425110.87.599271.347.5-190$5500$3600$4200
Antonio GatesSDHTB93505714.5%6.3303.352.6%290519.78.61012253.547.5-190$5300$4100$4000
Zach ErtzPHIACIN95135213.3%5.8384.273.1%373109.812.1171824642-125$5300$4300$4200
Julius ThomasJACHDEN94535111.6%5.7303.358.8%281409.4912193.940160$5200$2800$3800
Martellus BennettNEHLA115915414.6%4.9423.877.8%5404012.98.31615227.544-800$5100$4800$4350
C.J. FiedorowiczHOUAGB114925914.9%5.4393.566.1%429301110.52317260.645.5-275$5000$3800$4000
Lance KendricksLAANE116136818.4%6.2413.760.3%4202110.27.32821253.644-800$4900$2900$3800
Vance McDonaldSFACHI93734111.6%4.6222.453.7%3824017.48.82020239.843.5-115$4900$2900$4300
Dwayne AllenINDANYJ9419379.2%4.1242.764.9%2562110.792923262.848.5110$4900$2600$4000
Dennis PittaBALHMIA115837617.2%6.9524.768.4%439008.49.968229.740.5-180$4800$3100$4100
Richard RodgersGBHHOU11433398.7%3.5232.159.0%203108.86.91214209.245.5-275$4800$2600$3700
Jared CookGBHHOU5168245.3%4.8132.654.2%1651112.76.91214209.245.5-275$4700$2900$4200
Levine ToiloloATLHKC11277123.2%1.180.766.7%1452018.15.91113260.549-220$4700$2500$3000
Vernon DavisWASAARI11412378.6%3.4312.883.8%4502014.53.835195.149-135$4600$3300$4300
Austin HooperATLHKC11226225.9%2171.577.3%2572015.15.91113260.549-220$4600$2600$3700
Logan PaulsenCHIHSF11218102.5%0.930.330.0%150059.32429252.643.5-115$4600$2500$3000
Charles ClayBUFAOAK116165718.8%5.2363.363.2%3230099.62226273.549-165$4500$2600$3700
Ryan GriffinHOUAGB113315213.1%4.7343.165.4%289108.510.52317260.645.5-275$4500$2500$3000
Jack DoyleINDANYJ115144912.2%4.5393.579.6%4114010.592923262.848.5110$4500$2700$3800
Will TyeNYGAPIT114344711.4%4.3312.866.0%259108.410.71311263.548.5-265$4500$3000$3500
Jesse JamesPITHNYG115534410.5%4292.665.9%236308.18.577264.748.5-265$4500$2600$4200
Clive WalfordOAKHBUF10461389.1%3.8262.668.4%2702010.48.41919227.749-165$4500$2500$3800
C.J. UzomahCINHPHI8276297.3%3.6172.158.6%1930011.45.123236.542-125$4500$2500$3350
Virgil GreenDENAJAC8284287.5%3.5182.364.3%2110011.77.81416204.340160$4500$2600$3500
Jermaine GreshamARIHWAS11509378.2%3.422259.5%212219.610.91825252.949-135$4500$2500$3750
Garrett CelekSFACHI11354359.9%3.2211.960.0%2751213.18.82020239.843.5-115$4500$2700$3000
Ladarius GreenPITHNYG33492.1%351.755.6%970019.48.577264.748.5-265$4500$2800$3950
Trey BurtonPHIACIN10150287.2%2.8171.760.7%165109.712.1171824642-125$4500$2500$3300
Josh HillNOHDET8338204.4%2.5141.870.0%1461010.4133231250.953.5-265$4500$2500$3500
Dion SimsMIAABAL9396216.5%2.3151.771.4%1671011.17.381222.940.5-180$4500$2500$3700
Larry DonnellNYGAPIT9179215.1%2.3151.771.4%92116.110.71311263.548.5-265$4500$2500$3500

Premium Options

I don’t usually put too much stock in fantasy points allowed to tight ends, because it tends to reflect the strength of the tight ends faced rather than a team’s ability to defend those tight ends. The Falcons are an exception. Atlanta is 27th in fantasy points allowed to tight ends despite shutting out the Denver and Green Bay tight ends earlier this season. They made up for it by surrendering big days to guys like Jermaine Gresham, Cameron Brate and Clive Walford. Travis Kelce is much better than those players, and he is coming off two consecutive 100-yard games.

With so much seeming uncertain at the tight end position I would probably prefer to play cheaper options, but Jimmy Graham is too good to ignore. The Panthers have struggled to defend the pass all season, and Graham has at least six receptions in five of his last nine games. Graham is pretty safe, but he has 100-yard, two-touchdown upside as well.

Value Options

In the two games Jordan Reed missed this season, Vernon Davis caught eight passes for 129 yards and a touchdown. Davis may be the second most popular tight end play of the week, but that probably won’t stop me from using him.

This is probably the last week Martellus Bennett will be a value option, as he is already priced higher than Travis Kelce on DraftKings. Bennett has been pretty terrible the last two weeks with Rob Gronkowski out, but Tom Brady will likely have to lean on Bennett sooner or later. Bennett is less of a no-brainer than Vernon Davis, but Bennett probably has a better chance to lead the position in fantasy points in Week 13.

No team has allowed as many fantasy points to opposing tight ends as the Lions, and while Josh Hill outscored him last week, Coby Fleener is worth a shot, especially in GPP lineups. Fleener hasn’t put together a big game since Week 6 against the Panthers, but we know he is capable. Fleener may not have Bennett’s upside, but he is $1300 cheaper on DraftKings.

Bargain Options

Like many people, I expected Logan Paulsen to step in as the primary tight end in Chicago with Zach Miller out, and I was wrong. Ben Braunecker was involved as well, but Daniel Brown led the tight ends in targets, receptions, yards and touchdowns. Brown isn’t necessarily the top tight end target moving forward, and it may not even matter considering Matt Barkley targeted 11 different Bears last week. Even so, Brown could be the top tight end against a poor San Francisco defense, and that makes him a reasonable punt play.