Who's Hot

Joey Votto, Cincinnati

For fans of Ted Lasso, imagine this being sung down the first base line after a home run: Joey Votto, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo..Joey Votto. And get accustomed to it since he's launched at least one one home run six straight games with two multiple-home run efforts among them. He's produced an eye popping .926 isolated power, not slugging percentage, his last seven games with 10 runs, eight home runs, 16 RBI and a robust .444/.515/1.370 slash line. He's generated 20 batted ball events with seven barrels (35 percent) and 14 hard hits (70 percent). Oh, and he's trying to hit home runs now. Love this guy:

Austin Riley, Atlanta

If not for Votto, Riley would be in line for the National League player of the...