For the most part, everyone goes and grabs a star running back and wide receiver early in the draft. Everyone has a good idea of how they want to attack those two positions, but the quarterback position is one that baffles many. Do you take Aaron Rodgers over your second running back or wide receiver? Should you wait and bolster the other parts of your lineup and then take a gamble on a quarterback outside the top 10? Of course, league size matters as well as how the draft plays out, but in general, waiting on a quarterback seems to be more beneficial for a fantasy squad.

Based off Howard Bender’s Mock Draft Army last season, these were the top 10 quarterbacks drafted. The column on the far right indicates where the player finished in total points at his position.

Only four quarterbacks finished among the top 10 in the position, while five of the other six finished 15th or worse. Sure, Brady had the suspension, but the other guys simply disappointed. Signal callers...

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