CS:GO DFS Playbook Nine to Five 6 (4-Match Slate)

Espada (Ranked 32nd in World) @ Nexus (Ranked 40th in World):

Betting Odds: Espada -330/Nexus +225

Map Odds: N/A

*This is the Swiss Round 2 (teams with a 1-0 Record)

*Espada is fresh off a win in their most recent match and have won four of their last five matches with their only loss coming to Gambit two matches ago. Nexus have won three of their last five matches and two of their last three. They lost both matches played against SKADE in that 5-match span. (*Note – Nexus playing with stand-in mhN1 instead of ragga)

*For the Event for Espada: degster 1.50 Rating, Dima 1.23 Rating, Patsi 1.13 Rating, FinigaN 0.88 Rating, s0tF1k 0.87 Rating.

*For the Event for Nexus: iM 1.17 Rating, XELLOW 1.15 Rating, SMINTE 1.00 Rating, BTN 0.94 Rating, mhN1 0.92 Rating.

*Over the Last Month of Play for Espada (38 Maps): degster 1.32 Rating, Dima 1.17 Rating, Patsi 1.08 rating, FinigaN 1.02 Rating, S0tf1K 0.94 Rating.

*Over the Last Month of Play for Nexus (46 Maps): iM 1.20 Rating, XELLOW 1.12 Rating, SEMINTE 0.98 Rating, BTN 0.86 Rating.

*These two have no prior head-to-head history for recent play.


*The first two ban maps for this match include Vertigo and Nuke. Both teams have chosen Mirage as a first map choice lately, so we can likely write that one in. The secondary maps for these two include Dust2 and Train. I truly think this depends on who gets the first map choice, but I think there is a better probability that we see Dust2 (Espada has won all 11 of their last 11 here by the way) and Mirage.

*Espada on Dust2 (11 Maps): degster 1.45 Rating, 0.88 KPR, 1.45 IMP, 88.5 ADR. FinigaN 1.28 Rating, Dima 1.24 Rating, Patsi 1.18 Rating, S0tF1k 0.99 Rating. On Mirage (17 Maps): Dima 1.04 Rating, 0.69 KPR, 1.10 IMP, 75.6 ADR. S0tF1k 1.03 Raitng, degster 1.03 Rating, Patsi 1.02 Rating, FinigaN 1.00 Rating.

*Nexus on Mirage (23 Maps): iM 1.23 Rating, 0.81 KPR, 1.35 IMP, 90.7 ADR. XELLOW 1.22 Rating, SEMINTE 1.04 Rating, BTN 0.90 Rating. On Dust2 (18 Maps): iM 1.24 Rating, 0.82 KPR, 1.34 IMP, 88.4 ADR. XELLOW 1.23 Rating, SEMINTE 0.94 Rating, BTN 0.83 Rating.


Galaxy Racer (Ranked 57th in World) @ K23 (Ranked 38th in World):

Betting Odds: K23 -160/Galaxy Racers +115

Map Odds: N/A

*This is also a Swiss round 2 (Teams with a 1-0 record)

*Galaxy Racer were winners in their most recent match by a 2-1 result over SJ and have won three of their last four. K23 were also winners in their most recent match, a 2-0 sweep over LDLC, but they had dropped three of their prior four before the sweep.

*For the Event for Galaxy Racers: FREDDyFROG 1.21 Rating, Relaxa 1.17 Rating, disco doplan 1.14 Rating, dezon 1.06 Rating, PlesseN 0.86 Rating.

*For the Event for K23: n0rb3r7 1.20 Rating, mou 1.18 Rating, kade0 0.98 Raitng, neaLaN 0.93 Rating, Keoz 0.91 Rating.

*For the Last Month of Play for Galaxy Racers (41 Maps): disco doplan 1.13 Rating (13 Maps), FREDDyFROG 1.12 Rating, Relaxa 1.13 Rating, PlesseN 1.10 Rating, dezon 0.99 Rating.

*For the Last Month of Play for K23 (36 Maps): mou 1.15 Rating, n0rb3r7 1.08 Rating, kade0 0.97 Rating, Keoz 0.96 Rating, neaLaN 0.93 Rating.

*These two played one match back in October in the Betway Nine to Five 5 Event and K23 swept them 2-0 on Inferno (16-13) and Overpass (16-8).

*Top Players for Galaxy Racers vs K23 (2 Maps): Relaxa had best line at -4 K-D Diff, 1.02 Rating, 75.9 ADR.

*Top Players for K23 vs Galaxy Racers (2 Maps): mou +21 K-D Diff, 1.37 Rating, 85.1 ADR. Keoz +11 K-D Diff, 1.22 Rating, 88.3 ADR. neaLaN +3 K-D Diff, 1.09 Rating, 71.2 ADR.


*The first ban maps for these two teams include Nuke and Vertigo. Another instance where both teams are picking the same map for their first map choice lately and that is Overpass, so we can pencil that one in. The secondary maps include Inferno and Mirage. This one will be a bit trickier, because I could easily see both teams go different routes depending on who gets the first map choice. I am going to say that we definitely see Overpass, but I could see the other map being either Inferno again, or Train. I am going to list the stats for Overpass, but not going to list the others as I don’t like putting swaying information that may not be correct.

*Galaxy Racers on Overpass (20 Maps): PlesseN 1.17 Rating, 0.77 KPR, 1.29 IMP, 87.8 ADR. FREDDyFROG 1.15 Rating, Relaxa 1.12 Rating, disco doplan 1.01 Rating, dezon 0.97 Rating.

*K23 on Overpass (14 Maps): mou 1.16 Rating, 0.74 KPR, 1.23 IMP, 74.3 ADR. N0rb3r7 1.14 Rating, Keoz 1.05 Rating, neaLaN 1.04 Rating, kade0 0.87 KPR.


ALTERNATE aTTaX (Ranked 47th in World) @ PACT (Ranked 55th in World):

Betting Odds: ALT aTT 150/PACT +120

Map Odds: N/A

*Another Swiss round 2 match (Teams with a 1-0 Record)

*ALT aTTax is fresh off a win over Project X to start this Event and have won two in a row after dropping their previous three-straight. PACT is also fresh off a 2-1 result over SKADE, and have won four of their last five, only dropped a best of one map of Train to Invictus Int in OT with a score of 19-17.

*For the Event for ALT aTT: slaxz- 1.93 Rating, mirbit 1.24 Rating, kressy 1.22 Rating, stfN 1.16 Rating, ScrunK 1.04 Rating,

*For the Event for PACT: darko 1.15 Rating, Goofy 1.13 Rating, lunAtic 1.11 Rating, MINISE 1.10 Rating, Sobol 0.87 Rating.

*For ALT aTT Over the Last Month of Play (35 Maps): slaxz- 1.26 Rating, stfN 1.10 Rating, mirbit 1.08 Rating, kressy 1.08 Rating, ScrunK 0.91 Rating.

*For PACT Over the Last Month of Play (35 Maps): Sobol 1.12 Rating, Goofy 1.12 Rating, darko 1.08 Rating, MINISE 1.05 Rating, lunAtic 1.01 Rating.

*These two teams have played two best of one series in 2020 so far, with them splitting the two matches in terms of wins. In the most recent match, ALT aTT won 19-15 in OT on Dust2, while PACT secured the latter match on Inferno with a result of 16-13.

*Top Players for ALT aTT vs PACT (2 Maps): stfN +17 K-D Diff, Kressy +8 K-D Diff, mirbit +6 K-D Diff

*Top Players for PACT vs ALT aTT (2 Maps): Sobol +12 K-D Diff, MINISE +1 K-D diff.


*The first two ban maps for this match will include Nuke and Mirage. The first two typical map choices for these two teams lately has been Inferno for PACT (four-map win streak here lately) and Vertigo for ALT aTT. I see no reason why we wouldn’t see these two maps.

*ALT aTT on Vertigo (8 Maps): slaxz- 1.15 Rating, 0.76 KPR, 1.07 IMP, 74.1 ADR. stfN 1.14 Rating, kressy 1.05 Rating, mirbit 0.98 Rating, ScrunK 0.68 Rating. On Inferno (11 Maps): slaxz- 1.28 Rating, 0.78 KPR, 1.33 IMP, 78.4 ADR. Kressy 1.13 Rating, mirbit 1.10 Rating, stfN 1.01 Rating, ScrunK 0.93 Rating.

*PACT on Inferno (9 Maps): Sobol 1.23 Rating, 0.75 KPR, 1.05 IMP, 79.6 ADR. Darko 1.21 Rating, Goofy 1.18 Rating, MINISE 1.11 Rating, lunAtic 1.01 Rating. On Vertigo (10 Maps): Sobol 1.17 Rating, 0.74 KPR, 1.23 IMP, 86.7 ADR. Goofy 1.12 Rating, darko 1.09 Rating, MINISE 0.99 Rating, lunAtic 0.94 Rating.


SG.pro (Ranked 96th in World) @ Copenhagen Flames (Ranked 49th in World):

Betting Odds: Flames -150/SG.pro +125

Map Odds: N/A

*Final Swiss Round 2 match (Teams with 1-0 Record)

*Both of these teams come into this one in good form as SG.pro have won two-straight and three of their last four including wins over Heretics, GamerLegion and LowLandLions, and their only loss in their last four was to PACT. The Flames have won three-straight and four of their last five as well with their only loss being a 2-1 heart-breaker to Sprout.

*For the Event for SG.pro: Diray 1.30 Rating, s1natoRRR 1.22 Rating, kise 1.22 Rating, fame 1.18 Rating, RuFire 0.87 Rating.

*For the Event for Copenhagen Flames: jabbi 1.35 Rating, nicoodoz 1.13 Rating, Basso 1.05 Rating, Daffu 0.92 Rating, AcilioN 0.82 Rating.

*For the Last Month of Play for SG.pro (16 Maps): s1natoRRR 1.18 Rating, fame 1.11 Rating, Diray 1.05 Rating, kise 1.05 Rating, RuFire 0.89 Rating.

*For the Last Month of Play for Copenhagen Flames (31 Maps): nicoodoz 1.16 Rating, AcilioN 1.08 Rating, Daffu 1.07 Rating, jabbi 1.00 Rating, Basso 0.97 Rating.

*There has been no previous head-to-head history recently for these two teams


*The first two ban maps for this match will include Dust2 and Inferno. The two typical first maps chosen lately for these two include Train for SG.pro and Overpass (6-map win streak) for Copenhagen Flames. It would make sense for SG to ban Overpass, but they are banning Inferno 96% lately and I doubt they move off of such a high result. I think we see these two maps.

*SG.pro on Train (11 Maps): fame 1.12 Rating, 0.77 KPR, 1.15 IMP, 81.3 ADR. Diray 1.08 Rating, s1natoRRR 1.07 Rating, kise 1.00 Rating, RuFire 0.88 Rating. For Overpass (7 Maps): kise 1.12 Rating, 0.75 KPR, 1.15 IMP, 78.2 ADR. S1natoRRR 1.11 Rating, fame 1.02 Rating, Diray 0.78 Rating, RuFire 0.74 Rating.

*Flames on Overpass (12 Maps): nicoodoz 1.18 Rating, 0.72 KPR, 1.12 IMP, 75.4 ADR. AcilioN 1.06 Rating, Daffu 1.05 Rating, jabbi 1.03 Rating, Basso 0.96 Rating. On Train (5 Maps): Daffu 1.25 Rating, 0.80 KPR, 1.29 IMP, 82.8 ADR. Basso 1.04 Rating, AcilioN 0.97 Rating, nicoodoz 0.90 Rating, jabbi 0.82 Rating.


*TOP STACKS: Copenhagen Flames, K23, Espada

*TOP PLAYS: degster, nicoodoz, slaxz-, Sobol, iM, stfN, Dima, Daffu