We already stoked the fire of some players with our article on the “Fantasy Winners” based on the 2019 NFL draft and now it’s time to pour a little cold water on some embers with our losers from the NFL draft. With every draft pick there is going to be a loser. Whether you’re a player who sees the general manager hand picking your replacement or your a general manager who sees another team stealing your guy or whether you’re a quarterback who just wants a little protection this year while your team drafts a defensive tackle, someone’s job gets a little bit harder with every selection.

In this article we’re going to comb through the draft and see if we can identify which players are getting pressed with the leverage of draft capital and talent and which players might not have gotten the support they need for the upcoming year. Here we’ll take a look at each position group and tell you who may have gotten the short end of the draft stick.


Tight End

Kyle Rudolph, TE -...