Tony Cingrani could be demoted. Alex Wood will like be demoted but he could return as a starting pitcher. Manny Machado, well not only has he been suspended for acting like a 12 year old in the series with the Athletics, but there are rumors circulating that he might also be sent down to the minors. What is wrong with Chris Davis? How good is Nick Markakis? Ray will also discuss the role that batting order has in terms of a players ability to score runs.


(image) Tony Cingrani was a pitcher I continually warned folks about last season. I ended up looking like a fool when he posted a 2.92 ERA and 1.10 WHIP. Every dog has his day though. Sample size folks. Guess what he has done this year? Exactly what I predicted would happen last year. Cingrani Continue...

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Ray Flowers 

Jason Schmitz - I'd rather have Robertson and Bailey. Morse/Tex are on same tier as Napoli, so you don't improve yourself all there.

Ray Flowers 

lance robinson - No way for me to know. No idea how many teams, how many roster spots, who is available. If you want to list some names, can let you know.

lance robinson 

any free agent sleepers out there for pitchers. Estrada is killing me

Jason Schmitz 

Trade offer came across my table today (12-tm H2H). I give up David Robertson and Homer Bailey for Hector Rondon and Mike Napoli. I have Morse and Tex as my 1B right now, and I have Nathan, Mejia, Street and Oviedo as my other closers right now. Make the move or no? Thanks Ray!

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