There is a great debate out there in the fantasy sports community about whether strategy is really important or not. Many terrific fantasy sports experts say “let the draft come to you.” Rick Wolf and I respectfully disagree (albeit in a far more colorful fashion that begins with one of us scolding fantasy sports owners to “never ever leave their wingman” in classic Top Gun style and often morphing into both of us yelling “stop projecting” and “hillbilly” as we channel John and Jeremy from Wedding Crashers -- but I digress). Each time Colton & the Wolfman violate the SMART system or the Rules of Engagement, we regret it – a lot. Admittedly it is not always easy to stay SMART but if you want to maximize your chances of winning a fantasy baseball title in 2017, play SMART and follow the Rules of Engagement (after all, now channeling Tom Skerritt’s Viper, those rules exist for your safety and the safety of your fantasy baseball team).

S in SMART Stands for Scarcity

Each year,...

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