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After playing the Sunday main slate on SuperDraft all season, it’s a bit different playing in just a four-game slate. Of course, different doesn’t have to mean bad. In this case, I like it quite a bit. There obviously aren’t as many players I’m interested in playing with such a small slate, but there are still quite a few guys I like. As you will see below, there are a handful of players I really like for SuperDraft, but only for a cash game, or only for a GPP. I couldn’t decide what kind of lineup I wanted to make for this SuperDraft Playbook, so I did both. 


Drew Brees X1

I’ve had some success the last few weeks playing the top guys, despite little to no multiplier. With no starting quarterback on the slate getting more than a 1.5X multiplier, there is even an incentive to play the safest guys, like Brees. Minnesota’s secondary has been vulnerable of late, and Brees has at least three touchdown passes in four straight games and six of his last seven. 

Josh Allen X1.4

Allen has the best match-up of the slate, and he has at least 20 fantasy points in five of his last seven games (I’m not counting Week 17, when he only had five pass attempts). His rushing makes him pretty safe, and if he hits a couple of big plays, he could have a super high ceiling as well.

Russell Wilson X1.15

If I trusted Pete Carroll to let Wilson air it out against a banged-up secondary, he would be my top play of the slate. As it is, I don’t think Carroll will lose another road playoff game to a bad NFC East team because he insisted on running the ball against a very good run defense instead of letting one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL do his thing. If I’m right, Wilson will win some GPPs.

Carson Wentz X1.25

Wents has at least 17 fantasy points in five straight games, and only Josh Allen has a better matchup this week. I’ll feel better about Wentz if Zach Ertz is active, but I think he’s playable either way.

Running Backs

Devin Singletary X1.5

I could make an argument Singletary would be the second-best running back play of the slate if everyone had the same multiplier. He’s a no-brainer getting a higher multiplier than James White and Miles Sanders. Singletary had pedestrian fantasy numbers against New England and Pittsburgh the last two weeks, but he has a much easier match-up this week.

Derrick Henry X1

Much like Drew Brees , Henry appears to be the best fantasy running back by far this week, with at least 23 fantasy points in six of his last seven games. Unlike Brees, Henry’s multiplier is significantly lower than his closest competition, which is why I’ll likely look elsewhere for GPP lineups.

Sony Michel X1.65

I’m pretty surprised Michel’s multiplier is so high considering he has double-digit fantasy points in each of his last three games. I don’t completely trust him, but I am certainly interested at that price.

Dalvin Cook X1.25 and Alvin Kamara X1.25

They aren’t as safe as Derrick Henry , but their ceilings are just as high. I think I slightly prefer Cook to Kamara, but it’s awfully close.

Wide Receivers

Michael Thomas X1 

He has at least 23 fantasy points in six of his last seven games. Minnesota’s secondary is vulnerable, and Thomas is easily the safest wide receiver of the slate. 

John Brown X1.5

Houston’s defense is terrible, especially against the pass. Brown proved against New England he only needs one big play to make his week, and the Bills should take multiple deep shots to Brown in this game. I’d love him even if his multiplier was lower.

Julian Edelman X1.45

If Edelman was completely healthy, he would be a no-brainer at this multiplier. As it stands, I think if he has anything left in the tank, we’ll see it on Saturday. I love him for GPP lineups, and I’m probably going to play him for cash as well.

Adam Thielen X1.65

I know he hasn’t played well since returning from injury, but I suspect getting last week off will help him. More importantly, he’s just too good of a player to have such a high multiplier. If Marshon Lattimore spends most of his time on Stefon Diggs , that would help Thielen out as well.

Tyler Lockett X1.25

This is the kind of multiplier I thought John Brown would have, and I like Lockett almost as much as I like Brown this week. Philadelphia’s secondary is banged up, and Seattle needs to let Russell Wilson cook if they’re going to win this game. I am worried Pete Carroll won’t lean on Wilson until it’s too late, which is why I prefer Lockett for GPP than cash lineups.

Tight Ends

Jared Cook X1

As you can tell, I like the Saints’ offense quite a bit in this game, and Cook had 705 yards and nine touchdowns in 14 games this season. He’s probably even safer than Dallas Goedert .

Zach Ertz X1 and Dallas Goedert X1.05

Even if Ertz plays, we won’t know how healthy he will be, so it’s probably better to just roll with Goedert. That being said, if he’s active, Ertz could easily pay off in a GPP lineup.

Jonnu Smith X1.3

If he gets a touchdown, he’ll probably outscore the three tight ends above, unless one of them scores two touchdowns. It might be getting too cute, but I’m at least considering it for my GPP lineup.


Steve’s WildCardWeek Cash Lineup:

Drew Brees

Devin Singletary

Derrick Henry

Michael Thomas

John Brown

Julian Edelman

Jared Cook

Dalvin Cook

Steve’s WildCardWeek GPP Lineup:

Josh Allen

Devin Singletary

Sony Michel

Tyler Lockett

John Brown

Julian Edelman

Jared Cook

Alvin Kamara


Get 6 Months FREE of the Playbook PRO from SuperDraft | Great deals at SuperDraft using Promo Code Alarm