Welcome to the DFS Playbook for NFL Week 8!

Last week was a very successful week for us as both the Playbook and Dart Board hit on some key players needed to give you that edge over your opponents. The cash lineup examples all hit in the $5 and $10 single-entry 50/50s in which they were played and you had some strong building blocks upon which to build your tournament lineups. This week, the lineup build for cash games is going to be a little different due to some of the pricing. Last week, we were gifted a few "free squares" as we knew ownership percentages were going to be crazy high for Todd Gurley and Adam Thielen becuase everyone was in on a ridiculously cheap Nick Chubb . Having those three in our lineups gave us the players we needed to keep pace with the field. If they went off, we were in it. If they didn't, we were no worse for the wear.

This week, given the price tag on Gurley and his match-up against the VIkings run defense, I'm not so sure we want to build our cash lineups with him, atleast not on FanDuel for $11K. He's going to be a little easier to use on DK at $9800, but even so, we might just be better off paying down at running back this week in order to get more elite wide receivers and Travis Kelce into our lineups. We'll worry about all of that Sunday morning. For now, let's get to the Playbook and see who we like the most. As a reminder, the Playbook is for the Main Slate of games. That means we're not diving into the Eagles/Jaguars match-up that has the early start everyone seems to hate and we'll be passing on the Sunday and Monday night games as well. For those playing in those slates, I'll simply add in that Thielen, Kirk Cousins , Drew Brees , Michael Thomas and Tre'Quan Smith are favorites of mine, as are Rob Gronkowski and a Chris Hogan dart. Nothing wrong with playing those slates. I just prefer to keep everything on the Main Slate -- build up my bankroll through cash lineups and maybe throw a dart at the million if I'm feeling confident. 


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