The Ultimate 2022 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

At Fantasy Alarm, we believe in a heavy dose of research and analysis. But we also know that, when it comes to fantasy football draft day, you want to keep it as simple as possible. You spend enough time shuffling through player rankingsADP trends and numbersNFL depth charts and a variety of player profiles that once you’re finally sitting in your war room, ready to draft, all you need and want is a one-stop shop to help guide you through those 16 rounds of battle.

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Welcome to Fantasy Alarm's Ultimate Cheat Sheet!

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet is designed to be the only tool you’ll need in front of you for your draft, whether it’s snake-style or an auction. We have created an advanced tier system that offers both round and projected auction cost for over 200 players to ensure you get the best value at each position throughout your draft.

As a complete draft tool, this is more than just a set of rankings. This is a round-by-round breakdown of where we believe players should be taken, which means that current ADP numbers are also baked in to where we are rankings players. For example, while I may have Cam Akers ranked as my No. 7 running back in standard leagues, based on recent ADP trends, you do not need to take him in the first round. You should be able to wait until the late second or, in shallower leagues, the early-to-mid third. So, in essence, between the rankings and this cheat sheet, the value plays are seemingly mapped out for you. Consider this is a blueprint for your drafts. 

And best of all, the Ultimate Cheat Sheet, like everything else here in the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft Guide, it comes to you for FREE!

Stop rifling through page after page trying to find that deep sleeper running back. Research time is over and the less clutter you have in front of you during your live draft, the stronger you will be. No matter what size or style of league you play, Fantasy Alarm's Ultimate Cheat Sheet is all you’ll need to crush it on Draft Day.

Fantasy Alarm Ultimate Cheat Sheet Facts:

The Draft Grid:

  • League Sizes: 10-14 Team Leagues
  • Rankings are based on ½-point PPR scoring so it aligns properly for both standard and full-point PPR leagues as well
  • Auction values based on a $200 budget
  • Over 200 Players Ranked

Each Round is subdivided into upper and lower tiers for better organization and value monitoring

Also included: