Yesterday did not turn out how we hoped it would. The same game parlay fell short due to Aaron Gordon’s rebounds. He was retracting back on most of the Lakers field goal attempts, and that makes it difficult to earn rebounds. Also LeBron James and Anthony Davis were dominating the paint. Anthony Davis had 23 rebounds and was a force yesterday.

Jonas Valanciunas had the rug pulled out from underneath him, and only played 12 minutes. Although he earned four rebounds in those 12 minutes, there were not enough minutes to get a dozen rebounds. Nikola Jovic was our only successful bet, a plus-odds player prop that cashed in the third quarter of the Boston Celtics at Miami Heat game. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. However, we are looking to end the week with a positive day, and positive gain.  

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NBA Picks & Predictions: April 28

The Phoenix Suns are the only team facing elimination, all other series are two games to one. The Pacers and Mavericks are at home and have an opportunity to gain a 3-1 edge. The Philadelphia 76ers are down 1-2 and looking to pull even in what has been a tough series. There is a great deal to gain and lose for all teams, but the Phoenix Suns have to bring it or be the first team eliminated from the 2024 playoffs. This is why the Bet of the Day is on a Phoenix Suns player.


The Phoenix Suns have been absolutely owned by the Minnesota Timberwolves this series. They do not have a reliable scorer and Rudy Gobert has imposed his will on Jusuf Nurkic. Gobert stated he deleted all his social media accounts before the playoffs in order to have complete focus and it appears to be working.

The Suns have played the Minnesota Timberwolves in four straight games, including the last regular season game. Nurkic’s rebounds in those four games are seven, 14, four, and five. Backup center, Drew Eubanks, has come in and played excellent minutes, earning over 10 minutes per game in this series. Meanwhile Nurkic has only exceeded 30 minutes once in those four games. He had the  best regular season of his career. But his body could be experiencing fatigue, or he could be playing through un-publicized injuries. 

Either way the Minnesota Timberwolves are playing with confidence, and going to be a handful for the Phoenix Suns. The Suns could go with a smaller lineup, or try to have more scorers on the court, as the Timberwolves have scored 120 or more in two games this series. The Suns' big three have not been consistent, and shut down with great perimeter defense.

Jusuf Nurkic also gets in foul trouble often. He led the NBa in personal fouls this season, recording 254. Should he get in early foul trouble, he will likely play less than his 28-minute average this series. But to be fair he could play over 30 minutes and Rudy Gobert would still be out rebounding him. These two are familiar with each other as former Northwest Division foes, and Gobert has had Nurkic’s number a long time.


NBA Player Props; April 28th


The first game of the day is the New York Knicks playing the Philadelphia 76ers at the Wells Fargo Center. This is a tightly contested series, with every game coming down to the wire. It is hands down the best series of the first round, and it should not disappoint tonight.

While most of the media, and fans from both teams, are caught up on the officiating, Fantasy Alarm is focusing on the injuries and the effects of it. Mithcell Robinson was aggressively grabbed by Joel Embiid and it earned him a flagrant one. Many national personalities that cover the NBA have stated it should have been a flagrant two, and an ejection. However, due to the fact that he's the reigning MVP, he got a pass. 

Maybe that is true, maybe it is not. What is true is that it affected Mitchell Robinson’s previously hurt ankle, he was wearing a walking cast after the game, and did not practice with the team yesterday. All signs indicate that Isaiah Hartenstein is due for more minutes, which should lead to more rebounds.

Joel Embiid is not 100% and it is apparent when he is playing defense. He does not not have lift, his lateral movement is atrocious, and he is having trouble defending lay ups and jump shots. This benefits Hartenstein in a crucial Game Four. 

Hartenstein has recorded over 7.5 rebounds just once in this series… the game he played over 30 minutes. With Robinson likely out tonight, or at the very least playing with restricted minutes, more will be asked of the Knicks starting center. Robinson is averaging over seven rebounds per game in this series and Hartenstein will take a few of those vacant rebounds. Hartenstein is moving much better than Embiid, and could earn a few offensive rebounds tonight. Trust the guy that went on a hot streak while Robinson was injured to do it again tonight.



The Dallas Mavericks currently have a 2-1 advantage over the Los Angeles Clippers, and a large reason why are new additions PJ Washington and Daniel Gafford. No team has been more impacted by their mid-season acquisitions than the Mavericks, not even the Knicks. Washington and Gafford brought athletic ability to Dallas’ front court. Something the franchise has rarely experienced.

Both Washington and Gafford were saved from terrible organizations, where losing is the norm. You can see the new joy and enthusiasm in their games too. Washington in particular has been a major impact in this series. He can play defense against the opposing team's one-through-five, and he has been doing a great job too. 

During Russell Westbrook’s escapade in their last game, Westbrook aggressively shoved Washington and the 6’ 7”, 230-pound forward didn’t budge. He just smiled and said ‘C’mon man’. He’s a strong and lanky forward and that has led to 18 rebounds in this series. He has recorded six or more rebounds in two of the three games, and that should continue against a Clippers team that doesn’t look like they want to be in the playoffs. 

Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are playing some of the, if not the, worst basketball of their playoff careers. No surprise that Washington has been a large reason why. Although Washington has scored double-digit points in every game of this series, it is the other stats where he makes his impact. Washington has six steals and four blocks in addition to his 18 rebounds.

He is a valuable part of the Mavericks lineup and success. Look for Washington to play with the same enthusiasm and effort again tonight. Lay a unit for him to earn six or more rebounds against an older and injured team.



Well, well, well. After being hesitant to bet on a guy we have been making money on the last two months, it is time to say hello to Mr. Pascal Siakam. He has been ‘The Man’ for the Pacers in this series. He was the highest scoring player in the league last week, and has been a force in multiple ways for the Pacers.

Today we focus on his rebounds, as it has been an extremely profitable line. His line went down from 10.5 in game three, as he only recorded nine. The Pacers looked spent in that game, and had a break down in the fourth quarter that almost cost them the game.

The Indiana Pacers host the Milwaukee Bucks who have Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard listed as doubtful. This should lead to two bench players starting, and that should lead to more missed field goal attempts, which should lead to more Siakam rebounds.

Siakam is averaging 11 rebounds per game in this series, and should earn that again tonight. His double-double line was not below -145 on four sportsbooks, yet his rebounding line is at slightly better odds. Something is fishy, but it’s not Siakam’s effort. 

He gathered all the players together and made a point that he is the only champion on the team. A way of saying that he understands the effort required to be a champion. It was a message of following my lead because ‘I am going to give you everything I have, every game’. He is averaging just under 40 minutes per game, and understands that the Bucks are in a vulnerable spot. Champions are ruthless, Head Coach Rick Carlisle is a champion with a 'no mercy' attitude towards his opponents and players. 

Look for Siakam to deliver again in a match the Pacers are heavy favorites. He could have 10 rebounds before the fourth quarter.