With yesterday’s NBA picks article, the Bet of the Night was successful which marks two nights in a row, as Jalen Brunson delivers for this bet and the New York Knicks. Michael Porter Jr. recorded ten three-point attempts but could not make the third as the Nuggets had one of their worst second halves of the season. 

The Miami Heat let a late lead slip away and are not showing the ability to close out games. Our NBA picks bonus bet lost, but it returned more than the initial wager, so actually it is a winner, with a second chance to win again.




There are 12 games in the Association tonight, and there are angles galore. Friday’s indicate an extra bet for Fantasy Alarm NBA Best Bets, and due to it being Friday the 5th, five bets are being placed today! There are two nationally televised games, the early one between the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics is on NBATV, and has an NBA props wager on Domantas Sabonis.

The New York Knicks travel to Chicago to play the Bulls, and Isaiah Hartenstein makes another appearance in the column. The Milwaukee Bucks play the Toronto Raptors on the road and the Bucks look to Giannis Antetokounmpo to turn their losing streak around. We look for him to deliver on his prop bet today. 

There is also an NBA parlay for today in the form of a Same Game Parlay when the Oklahoma City Thunder take on the Indiana Pacers that involves one of our favorites, Pascal Siakam

Today’s NBA predictions ‘Bet of the Night’ is on a familiar face, at near even odds, in the second game on NBATV tonight. Grayson Allen and the Phoenix Suns host the first-place Minnesota Timberwolves.

Make sure the NBA odds for my following sections haven’t shifted too much before you place your bets!




NBA Predictions & Picks Today, 4/5

Grayson Allen Props: Over 2.5 Threes Made (-110 On DraftKings)

NBA Bet Of The Night - Friday, April 5th

Grayson Allen has been a man on fire, good thing he plays for the Phoenix Suns. In all seriousness we have had great success with this bet as we look at a matchup against the best defense in the league. But he makes three threes, and the bet cashes. Fantasy Alarm has not bet on every game for him to cover this line though.

Allen has made three threes in just once in the Suns last six games. It was the game against the Denver Nuggets, which this column suggested to bet on. The Suns are now hosting the best team in the Western Conference, with a chance to give out another ‘L’ to a playoff team. And we are laying it down on Allen’s threes for the Bet of the Night. 

Phoenix was on the road against the Cleveland Cavaliers in their last game, and Allen sat out for hip soreness. He is listed as probable today, and he will be needed. Although teammates Devin Booker and Kevin Durant are both putting up massive points, the Suns play against the best defense in the league. The Minnesota Timberwolves allow 106.0 points per game, the fewest in the Association. 

Minnesota will put a defensive emphasis on shutting down Booker and Durant with Anthoney Edwards and Jaden McDaniels. Meanwhile leading Defensive Player of the Year candidate, Rudy Gobert, will prevent easy field goals around the rim. This is what makes Grayson Allen so crucial tonight. 

Allen will be set up outside the arc waiting for a pass while the defense focuses on Booker and Durant. He has attempted seventy-five threes in his last eleven games played, and will have several attempts tonight. 

The Suns are currently the sixth seed but only three games away from fourth, and only three games away from 10th. They need to win at home tonight to prevent them from slipping into the play-in. Allen will be a bit of an X factor tonight, and we are trusting him to score on his home court after a game of rest.




NBA Props & Best Bets Today, 4/5

Domantas Sabonis Props: Over 18.5 Points (-110 On DraftKings)

Domantas Sabonis and the Sacramento Kings are playing their second game in as many nights. It just so happens that it is against the team with the best record in the NBA, the Boston Celtics. The Celtics have already clinched the one seed, and the best record of the regular season. 

The Kings are currently tied with the Suns, but in seventh place due to tie-breaker advantages for Phoenix. The Kings are also currently making adjustments as they lost their best bench player, Malik Monk, due to a MCL sprain. Monk is probably the Sixth Man of the Year winner and replacing his productivity has been difficult.

Sabonis’ scoring is down despite playing more minutes. His rebounding is still amazing, but even his assists numbers have gone down. Tonight the Kings have a difficult task as the Boston Celtics could be playing with all their starters, keeping their normal rotation. However, they could play their starters less, or even rest some a game or two. 

Sabonis' rebounding line is set below his average of 19.6 points per game. He also has an advantage over the Celtics front court. The Kings are playing in back-to-back games, but this is April basketball, and the players should be in peak cardiovascular condition. Trust Sabonis to get his average tonight against the Celtics.




Giannis Antetokounmpo Props: Over 30.5 Points (-115 on DraftKings)

The Milwaukee Bucks are in a mysterious losing slump. They lost their last two games against two of the worst teams this season: the Washington Wizards and Memphis Grizzlies. They are now playing the team with the longest current losing streak in the NBA, the Toronto Raptors who have lost 15 games in a row. 

Damian Lillard has been out and that could be part of the reason for the losses. Doc Rivers is 15-15 with the Milwaukee Bucks, and they simply have to play better down the stretch. Giannis Antetokounmpo is hurt but playing through it. He deserves as much blame as anyone else for the slump, as he is the guy. He has a great opportunity against the Toronto Raptors tonight to be the guy to deliver a much needed win too.

The Raptors allow 118.7 points per game and they allow the fifth most points to forwards. Khris Middelton is playing better but not quite the scorer he has been. That leaves almost all of the scoring for Antetokounmpo. Luckily he is one of the top five scorers in the Association. Trust The Finals MVP to get the points needed to get his team to a victory.




Isaiah Hartenstein Props: Under 8.5 Rebounds (-115 on DraftKings)

We are wising up on Isaiah Hartenstein, and taking his under against a tough rebounding team in the Chicago Bulls. He could not earn eight rebounds in almost thirty minutes of game time last night, and he is expected to get nine against a good rebounding team? Something is not adding up.

Granted the Bulls do allow a high average of rebounds to the center position, but that was before Nikola Vuceivc and Andre Drummond were stepping up their game. It just seems like a flaw, or the sportsbooks are throwing his line out at a higher number to bait people on the over. 

Hartenstein has recorded more than nine rebounds in just one of his last five games, and he should have difficulty earning nine tonight. The Knicks are playing in back-to-back games, on the road, and if they get a large lead could rest several of their starters. The odds are against him rebounding well tonight, and we are betting the under.




NBA Parlay Today, 4/5

Thunder vs. Pacers SGP: Indiana ML + Pascal Siakam To Record A Double-Double (+182 on DraftKings)

*Placed With $30 Bonus Bet From 30 Threes Made In Kings vs. Knicks Yesterday

Donte DiVincenzo did not make the first three in the game yesterday, but the Sacramento Kings and New York Knicks managed to make 30 threes. Now a $25 bet becomes a $30 bet, and we are looking for positive odds to return more than the initial bet. 

The Indiana Pacers are favorites at home against the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are coming off a loss and have the slightest margins for the sixth seed of the Eastern Conference. Pascal Siakam has been our guy since the All-Star break. His rebounding line is set at 8.5 and why not tease it up? He has a double-double in six of his last 12 games and is the focal point of the Pacers offense.

It returns $54.60 if the Same Game Parlay is successful. It is a parlay that compliments each other, for if he gets a double-double the Pacers have a greater chance to win. Lay it, claim it, and factor it into your bankroll.




Thank you for taking in my NBA best bets today! Be sure to explore Fantasy Alarm for all your fantasy and betting needs. 

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*All NBA odds accurate at time of writing and bets to be placed at 1 unit unless specified otherwise