The Oklahoma City Thunder are ‘...glowing like the metal on the edge of the knife.’ They are just as dangerous too, completing the sweep against the New Orleans Pelicans. In doing so, they ensured we started our NBA Best Bets and Props this week with Meat Loaf, adding slightly under a unit to the bankroll. 

Jayson Tatum went well under his projected point line despite playing deep into the fourth quarter with a massive lead. Nikola Jokic had another excellent game, but he only scored eight points in the first half and attempted very few field goals. 




He was double teamed early and often, which allowed Jamal Murray to have a 32-point game. If the NBA was calling a fair game, Jokic would have attempted at least eight free throws. However, he did not have one single free throw in a close out game. That is really embarrassing for the Association, and the officiating crew to have that major of a free throw disparity in a close out game.

It was the first time in a close out game that the winning team had less than 10 free throw attempts while the losing team attempted over 25. It was a three-to-one disparity with the Nuggets only attempting nine, and the Lakers attempting 27. Unreal.

Such is NBA betting; sometimes, the officiating has an unspoken agenda, or tilts the game away from a certain team/player. The face of the league, and soon to be three-time MVP, should never be treated in such a terrible and discriminatory manner. 

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NBA Picks & Predictions: Tuesday, 4/30

There are three excellent games in the NBA today, and all games are within a five-point spread. Truth be told, it would not be surprising for all three underdogs to win this game. Just like last night though, the intensity ramps up with a team’s season literally at stake. 

Today’s games in order of start time are: Philadelphia 76ers at New York Knicks, Orlando Pacers at Cleveland Cavaliers, and Indiana Pacers at Milwaukee Bucks. It’s an all Eastern Conference event with some surprises thus far. The Pacers have dominated the series, but most did not predict this outcome, and the 76ers against the Knicks has been the most entertaining Eastern Conference matchup. 

The Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers are getting very little attention, but it has become a new series with each team winning on their home court. There are three great bets in our NBA predictions today as well, one for each team. They each bring over a unit per bet and should give something to root for throughout the night. The Bet of the Night comes from the first game, with the 76ers playing the Knicks at Madison Square Garden.




76ers vs. Knicks Prediction: New York Moneyline + Josh Hart Over 11.5 Rebounds (+145 on Bet365)

Josh Hart will start off today’s NBA predictions. He has been one of the best additions of this season. The New York Knicks are dependent on his minutes and his production, and he has delivered for his teammates. He has played 42 or more minutes in every game this series. He has also scored 20 or more points and recorded 13 or more rebounds in all but one game of this series. 

The Philadelphia 76ers are coming off a home loss and will need their best effort against the Knicks to bring the series back to Philadelphia. Joel Embiid has a potential migraine and could be in jeopardy for missing today’s game. If Embiid is unable to go, this could turn into a blow out at Madison Square Garden

Either way, Hart could play 40 or more minutes, and be the master rebounder that he is. With ninja-like stealth, he positions himself for the bounce off the rim, oftentimes pinning the opposing teams player under the rim. It has been impressive to watch the 6’4” Hart outrebound bigs from both teams. 

Although Hart had a season average of 8.3 rebounds, he has exceeded that in this series. It could be game planning, it could be a positional mismatch, or it could be injuries to Mitchell Robinson and Embiid. Whatever it is, he is likely to continue with max effort, to help close out the series in front of the Knicks faithful fans. Look for him to earn at least 12 rebounds tonight and for the Knicks to punch their ticket to the second round. 




NBA Props & Best Bets, 4/30

The latter half of our NBA best bets focuses on the other two games. The Cleveland Cavaliers versus the Orlando Magic has become a three-game series. Although the matches are not receiving much national attention, there is a showcase of young talent on the rise. 

Plus, the Indiana Pacers have an opportunity to achieve something they have not in a decade: win a playoff series. A win against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight would advance the Pacers to round two. 




Magic vs. Cavaliers Prediction: Cleveland -3 + Jarret Allen 15+ Points & Over 12.5 Rebounds (+315 on DraftKings)

DraftKings has an ongoing special for the first round of the playoffs. If you bet at least a three-leg Same Game Parlay and meet required odds, you get up to $10 back should the bet lose. It is suggested to bet a unit on this section of today’s NBA picks, but should it lose, it will return at least $10.



Paolo Banchero, Franz Wagner, Evan Mobley, and Darius Garland are showing why their respective teams are going to be good going forward. It is the veteran Jarrett Allen that this bet is concerned with though. 

This is an Allen special, as we continue to bet on the big man to deliver. The eight-year veteran has been crucial to the Cavaliers victories and disappointing in their losses. There is a correlation tied to his minutes – Allen played 35 and 39 minutes in Cleveland’s wins, and less than 30 in their losses. 

Perhaps it is geography, and the rowdy fans at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse too. Allen recorded 18 and 20 rebounds at the games at home, and less than 10 in each game at Orlando. The series is back in Cleveland now, and hopefully the coaching staff realizes he needs more minutes. 

This parlay is teased on all three bets, some up and some down. The spread has been teased down two points just to cover a close game; it moved the odds from -110 to -160. Allen’s points have been teased down by two simply for the fact he does not get that many field goals and needs to rely on high-percentage attempts. He has scored 15 or more points in every game of this series as well, regardless of minutes. 

Allen’s rebounds have been teased up one to over 12.5. He could have another 20 rebound night if Orlando continues their horrible road record and field goal percentage average. If you prefer to have a plus odds prop, Allen over 12.5 rebounds is at +110 on a few books. This bet requires faith in the big man and expecting the team with the worst road record in the playoffs (18-25) to struggle again. A confident unit is placed on the big man to deliver.




Pacers vs. Bucks Prediction: Over 216.5 Total Points (-101 on BettorEdge) *2 UNITS

The Pacers’ last playoff series victory took place in the 2013-14 playoffs against the Washington Wizards. Most people can not even name a 2013-14 Wizard, that’s how long it’s been.

Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo are both listed as doubtful, and the Bucks will depend on Khris Middleton, and a more level-headed Bobby Portis. Portis was ejected after seven minutes in Game 4, and he simply can’t do that tonight. Although taking the spread and moneyline are great options for tonight’s game, it’s the over that we are doubling down on. 

Both teams have covered this total in their last three games. The totals from those games are;: 239 twice and 233. There is an all gas, no brake mentality with both of these teams. The Pacers have been relentless with their offense, and the Bucks will have Bobby Portis with their season on the line. During the regular season, the Pacers averaged 123.3 points per game and the Bucks 119.0, a combined average of over 242 points per game. 

This is a divisional rivalry and Milwaukee is playing to give their stars a little more recovery time. The Pacers are playing for the next round and the right to call themselves their franchise's best team in a decade. Two units are suggested in the final of today’s NBA predictions for a game that should have several points.




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