We've got a 10-game slate starting at 7:07 p.m. ET tonight. With only one game in jeopardy of being postponed, plenty of different lineups will be built. While some pitchers are in a position to bounce back from poor outings to begin the year, other pitchers will likely take a step back after positive momentum to start the year. 



That said, check out today's MLB playbook below before you get your lineups in on DraftKings and FanDuel as we present our MLB DFS picks for today, April 16th.

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MLB DFS Picks & Daily Fantasy Playbook Today, April 16

MLB Weather Today, 4/16

Kansas City Royals vs. Chicago White Sox

  • There's a chance for rain and thunderstorms in Chicago around game time. Therefore, this game could potentially rain out. 

MLB DFS Lineup Construction Thoughts

If we're being honest, there aren't many pitchers I'd trust on this 10-game MLB slate tonight. That ultimately means that we'll see plenty of hits and runs throughout the night. 

But while it's important to have the best pitcher on the slate, you'll also want the best hitters. As you'll see below, plenty of bats have good matchups that I'd consider. Find the best hitters that fit in your lineup and roll with it. Don't second guess it, or you'll probably regret it later!




Recommended MLB DFS Starting Pitchers

Top Options For Strikeouts

Best Odds For A Win




Core MLB DFS Pitchers

Dylan Cease, San Diego Padres

Dylan Cease has struck out 30.3% of batters to begin the season. He's also held the 66 batters he's faced to a .138 ISO and a wOBA of .218. While he's been dominant against righties, Cease has struggled against lefties. Lefties have hit a .250 ISO and wOBA of .355 against him to begin the season.

But here's the thing. The Brewers' projected lineup only has four lefties in it. Those four lefties combined to hit a .143 ISO and wOBA of .320 since last season. They've also struck out 25.2% of the time. As an entire lineup, including righties, the Brewers' projected lineup has struck out nearly 24% of the time since last year and has only hit a .159 ISO. If Cease can get by those four lefties in the Milwaukee lineup, he should be able to get through at least six innings with plenty of strikeouts. 

Logan Gilbert, St. Louis Cardinals

Logan Gilbert will pitch for the Mariners tonight. This season, he's struck out 29.9% of batters and walked only 3.9%. While he's allowed an ISO of .189, he's also held opponents to a wOBA of .261. He's struck out 41.2% of lefties this season and has led lefties to a 15.8%-line drive percentage. 

Gilbert is in line to face more lefties than righties in the Reds' lineup tonight. Those five lefties in the Cincinnati lineup have struck out 25.5% of the time since last year. While Gilbert could get caught for a long ball, it'll likely come with nobody on base. That's the best-case scenario. The strikeouts will be there for Gilbert tonight. 

Hunter Greene, Cincinnati Reds

The Cincinnati ace has already accumulated 30.1% of strikeouts this season. He's also limited walks to 8.2% and has allowed just a .117 ISO and wOBA of .305 this year. Greene has been dominant against righties. However, despite 35.9% of strikeouts against lefties, Greene has also allowed a .194 ISO and wOBA of .372 to 39 lefties.

While the Mariners certainly have some left-handed power in the lineup, they've also got plenty of batters who strike out at a high rate. The entire Seattle lineup has struck out 25% of the time against righties since last season. Although Greene is a bit of a risk against J.P. Crawford, Jorge Polanco, Cal Raleigh, and Luke Raley, it's a risk worth taking, given that many of the pitchers on the slate are below average. 

Lance Lynn, St. Louis Cardinals

With Lance Lynn, you get a mixed bag. While he's struck out 29.5% of batters this season, he's also allowed a .250 ISO and wOBA of .331 to his first 27 righties faced. However, he's in line to face an Athletics lineup that should have only four righties. The rest of the lineup will be left-handed. Lynn has held lefties to a .097 ISO and wOBA of .306. 

Beyond all that, this A's projected lineup has also struck out 29% of the time against righties since last year. The entire lineup, including Esteury Ruiz, who has returned to the Athletics, has struck out at least 20.7% of the time against righties since last year. Lynn should rack up the strikeouts. He might get caught for a home run ball or two. But he's got the best odds for a win and should tally a high rate of strikeouts.




Recommended MLB DFS Hitters

Highest Expected Run Totals 

Core MLB DFS Hitters

Rafael Devers, 3B, Boston Red Sox

The Guardians have penciled in Tanner Bibee for tonight's game against the Red Sox. He's a right-handed pitcher who has already allowed a .303 ISO and woBA of .464 to his first 40 lefties. Bibee is coming into this game with an ERA of 5.93 and has struck out only 17.5% of lefties while giving up 15% of walks. 

Meanwhile, Rafael Devers has slugged a .238 ISO and wOBA of .367 against his last nearly 500 righties faced. He's also struck out just 18.8% of the time against righties since the previous year and has walked 9.6% of the time. The Red Sox have many lefties in the lineup against Bibee. That would likely help Devers come up to the plate with runners on. 

Ronald Acuna, OF Austin Riley, 3B, Marcell Ozuna, OF

You can pretty much ride with anyone on the Braves but Orlando Arcia and Travis d'Arnaud. The Astros will pitch Hunter Brown, who has imploded to begin the year. The young Houston pitcher is already 0-2 with a 16.43 ERA. He's ultimately been worse against righties, allowing a .300 ISO and wOBA of .737 with only 8.7% of strikeouts and 13% of walks. 

Strikeouts and walks weren't issues for Brown last year. However, against 368 righties last season, Brown still allowed a .224 ISO and wOBA of .365. He was still caught by righties many times last year. Therefore, I'm looking at the righties in Atlanta's lineup. Since last season, Ronald Acuna has hit a .249 ISO and wOBA of .436 with only 11.7% strikeouts against righties.

Meanwhile, Austin Riley has slugged a .223 ISO and wOBA of .366 against his last 608 righties. Finally, there's no hotter bat in the National League than Marcell Ozuna since last year. Since then, Ozuna has slugged a .283 ISO and wOBA of .395 against righties.

Willson Contreras, C, St. Louis Cardinals

It can be challenging to get consistent production out of the catcher position. However, Willson Contreras hasn't had an issue producing against lefties since he's been with the Cardinals. Since last season, Contreras has slugged a .234 ISO and wOBA of .398 against lefties. He's also worked 11.1% of walks and has hit 56.1% of hard contact with a 13.4%-barrel percentage. 

Tonight, he'll take on JP Sears of the Athletics. He's a lefty who has allowed a .222 ISO and wOBA of .334 to his first 53 righties faced this season. In addition, Sears has induced only 25.6% of grounders from righties and has allowed over 30% of line drives and fly balls from righties instead. 

Corbin Carroll, OF, Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks should tee off against Kyle Hendricks tonight. Hendricks has already given up a .355 ISO and wOBA of .524 to his first 66 batters of the season. Beyond that, Hendricks has earned just 12.1% of strikeouts and allowed nearly 26% of line drives to begin the year. Hendricks will face many terrific hitters against righties. However, Arizona's best hitter is easily Corbin Carroll against righties. 

Since last season, the left-handed hitter has slugged a .254 ISO and wOBA of .385 with only 21.2% strikeouts and 10.2% walks. Carroll has also hit a 49.9% hard contact rate and has knocked nearly 24% of line drives against righties. Hendricks' days are numbered. Back Carroll to have a big day against the Cubs. 



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