We've got 11 MLB games starting between 1:35 pm ET and 2:20 pm ET. 

Therefore, we have a lot to cover and not much time, mainly because we need to get our lineups in before the first game starts. 

I won't waste much time introducing the slate. Let's get right to the meat. Here are our MLB DFS picks on DraftKings and FanDuel for the entire 11-game slate during the day. 

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MLB DFS Picks & Daily Fantasy Playbook Today, April 7

MLB Weather Today, April 7

Cleveland Guardians vs. Minnesota Twins


Miami Marlins vs. St. Louis Cardinals

  • There will be some rain showers near the first pitch. This game could get delayed, but it will eventually play without interruption after. 

Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs

  • This game will probably start on time but might never finish, thanks to rain in the forecast. 

MLB DFS Lineup Construction Thoughts

With today's slate, the Atlanta Braves have the best offensive matchup. They're already projected to score the most runs of any team on this massive 11-game slate. 

Therefore, make sure you've got some Braves in your lineup. 

Meanwhile, you can consider playing the Marlins and Cardinals in your lineup. That game will likely finish. However, the Guardians-Twins and Dodgers-Cubs games could be delayed at any point during the later portion of the game. Those are two games to consider avoiding unless you want to get risky. 

Recommended MLB DFS Starting Pitchers

Top Options For Strikeouts

Best Odds For A Win

Core MLB DFS Pitchers

Jack Flaherty, Detroit Tigers

Jack Flaherty is the best pitcher on the board tonight.

He pitched six innings and struck out seven in his Detroit debut against the White Sox. Now he'll face the Oakland Athletics, who are ultimately just as bad as the White Sox. 

Flaherty struck out 30.4% of batters in his first start. He also hit 60% of grounders and gave up only 13.3% of line drives, with no walks. 

Meanwhile, he's in line to face an Oakland projected lineup that has struck out 27.1% of the time against righties since last year. Eight batters in the Athletics' lineup have struck out at least 21.7% of the time since last year against righties. 

Cristopher Sanchez, Philadelphia Phillies

Cristopher Sanchez has the best chance of earning a win today. 

It's for good reason.

In his first start of the season, Sanchez went five innings against the Reds and struck out eight batters. He still allowed five hits and a walk, but he only gave up two runs and got those eight strikeouts. 

Sanchez wasn't elite against righties last year, and I don't expect him to be this year, either. However, the Nationals' projected lineup has hit a .126 ISO and wOBA of .301 against lefties dating back to last season. Only Lane Thomas and Riley Adams have legitimate potential against the left-hander. 

Sanchez might not rack up strikeouts against the Nationals. But if he gets more balls in play, he should be able to get through six innings and be in line for a win.

Garrett Crochet, Chicago White Sox

Garrett Crochet has a 1.38 ERA with 16 strikeouts in 13 innings in two starts. He's also carrying a .69 WHIP after two quality starts to begin the season.

Crochet's most recent outing was against the Braves. He pitched seven innings and allowed just three hits, one walk, and one run. Crochet struck out eight Braves, which is ultimately one of the most challenging lineups in baseball to pitch again. 

He's added 33.3% of strikeouts. He's also walked just 2.1% of batters and has allowed a .065 ISO with a wOBA of .188. Crochet needs to be in your lineup, especially against a Royals projected lineup that has struck out nearly 24% of the time against lefties dating back to last season.

Dean Kremer, Baltimore Orioles

Dean Kremer is an exciting option today. 

In his first start of the season, Kremer added five strikeouts in 5.1 innings. He also allowed three runs on three hits and walked one batter. 

He didn't make it through six innings, but it's likely he will today. He's facing a Pittsburgh projected lineup that has struck out 26.2% of the time against righties dating back to last season. The entire lineup has struck out at least 20.5% of the time against righties, giving Kremer many targets to work with for strikeouts. 

In addition, Kremer has never been a high walks guy and is usually good at inducing ground balls. A quality start from Kremer with 6+ strikeouts could be in the cards. 

Recommended MLB DFS Hitters

Highest Expected Run Totals 

Note: Run Totals from Vegas Odds

Core MLB DFS Hitters

Note: Will Be Updated as Official Starting Lineups Are Released

Ronald Acuna OF, Ozzie Albies 2B, Austin Riley 3B, Matt Olson 1B, Marcell Ozuna OF, Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves were down 6-0 after the first inning yesterday. Yet, somehow, the offense rallied to push the Braves over the Diamondbacks, 9-8 last night. 

They'll probably ride that momentum into today's game against Ryne Nelson of the Diamondbacks. 

Nelson finished last season with just 15.9% of strikeouts against 648 batters. He also allowed those batters a .228 ISO and a wOBA of 364. He was poor against lefties and righties last year.

After his first start this season, it's clear we'll get more of the same out of Nelson this year. Nelson lasted just 2.2 innings against the Yankees and gave up five hits, four walks, and four runs with only two strikeouts.

Ronald Acuna has hit a .254 ISO and wOBA of .438 against his last 617 righties. Ozzie Albies has smashed a .232 ISO, Austin Riley has hit a .363 wOBA, Matt Olson has slugged a .346 ISO and wOBA of .446, and Marcell Ozuna, fresh off a three-run blast last night, has hit a .266 ISO and wOBA of .382 against his last 475 righties. 

This is the stack you'll want for today's slate. 

Adley Rutschman, C, Baltimore Orioles

This is one guy that never has a problem putting the ball in play against lefties.

Adley Rutschman has struck out just 10.1% of the time against lefties over his last 208 plate appearances against them. He's also walked 15.4% of the time, hitting a .167 ISO and wOBA of .384. 

Today, Rutschman will face Marco Gonzales of the Pirates. He's a lefty who struck out only 15.7% of batters last season. In his first start this year, he struck out just two of 20 batters, earning only 6.7% of strikeouts against lefties. 

Rutschman typically keeps ground balls down and has hit 27.7% of line drives against lefties with almost 44% of hard contact. Give Rutschman a chance at the catcher position. 

Pete Alonso, 1B, New York Mets

Pete Alonso will take on a lefty in Andrew Abbott today. 

Abbott has a lot of potential as a young starting pitcher. But he allowed a .205 ISO and wOBA of .350 to 373 righties last season. 

Even more alarming, Abbott gave up 35.3% of fly balls to righties while only inducing 29.9% of ground balls. His numbers really weren't electric against righties.

In his first game of the season, Abbott allowed two runs on three hits in 5.1 innings. He wasn't terrible. However, against righties, he struck out just 9.1% of batters and walked 18.2% while also allowing 37.5% of fly balls. 

This is a terrific matchup for Alonso, who has hit a .305 ISO and wOBA of .372 against his last 179 lefties. 

Julio Rodriguez, OF, Seattle Mariners

While Colin Rea was good in his first start for the Brewers, he still allowed a .591 wOBA to righties and earned no strikeouts with 22.2% of walks in his season debut against the Mets. 

The Mets hit 57.1% of line drives and just 14.3% of ground balls against Rea in that game. 

That bodes well for Julio Rodriguez of the Mariners. Rodriguez is a right-handed batter who has already hit a .209 ISO and wOBA of .346 against his last 566 righties. He's smacked 56.3% of hard contact and more than 25% of fly balls against righties. 

Occasionally, Rodriguez's strikeout rate gets high. However, Rea isn't a high strikeout pitcher, giving Rodriguez more of an opportunity to put some hard-hit balls in play. 

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