Last day before the All-Star break, and not sure which players are actually not already mentally on their vacation.  I would tread lightly today due to that.  I really like the Marlins today as Cody Reed has given up 8 HR’s over his first 4 starts. Also, I only mentioned one hitter from the game at Coors today.  It’s not that I don’t like the game, but more of trying to provide other options.  Good luck!


J.T. RealmutoMIARHCIN  279.319.351.430.781.339.1114.40%16.90%51.80%29.20%19.00%7.60%.372$2,600$3,800$4,400
Jonathan LucroyMILRHSTLMike LeakeR289.301.359.491.850.365.1908.40%18.10%40.60%34.80%24.60%14.10%.341$2,800$4,700$4,650
Willson ContrerasCHIRAPITJon NieseL77.312.398.584.982.417.2729.10%28.40%56.00%26.00%18.00%38.50%.404$3,300$4,000$4,550
Curt CasaliTBRABOSDavid PriceL163.166.249.319.568.256.1538.70%36.10%37.10%43.30%19.60%14.30%.231$2,400$2,400$3,700
A.J. PierzynskiATLLACWSJames ShieldsR172.$2,300$2,600$4,100


Cash Play:  For cash games, I’m looking at both J.T. Realmuto and Jonathan LucroyFor the similar price on FD and Aces, Lucroy is the preferred play as he is 17-35 with 2 HR’s lifetime vs Leake. On DK, I’ll go with the much cheaper Realmuto in the leadoff spot.  While leading off last night, he recorded 2 hits with 3 runs, and expecting similar results today. 

GPP plays:  Of the two listed above, Realmuto fits in better due to stacking matchup, but if paying up, Willson Contreras is batting cleanup for a Cubs offense ready to bust out hopefully.  His two hits last night gives him 5 over his last three games.  With some bigger bats in other positions to pay up, punting catcher today is not a bad idea at all.

Value Plays: Curt Casali is 6-11 with 3 HR’s vs Price, and is batting 6th today.  He is my favorite punt play, but can see A.J. Pierzynski being the more popular choice.  Shields has been pitching better lately, but still has plenty of issues.  I don’t mind him, but he will not be in my lineups. 


Freddie FreemanATLLACWSJames ShieldsR329.286.371.517.888.371.23110.60%25.50%32.30%35.80%31.90%19.50%.356$3,400$4,600$4,750
Tommy JosephPHIRACOLTyler ChatwoodR151.258.272.523.795.310.2652.50%24.70%34.50%44.50%20.90%22.40%.269$3,500$3,900$4,600
Chris DavisBALLHLAATim LincecumR313.236.346.489.835.358.25313.20%32.70%33.00%45.70%21.30%24.40%.305$3,900$4,800$5,250
Brandon BeltSFLHARIArchie BradleyR302.301.406.523.929.395.22214.70%18.30%29.60%44.30%26.10%9.80%.354$4,000$4,100$4,900
Matt AdamsSTLLAMILJunior GuerraR191.262.309.455.764.330.1936.30%24.60%38.30%40.40%21.30%15.80%.308$3,200$2,700$4,500
Chris JohnsonMIARHCIN$2,200$2,500$3,600
Marwin GonzalezHOUBHOAKSean ManaeaL254.256.300.402.702.304.1464.80%22.30%45.80%31.10%23.20%10.20%.316$2,900$3,400$4,300

First Base

Cash Plays:  Tommy Joseph is the only player I listed from the Coors game, and not even sure he will play today.  If he does though, I think he will be a hard fade.  The only other route I can see if paying up is Freddie FreemanHe has homered in both games this series, and is 3-6 lifetime vs Shields.

GPP Plays:  To keep your Sunday night interesting, why not take a late night hammer with Brandon BeltHe has recorded two or more hits in 3 of his last 4 games including two triples.  Matt Adams may go overlooked today, as he should be due to the fact that he hasn’t gotten a hit since June 28th.  High risk, high reward play.

Value Play:  Chris Johnson didn’t come through yesterday which means fire him up today.  His price is extremely cheap, and opens up a ton of salary.


Ian KinslerDETRATORR.A. DickeyR352.290.349.486.835.365.1966.70%18.10%34.10%41.50%24.40%14.30%.321$3,500$4,600$5,400
Jose AltuveHOURHOAKSean ManaeaL347.343.414.545.959.411.20210.00%9.00%44.40%30.70%24.80%14.90%.347$4,800$5,500$5,500
Greg GarciaSTLLAMILJunior GuerraR72.333.467.458.925.418.12517.80%17.80%56.60%18.90%24.50%20.00%.407$2,100$2,500$4,000
Jurickson ProfarTEXBHMINTommy MiloneL124.315.351.435.786.346.1205.30%18.30%57.90%23.20%18.90%13.60%.371$2,600$3,900$4,100
Whit MerrifieldKCRHSEAMike MontgomeryL189.291.313.407.720.310.1163.10%22.60%49.60%27.00%23.40%5.30%.371$2,600$3,600$4,400

Second Base  

Cash plays:  Ian Kinsler is 8-21 with 3 HR’s and only 1 K vs Dickey.  His price on FD is solid, but will look elsewhere on DK and Aces.  If the same situation happens again today,  second base may be a value play again with Greg Garcia leading off for the Cards.  He opens up salary to fit the bigger bats in, and has recorded a run now in four straight games.

 GPP plays:  Murphy got his 2 plus hits last night, making him a fade play today.  Jose Altuve’s price is up there, and will be hard to fit in, but I like Houston today as a sneaky stack.  He also gets to face a lefty today.  I’m also taking Jurickson Profar in a lineup if starting.  He is fairly cheap, and has taken Milone deep before.

Value Plays:  Garcia is the best value at 2B today as a near minimum price leadoff hitter. 

Kris BryantCHIRAPITJon NieseL325.280.379.575.954.404.29511.30%22.90%33.90%44.30%21.70%24.50%.307$4,000$5,200$5,650
Josh DonaldsonTORRHDETAnibal SanchezR332.301.416.5901.006.427.28915.30%16.50%37.10%38.30%24.60%21.80%.318$5,000$5,600$5,500
Kyle SeagerSEALAKCDillon GeeR330.285.365.539.904.377.25410.20%15.30%34.90%45.40%19.70%14.80%.297$3,600$4,900$5,350
Martin PradoMIARHCIN  325.323.366.412.778.331.0896.50%11.10%56.10%22.30%21.60%3.20%.359$2,700$3,400$4,350
Adrian BeltreTEXRHMINTommy MiloneL314.280.334.443.777.333.1636.40%11.30%46.10%34.60%19.30%12.90%.286$3,600$4,000$4,900
Maikel FrancoPHIRACOLTyler ChatwoodR311.264.319.479.798.339.2157.30%18.10%44.30%35.40%20.30%19.50%.275$3,800$5,100$5,450
Danny ValenciaOAKRAHOUDallas KeuchelL251.307.354.502.856.369.1956.30%20.70%46.90%30.70%22.40%20.30%.353$3,000$3,400$4,750

Third Base

Cash Plays:  Out of the big bats a third, I think both  Kris Bryant and Kyle Seagar go deep today.  I like Bryant slightly more who gets the lefty Niese who he is 5-10 lifetime against.  Adrian Beltre is also worth a look due to his BvP going 9-19 with 2 HR’s off of Milone.

GPP plays:   I like a Marlins stack for gpp’s which would include Martin PradoHe went 3-3 yesterday after 2 hits the game before plus should have plenty of opportunities again today.  Danny Valencia also makes for an intriguing gpp play as he is 7-12 with 2 HR’s lifetime vs Kuechel. 


Value Play:  I’m not really seeing a value play at third I really like. Keep an eye on lineups, but don’t feel the need to be fully contrarian and punt third.


Xander BogaertsBOSRHTBJake OdorizziR353.331.392.479.871.377.1488.70%14.60%53.50%30.40%16.10%11.50%.373$3,300$4,600$5,350
Elvis AndrusTEXRHMINTommy MiloneL294.293.348.418.766.328.1258.00%12.30%47.00%27.10%25.90%6.00%.323$2,700$4,200$4,350
Carlos CorreaHOURHOAKSean ManaeaL322.261.356.463.819.359.20211.90%22.40%49.10%26.50%24.30%23.00%.310$3,000$4,800$5,250
Jonathan VillarMILBHSTLMike LeakeR315.295.378.422.800.353.12711.80%26.90%60.50%18.60%20.90%15.00%.407$3,500$5,000$4,950
Javier BaezCHIRAPITJon NieseL213.272.317.455.772.332.1834.00%22.90%48.70%35.70%15.60%16.40%.322$3,500$4,300$4,500
Trea TurnerWSHRANYMSteven MatzL31.0001.0001.3332.333.929.33325.00%0.00%66.70%0.00%33.30%0.00%1.000$2,300$3,100$3,300


Cash Plays:    I’m going to roster Xander Bogaerts over Carlos Correa again today, especially on FD where is price is at a solid point.  He is 7-16 lifetime off of Ordorizzi.  It looks like Trea Turner will get the start and lead off for Washington today.  If looking for a solid salary relief play to pair up with Garcia, Turner would be the play.  He went 3-3 in his first game yesterday.

GPP Plays:  I believe Turner will be a very popular gpp play, but if looking for low owned players, I like both Elvis Andrus and Javier BaezBaez seems to homer almost every time he faces an average lefty starter, while Andrus is 10-27 with a HR lifetime vs Milone. 

Value Play:   Turner is the top value play out there at SS today by a wide margin. 


Matt JoycePITLHCHIJohn LackeyR128.297.423.563.986.423.26617.30%25.60%47.10%30.60%22.40%30.80%.375$2,300$3,300$4,500
Giancarlo StantonMIARHCIN  275.233.327.487.814.352.25411.70%33.20%41.80%37.00%21.20%31.10%.296$3,800$5,000$5,200
Juan LagaresNYMRHWSHGio GonzalezL107.262.301.393.694.306.1315.20%13.90%42.90%31.90%25.30%6.90%.292$2,000$3,400$3,600
George SpringerHOURHOAKSean ManaeaL350.263.361.477.838.365.21411.90%22.00%52.90%28.40%18.70%26.00%.302$3,700$4,900$5,450
Marcell OzunaMIARHCIN  320.306.358.531.889.382.2257.50%20.90%43.00%36.90%20.10%18.90%.349$3,500$4,000$4,600
Ian DesmondTEXRHMINTommy MiloneL348.322.375.523.898.383.2017.30%24.70%51.80%24.50%23.70%25.00%.402$4,100$5,200$5,000
Bryce BrentzBOSRHTBJake OdorizziR36.333.351.472.823.401.1392.70%27.00%59.10%22.70%18.20%20.00%.440$2,300$3,000$3,300
Nick MarkakisATLLACWSJames ShieldsR332.256.332.367.699.309.11110.10%15.10%47.40%30.50%22.10%6.00%.291$2,700$4,100$4,350


Cash Plays:  I think my cash game OF will consist of the Marlin pair Giancarlo Stanton and Marcell Ozuna paired with a cheap OF.  As mentioned earlier, Reed has struggled early on, and the Marlins have the potential to put up some big points today.  The third OF position is currently a tossup between Juan Lagares, Matt Joyce, and Nik Markakis.  All three have solid matchups, as well as good BvP numbers.  If had to choose, I would keep them in the order they are listed. 

GPP Plays:  I feel all the OF listed above are in play for gpp’s, as well as the Ranger’s and Astro’s OF.  Ian Desmond and George Springer are my top plays from each of those teams. 

Value Plays:  Still a small sample size, but Bryce Brentz has played well since joining the Sox, plus is already 2-2 vs Ordorizzi.