We have a full slate of games this Tuesday night including a game in Coors.  The interesting thing though is that Coors may be the third to fourth game to target tonight.  Currently there are four teams with higher run totals than both the Dodgers and Rockies with four to five more teams with similar totals.  Today is a day when I wish I could create 100 plus lineups, but without that option, I’m going to take a chance in gpp’s and look at the Padres who Vegas believes are nowhere close to the teams run totals listed above. I didn’t include any players from the Pirates/Cubs game tonight.  There are some rain concerns, but closer to game time that may change so keep an eye out for value there.   I also like the Twins as a sneaky stack, but couldn’t find any individual player to single out.  More of a bet against Tomlin though.  If had to choose from the top teams to stack tonight, I like the Tigers most with the Rangers in a close second.  Good luck!


Victor MartinezDETBHCWSAnthony RanaudoR459.303.357.497.854.364.1947.60%13.90%38.30%36.30%25.40%16.40%.314$3,600$4,300$5,000
Jonathan LucroyTEXRHSEAJames PaxtonL409.268.358.606.964.368.3389.20%18.60%39.40%36.20%24.40%17.50%.325$3,400$3,500$4,600
Nick HundleyCOLRHLARich HillL245.249.317.424.741.317.1758.80%21.30%47.60%32.10%20.30%13.30%.294$3,000$3,600$4,250
Roberto PerezCLERHMINAndrew AlbersL88.$2,300$3,200$3,150
Gary SanchezNYYRAKCEdinson VolquezR88.398.465.8641.329.561.46610.10%19.20%47.80%32.80%19.40%50.00%.414$4,000$4,900$5,200
Travis d'ArnaudNYMRHMIATom KoehlerR2020.2480.2950.3370.6320.2810.0895.50%17.40%52.40%30.10%17.50%8.00%0.286$2,100$3,100$4,000


Cash Play:  Gary Sanchez didn’t go deep in his last two games.  That’s the longest streak for him in two weeks now.  He has reached base safely in his last 14 games, while recording 10 HR’s over that span.  While his price on DK is probably best for gpp’s, I’m not opposed to spending the few hundred more for Sanchez on FD and Aces.  On DK, I like Jonathan Lucroy’s price.  Although the XBH’s haven’t been there for Lucroy lately, he is on a nice four game hit streak, and has a nice matchup vs the lefty Paxton.  For slightly cheaper than Sanchez, Victor Martinez may be in play on FD.  Vegas expecting Detroit to blow up tonight, and V-Mart bats in the middle of their lineup.

GPP plays:  All three above are in play for gpp’s, and will also add Nick Hundley to the list.  Hill had a nice start last time out, and not jumping on the Rockies in cash tonight.  Hundley though, has been hot lately with homers in two of his last three games to go along with 7 RBI’s during that span. 

Value Plays: Although catcher has some top players in plus matchups, there are also some nice punt options that I can see being on both types of lineups.  Travis d’Arnaud is 7-17 with a HR off Koehler, and Roberto Perez is 5-11 over his last three games, and great salary relief option in an Indian’s stack.    


Freddie FreemanATLLHSDEdwin JacksonR484.289.385.552.937.394.26312.10%24.80%32.20%37.70%30.10%20.90%.353$3,900$4,800$5,150
Albert PujolsLAARHCINTim AdlemanR495.263.323.451.774.333.1888.20%11.70%46.30%35.80%17.90%16.90%.253$3,800$4,100$4,700
Miguel CabreraDETRHCWSAnthony RanaudoR484.310.385.543.928.392.23310.70%17.20%44.90%32.20%22.90%22.60%.333$4,200$5,300$5,300
Mike NapoliCLERHMINAndrew AlbersL458.256.340.493.833.359.23711.10%31.00%37.50%39.90%22.60%24.60%.325$3,600$4,100$4,900
Brandon MossSTLLAMILWily PeraltaR318.264.335.569.904.381.3058.10%30.20%30.70%45.80%23.60%25.80%.312$3,700$4,500$4,850
Wil MyersSDRAATLJulio TeheranR481.262.339.468.807.350.20610.30%23.80%48.30%28.40%23.30%23.20%.309$3,500$4,000$4,800
Xavier ScruggsMIARANYMSeth LugoR26.346.433.538.971.422.19213.30%13.30%52.40%19.00%28.60%25.00%.381$2,000$2,700$0

First Base

Cash Plays:  Freddie Freeman is 7-17 with 2 Hr’s vs Jackson, and has reached base safely in 22 straight games.  Over his last six games, Albert Pujols is 12-25 with 3 HR’s and only 2 K’s.  Adleman gave up 3 HR’s in his last start.  For a slightly higher price tag, there is Miguel CabreraShields held the Tigers down last night, but I don’t think that happens two nights in a row with Ranaudo on the mound.  Out of the three listed though, Cabrera is more suited for gpps. 

GPP Plays: Mike Napoli is still looking his first HR August 11th. Santana may be the more popular option in an Indian’s stack at first, which makes Napoli the better option I feel.   Wil Myers is 2-7 with both hits for HR’s off Teheran.  He was out of the lineup last game, so make sure he is back in tonight.  Brandon Moss faces a righty that many Cardinals have dominated in the past.  Moss has had more K’s than hits since his 2 HR night on the 25th, and should have plenty of opportunity to produce for the Cards tonight.

Value Play:  Is Xavier Scruggs going to be the next Sanchez who goes from minimum price to top priced?  I doubt it, but Scruggs as a bottom priced punt play isn’t the worst idea.  He’s batting .326 through his first 26 games, and he produced 2 hits with a double in each of his last two games. 


Matt CarpenterSTLLAMILWily PeraltaR366.287.401.538.939.400.25115.40%17.90%32.40%41.70%25.90%14.00%.324$4,300$5,000$5,200
Ian KinslerDETRHCWSAnthony RanaudoR519.272.333.462.795.346.1906.70%17.70%31.50%43.30%25.10%13.10%.297$4,100$3,900$5,050
Dustin PedroiaBOSRHTBJake OdorizziR506.320.383.457.840.368.1379.40%11.20%48.90%25.60%25.60%10.60%.346$3,400$4,400$4,750
Devon TravisTORRABALUbaldo JimenezR291.296.329.467.796.344.1714.90%20.20%46.10%32.90%21.10%13.30%.345$3,500$4,200$4,750
Ryan SchimpfSDLAATLJulio TeheranR186.242.367.613.980.407.37114.20%28.30%24.00%60.30%15.70%21.90%.269$3,000$3,800$4,350

Second Base  

Cash plays:   Matt Carpenter has a high price tag, but tough to ignore that he is 17-35 with 2 HR’s and only 3 K’s lifetime vs Peralta.  If looking for cheaper options, Ian Kinsler on DK, and Dustin Pedroia on FD make for nice options.  Kinsler took Renaudo deep in his only AB vs him, and Pedroia is 8-22 with a HR off Odorizzi, and was 11-13 over his last three games before leaving the team for a personal matter.  If back tonight, he is very much in play.  If not, Holt, if leading off, is worth a look again.

GPP plays: I really hope the Jays look to put Devon Travis in the leadoff spot tonight.  Bautista has struggled vs Jimenez while Travis is 4-9 with a HR off him, and at least 2 hits in three of last five games.  Ryan Schimpf may go overlooked, but over his last four games, he is 7-11 with 2 triples, 2 HR’s and 5 runs. 

Value Plays:  Have to wait for lineups to come out to find a low priced value play.  I do like Holt if Pedroia is out, as well as Beckham if in the lineup. 


Adrian BeltreTEXRHSEAJames PaxtonL478.287.344.485.829.355.1987.30%10.90%44.40%35.30%20.40%15.60%.284$3,200$4,700$4,900
Josh DonaldsonTORRABALUbaldo JimenezR479.294.407.582.989.421.28815.00%16.40%39.90%38.90%21.20%22.70%.304$4,400$5,400$5,450
Nolan ArenadoCOLRHLARich HillL499.293.362.577.939.394.28410.10%13.10%35.90%44.60%19.50%18.40%.279$4,300$5,500$5,650
Justin TurnerLARACOLTyler AndersonL450.271.335.502.837.358.2317.40%17.30%34.30%41.40%24.30%16.00%.284$4,000$4,400$5,450
Manny MachadoBALRHTORJ.A. HappL516.306.358.560.918.387.2547.30%16.90%39.90%38.40%21.80%19.70%.323$4,000$5,000$5,250
Yangervis SolarteSDBAATLJulio TeheranR314.271.335.459.794.345.1887.80%13.90%43.10%34.40%22.50%14.40%.283$2,800$2,900$4,400
Jefry MarteLAARHCINTim AdlemanR185.254.295.481.776.332.2274.50%22.00%43.10%38.90%18.10%19.60%.271$2,600$3,300$3,600
Casey McGeheeDETRHCWSAnthony RanaudoR82.$2,100$2,600$3,700

Third Base

Cash Plays:  Josh Donaldson and Nolan Arenado are your two top options and the top price point at third.  Bryant is there as well, but like the top two much more.  Since you can only choose one, I would lean towards Donaldson in cash, and Nolan in gpp’s.  Nolan is batting 8-16 over his last five games, and gets a lefty at home while Donaldson’s HR last night now gives him 6 over his last five games.  He is only 5-23 with a HR off Jimenez, but he is in a zone that is tough to ignore.  For the discount, I really don’t mind Adrian Beltre tonight.  He is 4-7 lifetime off Paxton, has an XBH in four of his last six games, and recorded a run in five straight.

GPP plays: I can make a case for Justin Turner in cash games, but think he makes a better gpp option.  He’s been cold lately, and was given the day off last night.  Hoping he breaks out of funk vs Anderson who he is 2-3 with a HR against.  Manny Machado may be the forgotten player at third tonight.  He’s taken Happ deep in the past, and before his O’fer last night, he was 7 for his last 14. 

Value Play:  While there are some top priced great plays at third, there are also a few solid value plays.  Yangervis Solarte is 5-9 with a HR off Teheran and great in a Padres stack.  Same goes for both Jefry Marte and Casey McGehee in stacks for their teams.  Marte has homered in two straight games, and McGehee is more of a salary relief play in a Tiger’s stack bet against Ranaudo.


Didi GregoriusNYYLAKCEdinson VolquezR455.288.317.468.785.338.1803.10%14.10%43.90%33.20%22.90%13.30%.306$3,200$3,800$4,650
Francisco LindorCLEBHMINAndrew AlbersL505.311.355.448.803.347.1376.80%13.20%52.20%24.50%23.30%13.10%.334$3,400$4,200$5,250
Xander BogaertsBOSRHTBJake OdorizziR532.306.362.447.809.354.1417.40%16.10%49.10%33.10%17.80%11.20%.346$3,600$4,200$5,000
Jose IglesiasDETRHCWSAnthony RanaudoR370.246.298.324.622.276.0785.90%8.90%55.10%26.80%18.10%4.50%.262$2,200$2,300$3,900
Asdrubal CabreraNYMBHMIATom KoehlerR407.270.320.445.765.330.1755.50%19.80%42.30%35.10%22.60%14.30%.307$2,700$3,500$4,400


Cash Plays: Shortstop is a tough one to figure out tonight.  There are a few players not listed like Turner and Tulo that I can see having nice games, but will be looking at Didi Gregorius tonight. Didi is 4-9 with 2 HR’s off Volquez, is on a ten game hit streak, and has been batting in the middle of the lineup.  If looking to save salary at ss tonight, Asdrubel Cabrera was swinging a hot bat before a light injury put him in pinch hitter only role last game.  He’s 3-7 with a HR off Koehler, and has at least 2 hits in four of the last five games he fully played.    

GPP Plays: Both Francisco Lindor and Xander Bogaerts are in play tonight.  Xander went 0-5 last night, but is 7-20 off Ordirizzi, and think he will go low owned.  Lindor is in a nice spot vs a lefty as part of an Indians stack.  Simmons also works in an Angel’s stack, as well as Anderson if targeting White Sox. 

Value Play:   If Maybin is out tonight, we may get lucky with Jose Iglesias in the leadoff role over the 9 spot tonight.  If so, he may be close to a must play salary relief punt tonight due to his price and matchup.  If not, makes for a great gpp batting 9th in a Tiger’s stack.


Matt KempATLRHSDEdwin JacksonR507.262.285.489.774.324.2275.00%23.20%41.80%37.40%20.80%18.30%.288$3,300$4,100$4,800
Jayson WerthWSHRAPHIJerad EickhoffR427.251.344.445.789.344.19412.30%23.30%42.40%37.50%20.10%16.40%.295$3,800$3,700$5,100
Steve PearceBALRHTORJ.A. HappL239.309.388.520.908.383.21110.70%17.70%44.80%37.00%18.20%16.90%.333$3,300$3,700$4,500
Yoenis CespedesNYMRHMIATom KoehlerR368.299.370.579.949.400.2809.60%21.60%39.20%34.20%26.60%28.40%.325$3,900$4,400$5,100
J.D. MartinezDETRHCWSAnthony RanaudoR349.315.378.562.940.400.2478.70%23.90%41.80%34.00%24.20%20.70%.382$3,900$4,700$5,100
Michael SaundersTORLABALUbaldo JimenezR418.266.349.500.849.365.23410.50%27.50%41.80%32.30%26.00%22.80%.335$3,300$4,400$4,700
Lorenzo CainKCRHNYYMasahiro TanakaR390.287.335.408.743.323.1216.60%19.30%49.30%27.30%23.40%10.80%.340$3,000$3,700$4,500
Ian DesmondTEXRHSEAJames PaxtonL522.291.337.469.806.348.1786.00%24.30%53.80%24.00%22.20%23.10%.357$3,900$4,400$5,150


Cash Plays:  Outfield is stacked tonight, and didn’t list anywhere near the number of great options available in all formats tonight.  Due to this, outfield for cash and gpp lineups can be more of a personal preference and what you have in salary to spend tonight.  I do like Matt Kemp, who is 6-19 with 2 HR’s vs Jackson, and facing his most recent old team tonight.  Jayson Werth is 2-3 with a HR off Eickhoff, and has homered in three of his last four games.  At the same price, I like him over Harper and Turner.  Steve Pearce’s position eligibility differs on multiple sites, but has a nice price across the board for being 9-25 with 4 HR’s and 11 RBI’s vs Happ, and coming off a homer in his last game.  Also in that game, Michael Saunders is 7-16 with 3 HR’s off Jimenez, but has been in and out of their lineup.

GPP Plays:  J.D. Martinez is one of my favorite plays tonight batting in the middle of what should be a 10 plus run night for the Tigers.  He’s gone 10 days without a homer, so maybe a double dong night makes up for it.  Ian Desmond was robbed of hitting his only second homer of August last night.  I think he adds an extra foot of distance against Paxton for a homer tonight. Yoenis Cespedes is 6-14 off Koehler, and has homered in two straight games.   

Value Plays: With this being the homestretch for the season, multiple OF value plays should pop up when lineups come out.  Best to keep your eye out to see who may be worth the punt.  This was the case with Dyson, Hicks, and others last night, and expecting similar value to pop up again.