Quarterback play often holds back fantasy options in this division. And that may very well be the case in 2018.

Case Keenum is clearly an upgrade to Trevor Siemian , but how much of an upgrade is of debate.

Patrick Mahomes has a big arm, but so far in camp most the buzz surrounds his tendency to throw interceptions. At an alarming rate.

Philip Rivers has always been the side-arm kind of thrower, but is he running out of gas in that tank?

And Derek Carr is always supposed to “break out,” but below you’ll read about how it never really happens. And he’s been in the league for four years…

The good news is that almost all of the players in the AFC West are already at a fantasy discount, with the risk factor built into their modest ADPs. But before you go discount shopping, make sure you know the facts.


On September 9, 1960, the Denver Broncos played in the first ever American Football League regular season game. They played the Boston Patriots....