Advanced metrics and analytics. Sounds too complicated. It conjures up images of Billy Bean slaving over excel sheets during the “Money Ball” days or Ernie Adams chained to a desk in a dungeon below Gillette Stadium, only being fed a Ballpark Frank when he discovers a new formation that’s just barely within the rules. This pleases the Belichick.

(Ravens should have known Shane Vereen was playing “split ineligible second offensive tackle” here)

Yes, the title “advanced metrics” makes it seem like some sort of wizardry that is beyond our comprehension but the reality is that most of these stats are quite the opposite. A lot of times they take opinions that we feel subjectively e.g. “Derrick Henry is good at breaking tackles” and  boil it down to an objective, scientific statistic that can be calculated and measured e.g. “Josh Jacobs ’s elusive rating of 103.6 was far better than Kalen Ballage ’s Elusive Rating of 12.1 (fart sound)”.

So here what we are going to do is...