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As I settle in for the first real snowstorm in Chicago this year, I cannot wait for Sunday’s Championship games, mostly because I’m so excited for my SuperDraft lineup. Our suggested lineups have been pretty close the last couple of weeks, so with that in mind, I’m going back to a cash lineup, hoping that will get me over the hump.


Patrick Mahomes X1

Even if the other quarterbacks all had 2X multipliers, I’m not sure I would take any of them ahead of Mahomes for cash. Even in a GPP, I think I’d probably look for differentials elsewhere.

Jimmy Garoppolo X1.45

He might be my second choice even if all the multipliers were the same. He’s probably not going to go crazy, but I think the 49ers will score the second-most points on Sunday, and if he throws a couple of touchdowns, he could easily outscore at least Rodgers and Tannehill.

Running Backs

Derrick Henry X1

I keep expecting Henry to turn into a pumpkin in these playoffs, but it hasn’t happened yet. Even if he finally does get bottled up, we know he is going to get every opportunity to bust a big run, at least while the game is relatively close. That gives him a higher floor than someone like Aaron Jones , who could easily take a back seat if Green Bay decides to put the ball in Aaron Rodgers ' hands.

Damien Williams X1.35

Williams has been Kansas City’s workhorse in his three games since returning from injury. He didn’t have a ton of yards last week, but found the end zone three times. Three TDs are unlikely, but I would probably take the over on 100 yards from scrimmage.

Raheem Mostert X1.6

Mostert took a back seat to Tevin Coleman last week, and while it’s certainly possible that happens again, I don’t think it’s particularly likely. Mostert was by far the better runner down the stretch, and if that is the case on Sunday, he will likely get plenty of work. Even so, he and Coleman are both solid plays, though they make me a bit nervous for cash games. 

Wide Receivers

Tyreek Hill X1

Even with no multiplier, Tyreek Hill probably has the highest ceiling of any receiver going Sunday. I doubt Tennessee will double-team Hill for the entire game like Houston did, and if they don’t, Hill will probably have a good day.

Davante Adams X1.05

Adams caught seven of 12 targets for 43 yards and a touchdown when these two teams played in Week 12, and given the other wide receiver options on this slate, I would gladly take those numbers again. He’s pretty much a lock for double-digit targets, which is why he makes my cash lineup even though I hate the matchup.

Deebo Samuel X1.55 and Emmanuel Sanders X1.6

I think I’d play Sanders in a GPP because I suspect his ownership will be much lower than Samuel’s and I think they are roughly the same for fantasy. That being said, Samuel has been better the last six weeks or so, and with their multipliers being so close, I’m inclined to play Samuel for cash games. 

Tight Ends

George Kittle X1.15

This seems silly after Travis Kelce ’s performance last week, but I don’t want to lose sight of the fact Kelce and Kittle averaged the exact same fppg this season, and Kittle was widely considered the best tight end in the NFL coming into the week. This call could look silly if San Francisco runs the ball 40 times again, but when the decision is this close, I like the multiplier be my tiebreaker.

Jimmy Graham X1.7

You could probably talk me into Jonnu Smith , but Graham has a higher multiplier and he made some important catches against Seattle, including the controversial one that sealed the win. This is mostly just an upside play due to the multiplier and the unpredictable nature of the tight end position.

Steve’s Championship Week Cash Lineup:

Patrick Mahomes

Derrick Henry

Damien Williams

Tyreek Hill

Deebo Samuel

Davante Adams

George Kittle

Get 6 Months FREE of the Playbook PRO from SuperDraft | Great deals at SuperDraft using Promo Code Alarm