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Week 5 NFL DFS is about to begin, so it's time to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and put last week out of your minds. Based on a number of conversations I've had with some #FAmily members over the past 36 hours, it's going to be a difficult task, but please let me remind you that NO ONE wins every week. NO ONE. So if you had a bad week of cash games, it's ok. It happens. The most important thing to remember is that you DO NOT CHANGE THE PROCESS. Some weeks, you just miss. I missed on Josh Jacobs. What can you do? I missed on using Mark Andrews for cash on FanDuel. It happens. But you don't sit here and freak out and start changing everything up. If you do, you're going to end up spending the rest of your week wasting valuable DFS roster spots on Mike Boone, Tyler Allgeier and Corey Davis. Or worse, you spend the entire rest of your season chasing the Lions and Seahawks after that game we saw last week. Which, by the way, we had everywhere in the NFL DFS Playbook and DFS Example Lineups.  

I get it. Losing can be frustrating. But it's going to happen. Not every week, but every so often. This is why I repeatedly tell you to NOT use the Example Lineups as your own. They are a sounding board to give you an alternative perspective to what you are already looking to play. I do these example to help teach, not for you to be lazy and steal as your own so you have someone to blame besides yourself. If you saw that Jacobs was highly-owned and thought he would be good for a cash game, why didn't you play him yourself? If you thought Andrews was a bad call for cash game, then why didn't YOU pivot and use T.J. Hockenson? We give you all of this content and all of these DFS tools so that you can think for yourself. THAT'S how you become a better DFS player. 

You take all the information we provide, including a MUCH more narrow player pool from which to choose in the Playbook. We teach you about using players with a high floor for cash. We teach you about the upside plays and dart-throws for GPP. We give you everything you need to succeed. Maybe my cash lineups don't cash, but that isn't the reason yours aren't either unless, of course, you're using the examples as your own lineups. If you are, stop. Don't be lazy. Put the work in. Put in the effort. You'll do a whole lot more winning that way.

OK, lecture is over. Let's get down to business.



As we did last week, I'd like to start the NFL DFS Week 4 Watch List with a welcome to all of the new members of the Fantasy Alarm #FAmily. Our family continues to grow and I cannot express how thankful we are to have you join us.. Now it's up to us to help you cash consistently on your NFL DFS action and we are psyched to make that happen. Since you are new to the Watch List, allow me to share some thoughts real quick:

“If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

We take this adage to heart when it comes to playing NFL DFS. The Fantasy Alarm Playbook isn’t just about handing you a list of players and a lineup to use each week. It is designed to help you learn to be a better DFS player. It’s about teaching you the process used in selecting which players to scout and, eventually, which ones to use.

Therefore, we will begin each week with the Weekly NFL DFS Watch List which is designed to keep tabs on marquee names, chalk plays and, of course, the weekly bargains who may not see the same coverage and exposure. This piece will be continuously updated throughout the week, based on the most recent news and injuries, which means you may see a name or two removed as we get closer to Sunday kick-off. You may also see a few late-week additions who pique our interest for some reason too, and by the end of the week, this Watch List will eventually become your Playbook. Again, it’s about teaching you the process.

So what exactly did last week's Playbook deliver? As always, we like to check in to ensure we remain on the right path.

Scoring The Playbook Week 4

It was a better week on DraftKings than it was on FanDuel. Rather than cherry pick some highlights for you, I will give you the chart we create each week showing the overall value we had at each position.

And here are the top lineups you could have created on your own using ONLY the players from the Playbook and Dart Board:

All set? Are you ready to start diving into an early look at Week 5 NFL DFS? Let's do it!

Be sure to check out the rest of the NFL DFS Coaches throughout the week!

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