UPDATED: Friday, Sept. 22 at 11:15am ET

If you aren't salivating over playing NFL Week 3 DFS right now, you better see a doctor and have those glands checked. We had an outstanding first week of the season and then double-downed with an equally tasty second week. What I love most about Week 3 is we finally have some decent in-season data to look at and find where some of the patterns are developing. We have a better idea about individual NFL team target-shares, which run defense or pass defenses are soft and what type of offensive schemes appear to be shining against what defensive schemes we are seeing. Considering the NFL season is just 17 weeks long, two week's worth of data is HUGE! 

The key here is to not change our process. We use the data to enhance our research, not to take it and completely shift gears. We want to continue playing enough cash games (50/50s) to cover our entrance fees into whatever GPP contests we choose and we continue to build high-floor, zero-fat lineups to play. Nothing changes. Trust in the process and the green comes to you!



Now, I've seen a lot of new screen names in Discord and I see a ton of ne sign-ups for the All-Pro package, so before we fully dive in to the NFL DFS Week 3 Watch List, please allow me to welcome all of the new members of the Fantasy Alarm #FAmily. There are a lot of you and we thank you for joining. Now it's up to us to help you cash consistently on your NFL DFS action and we are psyched to make that happen. Since you are new to the Watch List, allow me to share some thoughts real quick:

“If you give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for a lifetime.”

We take this adage to heart when it comes to playing NFL DFS. The Fantasy Alarm Playbook isn’t just about handing you a list of players and a lineup to use each week. It is designed to help you learn to be a better DFS player. It’s about teaching you the process used in selecting which players to scout and, eventually, which ones to use.

Therefore, we will begin each week with the Weekly NFL DFS Watch List which is designed to keep tabs on marquee names, chalk plays and, of course, the weekly bargains who may not see the same coverage and exposure. This piece will be continuously updated throughout the week, based on the most recent news and injuries, which means you may see a name or two removed as we get closer to Sunday kick-off. You may also see a few late-week additions who pique our interest for some reason too, and by the end of the week, this Watch List will eventually become your Playbook. Again, it’s about teaching you the process.

So what exactly did last week's Playbook deliver? As always, we like to check in to ensure we remain on the right path.

Scoring The Playbook Week 2

Now, before I reveal the Optimal Lineup and show you just how amazing things could have been with the right lineup, I will say that my Example Lineups I offered did really well on FanDuel, but not so much on DraftKings. That's simply an adjustment on my part to ensure that all of my lineups are cashing on both sites. My FanDuel contests paid for my losses on DraftKings, but not everyone plays on multiple sites, so just something I will fix/adjust on my end. Now, as for the optimal lineup…

The irony of being the original TE Whisperer and not seeing my DFS tight end plays pop the way they should won't be lost. However, let's be honest…the position is trash and just because Travis Kelce and Mark Andrews returned, the position is still struggling. We'll keep an eye on that, but the QB/RB/WR calls were pretty tight.

Let's see if we can't take all of this momentum and hit it big in Week 3!


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