We had our seventh Fantasy Alarm Best Ball draft on RealTime Fantasy Sports last night, so let’s take a look at what went down. This was a normal PPR snake draft. I will breakdown what caught my eye and how I feel about a few teams. The draft board can be found below.

General Thoughts

If you caught Howard’s hilarious tweet from last night, you already know I love this team. I was two picks away from landing Kyler Murray in the seventh round and that would have made this a perfect/dream draft for me out of the sixth spot, but I love it regardless. Who doesn’t love Michael Thomas ? I have taken Drake as early as 8th overall pick, so getting him at 15 is a great feeling. Then somehow Leonard Fournette made it to me in the third round and at that point we were in cruise control. I added to it with Allen Robinson in the fourth, who is another one of my favorite players. I even got Hayden Hurst . After landing Carson Wentz in the 10th, I felt great about my roster, so I decided to grab my handcuffs to sure up my roster (Zack Moss followed by Chase Edmonds ). This is easily my favorite team that I have managed to draft thus far.

For once, I take how the crown of being my favorite team in the draft. Usually I can point to a few other teams that I like, but I actually like most of these builds outside of Ryan’s team. He had something come up and it caused him to be late to the draft and it really hurt him. He was on auto-draft for the first six picks and it selected ZERO running backs. If you know me, you know I love grabbing running backs early. Does he have good wide receivers and an elite QB? Yes. But I don’t see how he will compete with those running backs. He tried to make the best out of it, quickly selecting six straight backs, but he is going to need a few injuries for that group to really be productive.

Moving over from favorite and least favorite teams, we can take a look at individual picks; which ones I love and which ones I don’t. As stated already, I love my pick of Drake at 15 and Fournette at 26. I rank Drake in the top-10 and Fournette in the top-20, so both of these picks feel great. Ryan’s auto-pick of Jackson in the fourth is really good value. Kenneth grabbing D.J. Chark in the sixth round is also a really good pick in my opinion. Now for some picks that I didn’t care for. Kenneth did a good job on landing Chark where he did but taking Dak Prescott with the very next pick after Jackson is not something I could ever do. I prefer Murray over Prescott and Murray went 32 picks later. And, of course, we have the glaring Bills defense pick in the 10th round, which is a bit (a big bit) of a reach.

Key Notes

*The SuperFlex draft will not be included in these notes, as it uses a different roster.

  • Through our first five drafts, 78-percent of the teams had selected at least two defenses, which is very interesting because this is now the second straight draft that every team took two defenses. Not sure what has caused the jump, but I agree with drafting two.
  • Through our first five drafts, 48-percent of the teams had selected at least two kickers. That number took a dip in this draft with just three teams drafting one kicker. A strategy that I agree with.
  • Through our first five drafts, 34-percent of the teams had selected at least three quarterbacks. That number took a big leap in this draft with six teams taking three QBs. I was one of them, I waited and took Wentz who has had injury issues, so I figured I would shore-up the position.
  • Through our first five drafts, 26-percent of the teams had also chosen to select at least three tight ends. Three teams did so in this draft, so a similar rate. Surprising that the three who did it, all drafted a top-five tight end.

I love this team and it feels good to actually be happy with a draft, something that hasn’t happened frequently enough with these. We have more of these planned, so if you want to get in on the action, follow me on Twitter @JustinVreeland and send a DM my way. I look forward to seeing more of you!