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NFL Week 3 DFS is one of my favorites every year and the 2023 NFL season is no exception. There is so much to love about it because I wholeheartedly believe that we, members of Fantasy Alarm, have a big advantage over the masses. Yes, a two-game sample-size is small, but we have already begun to see certain patterns develop from game to game and, with the knowledge we have from the Coaching Systems section of the Draft Guide, coupled with information dissected in pieces like the Target Report, Snap Count Preview and Red Zone Report, we know which data to believe in and which data is still waiting to be corrected. You have a working knowledge of the game of football. The masses do not. They couldn't tell you which quarterbacks thrive against zone coverage or which running backs struggle behind hybrid blocking schemes. You can. And if you can't you've obviously put your trust in us, the people who do. The masses are content putting their trust into algorithms that create DFS projections and DFS lineup generators and lineup optimizers. We take in and utilize so much more information that we can easily identify good chalk versus bad chalk and build winning DFS lineups on our own. You should definitely dive into all of our NFL DFS tools for guidance and assistance, buy we add in the intangibles most algorithms can't calculate. Maybe that's why my friend Bob Boris won $500K on FanDuel during a Week 3 DFS contest and another buddy we playfully refer to as Millionaire Mike won his million dollars in Week 3 as well.

But I don't need to sit here and puff out our chests regarding all the content and tools we have or name-drop past winners. Just jump into the Fantasy Alarm Discord and check out the Winners' Circle or any NFL DFS chat and see for yourself. My focus is on getting you the plays you need to win this week. It's going to be a lot more than just the Minnesota Vikings/Los Angeles Chargers game which is where all the optimizers will throw you. Yes, we need to have investments in that game, but finding ways to win with top plays from other games is how you make it happen. Now for those of you who are longtime #FAmily members, you can probably skip ahead and get to the NFL DFS Playbook plays for Week 3. But if you're new and maybe working off the 7-day free trial, keep going and learn about our NFL DFS team and what content and tools you need to check out.



Let's start with our NFL tools. We continue to crunch the numbers and tweak our algorithms so that our daily fantasy football projections are the best in the industry and that, in turn, has improved things like our Lineup Generator/DFS Optimizer, our DFS Compare tool and even our NFL DFS Ownership Projections. Again, all right here on one site for your convenience.

If you are new to the #FAmily, welcome! All the aforementioned tools are, obviously, at your disposal as well, but please allow me to point you towards more of the content and tools we provide to help you crush your DFS contests each week. It also makes for a nice introduction to our DFS team.

QB Coach – Jon Impemba (@jimpemba777)

RB Coach -- Justin Vreeland (@JustinVreeland)

WR Coach -- Colby Conway (@colbyrconway)

TE Coach -- Andrew Cooper (@CoopAFiasco)

D/ST Coach -- Dan Malin (@RealDANlanta)

In addition to the positional coaching pieces, you also have things like the DFS Watch List, where I provide you with a list of players I am looking at throughout the week. We have the NFL DFS Podcast with me and Jon Impemba and for the visual learners you can check out our DFS breakdown on YouTube as well!  Impemba also does the Value Plays & Contrarian Corner videos so be sure to check that out as well and don't miss out on the NFL Weekly Match-Up Report from Jon as well.

If you haven't starting bookmarking everything, do yourself a favor and do it now. Yes, that's a lot of content and sure, it can be overwhelming, but these pieces come out throughout the week, so if you're seeing all of this for the first time, just know that it all starts trickling out on Tuesday so you can attack the info steadily rather than get slammed all at once. I would suggest that you go through the NFL DFS Menu and start bookmarking a lot of these pieces for ease of use in the future.

Once you've got all of that under your belt, it's time to look at the Playbook. It usually arrives in the early afternoon on Saturdays which gives you ample time to read through everything, make your notes and begin working on your lineups. On Sunday morning, we will provide you with Example Lineups for both cash games and GPP tournaments on DraftKings and FanDuel, so you have something to compare your own to before finalizing.

Pretty sure that sums up the basics, and as you should know, if you have any questions, we are all available via the Fantasy Alarm Discord Chat, social media and even email, so please do not ever hesitate to ask for help. That's what we are here for.

And don't worry -- these introductions will be a whole lot shorter moving forward. I just wanted to welcome you all personally as we plan to have a ton of fun this season and keep you all in the green!

If you are ready, let's now dive into the Week 3 NFL DFS Playbook!

Check Out The NFL DFS Show While Building Your DFS Lineups!


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