Welcome to the weekly wide receiver/cornerback breakdown! We will review each of the outside matchups, as well as my 10 favorite matchups in the slot. Then, below the charts in this article, I break down my four absolute favorite matchups.This article is critical for seasonal and daily players, as this will help you gain a competitive advantage when setting your lineups. We have entered bye week season, so you might have to dig a little deeper on that roster to find viable options

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Left WRRight CBAnalysis
The yardage numbers weren't there, but Kirk led the team with ten catches on the day. The 59 yards is quite modest given the reception total, but in PPR leagues you will take it all day. That is two straight weeks of fairly quality production against solid defenses, and Kirk is getting to that solid WR2 level. He will have another tough task against Flowers and the Seahawks, but at home, indoors, he is worth a play in redraft leagues again.
With the way he is playing this season, it almost doesn't matter who the corner is. Butler is one of the best, but right now it might not matter. Jones is a threat to have ten catches, 150 yards and a touchdown on any given week, and while his stats might not be that lofty this week, he is a absolute stud in any fantasy football contest.
Last week's game turned out to be one where Josh Allen threw short a lot, and Cole Beasley was the most productive receiver on the team in terms of catches, but Brown still had four catches for 51 yards. He is going to find it to be really tough this week against Gilmore and the Patriots in a game that isn't going to feature a lot of scoring. In PPR leagues you can still roll Brown out there, but just know you might not even get ten points this week.
Ramsey has not followed through with his trade request and he continues to play, however, he just left the team for the birth of his child and said he would return "when he's ready". Will that be in time for Sunday? No one knows, but if he doesn't that still leaves A.J. Bouye to lock down Sutton. The Broncos future stud receiver has gotten off to a great start, and has earned every week starter status in redraft leagues. However, you have to hold your breath with this one because it might not be a great game.
Thomas certainly didn't have his best game, which of course you should not expect since he lost his starting quarterback, but he did have a touchdown so his fantasy owners aren't too upset over his 54 yard game. This might be the norm for Thomas while Brees is out, although I think he will be consistently in the 75-80 yard range in most games. His salary will have to come down more to consider him in DFS games, and of course in season long leagues you just simply have to play him.
Williams did have a touchdown last week, but other than that he was mostly quieted by a tough Vikings defense despite the fact the Raiders were behind most of the game. Williams has been inconsistent throughout his career, so we might have anointed him an every week starter a little too quickly. This game will go a long way in showing what a factor he will or will not be against a solid Indy defense. If Williams has a strong game I will feel much better about him going forward.
After missing last week's game, Jeffery is set to suit up Thursday night. After missing a game with an injury and drawing one of the stingiest defenses in the league through three weeks, Jeffery will have a hard time being productive. I know it will be tempting to put him back in your lineups, but remember how every Thursday night game plays out.....ugly....and find someone else to put in your lineups
Lockett had his best game of the short season, and made it two straight very good games as he looks to establish himself as the top receiver in Seattle. He had 11 catches for 154 yards and a touchdown. He should be in line for another great one against an Arizona defense that not only has been getting killed by tight ends, but they aren't doing so hot against receivers either. Lockett is a must play in redraft leagues, and a great GPP option in DFS games for Week 4.
It was another in a long line of disappointing games for Davis as he had just three catches for 44 yards against the Jaguars last Thursday. He actually has a chance of having a good week against an Atlanta secondary that has been getting beat down field and beat up. I don't have the confidence to use Davis in any format, but if you are really a betting person, and like his talent, this would be the week to do it.
It didn't seem like last week against the Bears was going to be one that McLaurin was going to be able to continue his hot start. It might have been in the middle of the third quarter when the game was already out of hand, but garbage time production counts the same as any other time. McLaurin should make it four great games in a row against the Giants and he is a solid pick in all DFS formats and of course season long leagues. He should go over 100 yards and score.
Right WRLeft CBAnalysis
It looked like everything was set up for Ridley to absolutely kill it in Week 3, and he was a total bust. Now he gets a tough matchup against the Titans who have been one of the better pass defenses to this point. Ridley is so good that he can produce even with a good corner against him. However, you shouldn't bet your DFS dollars that he will torch Vaccaro, but in redraft leagues it will be impossible to put him on your bench.
The Ravens pass game sometimes isn't good enough to support Marquise Brown and Mark Andrews it certainly isn't good enough to support a third receiver. Roberts is so far from fantasy relevance. Roberts is in California while Fantasy Relevance is in New York City.
The former seventh-round pick surprisingly had ten targets on Sunday which he turned into six catches for 88 yards. He totally isn't fast, but the kid is a pretty big target, and getting the ball thrown to you ten times is a good number. He is not fantasy relevant yet, but he is someone that definitely should be watched this weekend. If he is a big part of the game plan again, he could be worth a look on the waiver wire.
Ratley had five targets last week, but there just aren't enough to go around right now to support a third receiver on this team. Heck, even Jarvis Landry is performing under expectations. Even with Humphrey batting an injury, Ratley isn't someone to look to if you want to be successful.
This might sound like a broken record since I've said the same thing about several receivers on this side, but the Broncos offense isn't good enough to even consider another receiver. Hamilton wasn't even targeted last week, never mind having a catch. It could be a repeat of that this week against Jacksonville.
I gushed here about Golladay last week and he stabbed me right in the heart. He had eight targets, but only corralled two of them for 17 yards. There is no way I can see him being shut down again. Maybe that's the jilted lover in me. I might not risk my DFS dollars on him again, as the Chiefs did play a good defensive game last week, but my confidence level is pretty high for Week 4.
Valdes-Scantling is getting on an annoying pattern of a good game followed by a bad one. Last week he was very good and found some open spots against the Broncos, and this week he faces a subpar Eagles secondary. All signs point to this being a good game, and a close one where the Packers should look to throw a good deal. He is a good target for the Thursday DFS games and of course in seasonal leagues.
Conley did sprain his ankle in last week's game, which clearly effected his production, but either way it wasn't going to be a good one for him. He will face Denver this week, who hasn't been giving up many passing touchdowns, so it might be another good week to sit Conley. He could have four or five receptions for 50-60 yards, but it doesn't look like this will be a big one for him.
After a great start to the season things have slowed down a bit for Woods as he has been the odd man out in the Rams trio of wide receiver lately. A game against Tampa should go a long way to getting him back on track as the Bucs aren't exactly what you would call a tough defense. Woods hasn't done his fantasy owners any favors lately, but he should get back in your good graces on Sunday.
Benjamin is just not a factor in this offense. Could he possibly score this week just because they are going against one of the worst defenses in the league? Yes, that is possible, but it isn't probable and you should look another way.
If the Dolphins could stop playing good defenses and actually play a team that they could score on, Williams might not be an awful option. However, for the fourth straight week they are playing a solid team, and Williams is unlikely to contribute much to the fantasy categories.
Perriman isn't a consideration at any time, in any circumstance, in any dimension of fantasy football. Trusting Perriman in fantasy this week against the Rams would be like sending a vegan to the butcher to find the right cut of a steak. Just don't do it.

Now, here are my 10 favorite matchups in the slot in Week 4.

Slot WRSlot CBAnalysis
Kupp is one of the top three or four slot receivers when he is healthy. He is leading the team in targets, and has back-to-back 100-yard games. The Bucs are actually playing better defense than anticipated, but this still should be an easy Rams win. Kupp's salary still hasn't risen too much in DFS games and he still is a great play in all formats this week
This one almost doesn't seem fair. The Dolphins have been unable to stop anyone, and Allen already has over 400 yards and three touchdowns on the season. He is the third most expensive receiver on both DraftKings and FanDuel and actually could be worth the price. Obviously, in redraft leagues there is never a reason to sit him.
The Vikings still aren't passing the ball a lot, and Thielen has taken a slight hit in value because of it. However, they are still focusing on getting him the ball, as evidenced by his touchdown run last week. While Stefon Diggs has almost disappeared, Thielen is still a worthy fantasy asset. His DFS price tag has moved down to the point where he isn't a bad value.
He is nursing a painful rib injury, but Edelman is a warrior and should be out there on Sunday. With the Bills having strong outside corners, this could be a great slot game for Edelman. Of course, there is a risk of re-injury, so you might want to fade him in DFS this week, but in seasonal leagues you gotta roll him out there on a game he could have nine catches.
Tramon Williams GB
You would have thought that last week against the awful Giants defense that Godwin would rack up the catches, but he had just four targets and three catches. This one should be much better for Godwin, and while you maybe should cool it with him in DFS games, he is an absolute must start in seasonal leagues.
Boyd is just as consistent as they come and despite the fact that the Bengals passing game has become worse by the week. He is the only option that can truly be counted on a weekly basis, and is always a redraft play. He is a risky DFS play from time to time because he doesn't usually have huge yardage games, and if the touchdown isn't there, sometimes the reception numbers aren't big enough to warrant his salary.
Sanders was shut down for the first time this season in Week 3, and the assignment won't get easier this week against Jacksonvile. However, a lot of times when the outside corners are very strong, things open up for the slot receiver. Unless he is a true bargain, you should shy away from Sanders in DFS leagues this week, but despite last week's disappearing act he is a start in redraft leagues. 


Keenan Allen vs. Chris Lammons

It kind of seems like chalk to take the best receiver that is playing the Dolphins on a weekly basis, but hey it is working so if it isn’t broken don’t fix it! Miami can put anyone they want on Allen in the slot and  it isn’t going to make a bit of difference. He has 42 targets over three weeks that he has turned into over 400 yards receiving and three touchdowns. The Dolphins defense is an absolute sieve, and Allen will exploit it all afternoon. If he had ten catches for 150 yards and two touchdowns I don’t think anyone would be surprised. 


Tyler Lockett vs. Tramaine Brock

Lockett has really come into his own the last two weeks as the Seahawks featured receiver, and getting to play against a weak Arizona secondary should only keep that momentum going. That Week 1 game where Lockett only had one catch seems like a distant memory now as he has 26 targets and 233 yards in the last two games. The Cardinals gave up a touchdown to basically every Panthers receiver last week, and Marquise Brown in Baltimore torched them the week before. Lockett should be targeted at least ten times again and he can ring in seven catches for 95 yards and a touchdown. 

Terry McLaurin vs. Janoris Jenkins

I know what you are thinking, Janoris Jenkins is one of the elite corners in this league. And that is true. However, the Giants defense is so bad, that even Jackrabbit can’t be successful. If you don’t believe me look back to last Sunday to see how Mike Evans did. McLaurin might have done it in garbage time, but he had a quality game against a much tougher Bears defense. He has at least five catches and 60 yards in each game this season, and he has scored a touchdown in each one. My 11 year old daughter could probably catch a touchdown against the Giants right now, so this seems like an easy one. 

Bargain Bin

Corey Davis vs. Desmond Trufant

This one is tough for me to do. I could not be less of a fan of Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota , so while Davis is very talented, if the guy delivering the ball can’t do a good job, his production suffers. However, the Falcons secondary has dealt with injuries, and they weren’t a strong unit to begin with. Nelson Agholor and T.Y. Hilton have had their way with Atlanta the last two weeks. The Titans will need to throw the ball in this one to keep up with the high flying Falcons offense, and even Mariota should be able to complete some passes to Davis in this one. It isn’t likely that he has a whopping 150 yards in this game, but he should far exceed his salary in DFS games and is a solid option if you are looking for someone cheap so you can spend up at other positions. 

*Information gathered from research done at Pro Football Focus.