The question for Seahawks fans is easy - do you believe in Geno Smith? If you do, they have virtually all the weapons you need to compete. Their wide receiver room of DK Metcalf, Tyler Lockett, and Jaxon Smith-Njigba is loaded. 

They have not one but two capable backs in Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet. They’re basically a tight end away from the most complete weapon set out there - though they might not even need a high-end option. It all boils down to Geno Smith.

The NFL Combine is already under way and NFL free agency opens are March 11th. What we’ll do here is a take a look at the weapons in terms of depth chart, contracts, and salary cap to figure out what the Seahawks might do this year in free agency. I know Seahawks fans are interested but we’ll also give our thoughts for fantasy football for the gamers out there.

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Fantasy Football Depth Chart: Seattle Seahawks


Geno Smith

Drew Lock


Running Back

Kenneth Walker

Zach Charbonnet

DeeJay Dallas

Kenny McIntosh

Wide Receiver

DK Metcalf

Jake Bobo


Wide Receiver

Tyler Lockett

Dareke Young


Wide Receiver

Jaxon Smith-Njigba

Dee Eskridge


Tight End

Noah Fant

Will Dissly

Colby Parkinson

Brady Russell

White = unrestricted free agent

Green = role is safe

Yellow = role could be in jeopardy

Red = could be traded or released





Geno Smith: Geno Smith’s story should have every backup QB looking for a chance to compete somewhere. Three year, $75 million contract with $40 million guaranteed. He’s got two years left on that deal and he’ll be the starter for sure this year - next year they could release him with $25 million in savings, $13.5 million in dead cap if they chose to do so. 

The reality thought is that Geno is at least a middle-of-the-pack QB in this league and that’s all you need to compete. And I can assure you that a lot of teams out there would LOVE to get their hands on a Geno Smith because those guys don’t just grow on trees.

Drew LockSpeaking of backup QBs that might want to take another shot somewhere, Drew Lock is an unrestricted free agent. After he filled in this year at a TOUGH time again San Francisco and Philadelphia (and even beat the Eagles), teams might be interested in bringing him in for a look. 

If I were the Giants and was unsure about Daniel Jones (especially with him coming off an injury) it certainly wouldn’t hurt to bring in a guy like Drew Lock to see if Jones really if that much better than replacement level options.

SEAHAWKS QB FREE AGENCY TAKE: If they can convince Drew Lock to stay then that would be ideal. If they can’t and he wants to compete elsewhere, they’ll be picking from the level of backups that have no interest in competing for a job (so guys like Gardner Minshew and Tyler Huntley might be out too). Here are some names.

POSSIBLE FREE AGENT QB OPTIONS: Jacoby Brissett, Mitch Trubisky, Tyrod Taylor, Marcus Mariota

Running Back

Kenneth WalkerThe Seahawks are the perfect example of a team where we need to separate fantasy land and reality. The Seahawks don’t care about fantasy football. They LIKE having multiple good RBs. They like Kenneth Walker. And he’s under contract for this year and next. 

If the Seahawks offense as a whole can take a step forward, there’s a possibility that the Seahawks could have multiple fantasy relevant backs, just like the Lions did this past year with David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs. Walker is the starter and, given his skillset, he’s the preferred back in standard or half PPR leagues for sure. 

Zach CharbonnetThe first step to fantasy relevance is carving out a role and Zach Charbonnet has done that - he ran 351 routes to 265 for Kenneth Walker. So Charbonnet has already entered the realm of “handcuff plus” territory and could be a viable starter in full PPR leagues in 2024. The Seahawks have nice compliment of backs. 

DeeJay DallasDeeJay Dallas in a unrestricted free agent and is a valuable real life NFL commodity as he returned virtually every kick and punt for this team last year. If he’s back then it will be in that capacity but he may want to try his hand with a team that might use him more on offense. 

Kenny McIntoshMcIntosh suffered a knee injury and missed the early part of the season. He returned late but was used sporadically. Since Charbonnet has a strangle hold on that third down role, McIntosh’s services might not be needed but they may have him help on special teams depending on what happens with Dallas.

SEAHAWKS RB FREE AGENCY TAKE: The Seahawks have one of the more complete backfields at the top. The question is at depth as they maybe lose Dallas. Here are some depth options that also could contribute in the return game if need be. 

SEAHAWKS RB FREE AGENT OPTIONS: Antonio Gibson, Ty Johnson, Craig Reynolds, Trayveon Williams, Boston Scott


Wide Receiver

DK MetcalfDK Metcalf is the big-bodied split end in this offense, much like Mike Evans has been for years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His ability to tether his foot to the line and beat the jam makes life easier for all the other WRs that can line up untethered. He’s under contract for both 2024 and 2025 after a big extension. And, at age 27, we may not have seen the best of DK Metcalf yet. 

Tyler LockettThere were some rumors of Lockett being traded or even cut but the recent news of the salary cap being $30 million dollars higher in 2023 means it is a lot easier to keep him. Lockett has served as the full-time WR opposite DK Metcalf so the question is how long he can hang onto that role with the young rookie nipping at his heals. If he does remain the full-time guy in 2024, he could be a fantasy draft discount once again, as he has for many years now. 

UPDATE The Seahawks have come to terms on a contract restructure for Tyler Lockett, keeping him in Seattle for 2024 and possibly 2025.

Jaxon Smith-NjigbaI think JSN is a talented player who simply needs more opportunity. Look at CeeDee Lamb. In his rookie year, he played 90% of his snaps from the slot as he was coming out in favor of Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup. He barely finished as a WR2 in fantasy at WR24. He soon became a fulltime guy and finished as WR1. 

It took Chris Godwin until year three as he was stuck behind Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson. Will JSN break out to THAT level where he has a WR1-2 overall season? Hard to say this early. But we can’t just rookies for playing a rookie snap share. JSN is a buy for me.

Jake BoboAt 6’4” 200+ pounds, Jake Bobo is the understudy to DK Metcalf. Something happens to DK and Bobo could pick up some decent snaps. For the time being, he’s on the outside looking in. 

Dareke YoungDareke Young played almost exclusively on special teams but he did play on four different units - kick coverage, kick return, punt coverage, and punt return. So I actually think his roster spot is safe for 2024. 

Dee EskridgeDee Eskridge was drafted as an older prospect who was supposed to be NFL ready to come in and play the slot. When guys like that don’t pan out right away it’s a big red flag. Eskridge does not need to be rostered in fantasy football and is a Seahawks cut candidate in 2024.

SEAHAWKS WR FREE AGENCY TAKE: If anything, the Seahawks might actually have an extra high end WR they can trade. They will need to fill out the depth chart like any team, but they don’t need to go crazy signing or drafting elite options. 


Tight End

Noah FantNoah Fant came over during the Russell Wilson trade and, despite his elite measurables, he never really firmly separated himself from the pack. With all the other pass catchers in Seattle, it would in be in his best interest to have a fresh start somewhere else for fantasy football. Alex Van Pelt will be looking for someone to play the David Njoku role in his new offense so perhaps New England could be a landing spot?

Will DisslyThe fact that Will Dissly is playing football at all is incredible. First he came back from the dreaded patella tendon tear during college. Then in 2022 he suffered an injury that Pete Carroll said he has never seen before breaking the top of his fibula. He has shown brief spurts of pass catching ability at times but is more of a rotational blocking piece than a full time tight end.

Colby ParkinsonColby Parkinson has been part of the three-headed rotation but, like the others, never separated himself from the pack. They could bring him back but he’s an unrestricted free agent so may want to test what is out there. 

Brady RussellBrady Russell could be in consideration for a blocking tight end role but he’s not likely to be more than a special team. They can bring him back on a cheap exclusive rights free agent deal but they have not yet announced they are doing so. 

SEAHAWKS TE FREE AGENCY TAKE: The Seahawks don’t NEED to go heavy at tight end because they have so many good pass catchers already. Plus, this free agent class isn’t that incredible with the top options being Hunter Henry and Dalton Schultz. They could get by just bringing back Noah Fant or Colby Parkinson and drafting someone but these players could get it done.

Seahawks Free Agent Blocking TE Options: Austin Hooper, Robert Tonyan, Harrison Bryant

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