Here we go - round two. Or I guess more like round one since Aaron Rodgers played two snaps last year. Either way, the general idea is still in place. And, for what it’s worth, Rodgers has now been around the team for a full year. So, assuming he’s healthy, they’ll make a full run with him just as they were planning to do.

With Rodgers, Breece Hall, and Garrett Wilson the Jets have a lot of key pieces in place at the top to do it. Let’s take a look at the contracts, depth chart, and salary cap to see what kind of predictions we can make in free agency both for the Jets fans of the world and the fantasy football crowd!

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Fantasy Football Depth Chart: New York Jets


Aaron Rodgers

Zach Wilson

Trevor Siemian

Running Back

Breece Hall

Israel Abanikanda

Xazavian Valladay

Wide Receiver

Garrett Wilson

Irvin Charles


Wide Receiver

Xavier Gipson

Randall Cobb


Wide Receiver

Allen Lazard

Jason Brownlee


Tight End

Tyler Conklin

Jeremy Ruckert

Zack Kuntz

Tight End

CJ Uzomah

Kenny Yeboah


 White = unrestricted free agent

Green = role is safe

Yellow = role could be in jeopardy

Red = could be traded or released





Aaron Rodgers: Barring some completely unforeseen setback, Aaron Rodgers will be the starting quarterback for the Jets in 2024. Even if they wanted out, there’s really no feasible way out of the contract. And, if anyone can come back from an injury like that at this age and play at a high level, it’s Aaron Rodgers

He’s an all-time great player and the injury was super unfortunate. For dynasty fantasy gamers, you would be wise to trade Rodgers away unless you are competing to win right now. But you knew that. 

Zach WilsonThe rumors are that Zach Wilson will be traded. And I think that is smart. With Rodgers coming off an injury at this age, this team needs a backup QB that they think they can win right now with. We saw what happened with Wilson - the team was not competitive. So let him go elsewhere to get a fresh start. 

We’ve seen guys bounce back elsewhere so it’s not crazy. In fact, a couple of Jets guys in Geno Smith and Sam Darnold have found varying levels of success since leaving. So maybe hold onto Wilson in your dynasty superflex leagues. In single QB you can cut bait.

Trevor SiemianTrevor Siemian isn’t that guy either. So, I expect him to be gone as an unrestricted free agent. He should find a home somewhere as a veteran backup.

JETS QB FREE AGENCY TAKE: I’ve made it pretty clear - if the Jets are going to go all in to win right now, they need a solid backup. If Rodgers doesn’t pan out, they aren’t any less all in, are they? So, spend up for the best free agent backup that you can reasonably afford to bring in. Some of these guys might be looking to compete for a starting job somewhere but do your best to get one of them. Unless you plan to draft a rookie you actually trust. 

POSSIBLE FREE AGENT OPTIONS: Ryan Tannehill, Gardner Minshew, Jacoby Brissett, Tyrod Taylor, Drew Lock


Running Back

Breece HallAny concerns you had early season about his recovery from the knee injury went out the window down the stretch. Breece Hall actually managed to finish as the RB2 overall in fantasy football meaning the “buy low” window for him is officially closed. And, honestly, this is the kind of guy I’d be willing to “buy high” on. Just imagine what it looks like with Aaron Rodgers at QB?

Israel AbanikandaIzzy was a pre-draft darling who fell in the draft and landed in a tough spot. But it’s quite promising that the Jets not only traded away Michael Carter, but that Robert Saleh actually did so because he felt they had too many good backs and didn’t want him “to rot on the bench”

The confidence to not only make him the backup but to trade away their depth had me feeling pretty good about stashing Abanikanda on my deeper benches. Definitely a solid handcuff play for now. 

Xazavian ValladayValladay was called up from the practice squad for the Week 18 game and only contributed on special teams. He can be cut with next to no dead cap, so he’ll be scrapping to make the 53-man roster with everyone else this summer.

JETS RB FREE AGENCY TAKE: The Jets have the top of their depth chart pretty squared away, but they are going to need more than just two guys. They have Xavier Gipson who handles both kicks and punts so any depth at RB would be someone who can actually fill in in a pinch but also plays on some of the special teams units, maybe chasing down puts. At this part of the depth chart, it’s not worth speculating over unless Aaron Rodgers wants them to bring in more of his buddies like AJ Dillon


Wide Receiver

Garrett WilsonGarrett Wilson is exactly what you want in both the NFL and dynasty. A young super star on a rookie deal. The Jets hit and you hit if you drafted him. Of course WRs can experience down years with bad QBs or bad situations - we all remember Randy Moss on the Raiders or AJ Brown on the Titans. But when it’s good, it’s great so you just put him in the lineup and leave him there for years to come. 

Allen LazardFolks will have mixed feelings on Lazard, primarily because he really didn’t do anything without Aaron Rodgers. Makes you wonder if Lazard is actually any good or if he was just playing with one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. But he’s under contract for 2024 and he really can’t be cut with any benefit - only traded. So, Jets fans will have to live with him. 

It might be throwing salt in the wound but it’s crazy to think that the cap hit for Allen Lazard this year is actually higher than the combined cap hit of virtually all the Packers pass catchers - Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Jayden Reed, Dontayvion Wicks, Bo Melton, Luke Musgrave, and Tucker Kraft. Combined. The fantasy upside for Lazard will depend on what the Jets do at WR2 behind Wilson - if it’s Lazard, maybe it’s worth a very deep stab.

Xavier GipsonGipson is actually a fairly valuable real-life asset. Not so much because of his work in the slot but because he returns virtually all the punts and kicks for the Jets. Some teams use one roster spot for punts, one for kicks so having a guy that does both and can contribute in the slot is pretty nice.

Randall CobbRandall Cobb has mentioned that he’s open to staying with the Jets and his buddy Aaron Rodgers, that he could play elsewhere, or that maybe he hangs it up. His days of relevancy in fantasy football are likely behind him but he could be depth in the slot on an affordable deal.

Jason BrownleeBrownlee actually looked okay when he was asked to fill in so he’s not a terrible depth piece in the even someone goes down. He’s on a fairly cheap rookie deal as an undrafted free agent so it would not be difficult to keep him. They could also cut him with next to no dead cap if they wanted to go that way. 

Irvin CharlesIrvin Charles actually contributed on four different special teams units - that’s the secret to securing a spot at the backend of the roster. He probably won’t ever be fantasy relevant and he’s pretty close to the cut line if they want to add guys that contribute in the pass game but that’s his path to making the roster again.  

JETS WR FREE AGENCY TAKE: The Jets have an elite wide receiver. They have depth and special teams. What they really need is another good pass catcher. Doesn’t need to be GREAT but good would help. That could come as another wide receiver, or it could come as a pass catching tight end (where you use a lot of two tight end sets). But they need to take the heat off Garrett Wilson somehow. If they don’t do it via the draft, here are some potentially reasonably priced options. Obviously, Mike Evans would be great, but I think he’s going to get a big contract.

POSSIBLE FREE AGENT OPTIONS: Calvin Ridley, Marquise Brown, Curtis Samuel, Tyler Boyd, Odell Beckham, Kendrick Bourne.


Tight End

Tyler ConklinConklin is what I would consider a replacement level tight end. He’s a good blocker and can get the job done in the passing game when called on. But he’s not particularly athletic, he doesn’t create for himself, doesn’t break tackles. Solidly there. They don’t NEED to upgrade from Tyler Conklin. But it would be nice to have him as the in-line blocking tight end with a better pass-catcher available, if the need arises. 

CJ Uzomah: Uzomah was brought in at the same time as Conklin to compete and has simply not competed. They can be released him with $5.3 million in saving which can become $8 million in 2024 if they designate him a post June-1 cut. I think that would be a good idea even though he’s a likeable guy. 

Jeremy RuckertWith Uzomah once again dealing with injuries, Jeremy Ruckert was called on the de facto TE2. He operated primarily inline in that role and was asked to pass block on more pass plays than we like so, as of now, the Ohio State product is going down the wrong path for fantasy football. He’s the most useful right now as a real life player for the Jets of the backups though.

Kenny YeboahKenny Yeboah had some intriguing upside given his profile but it never really panned out and, in his sporadic play time, he too operated primarily in line. He might float around the practice squad but he’s not a priority to bring back.

Zack KuntzOf all the tight ends on the team, this is the one I’m most likely to roster. Tyler Conklin is never going to start for one of my fantasy teams so I’d rather just stash the most raw talent deep on my depth chart. Zack Kuntz actually ran a 4.55 at 6’7”, 255 pounds which is a 98th percentile size-adjusted speed score per Player Profiler and gives him one of the highest RAS scores of all time. He might never actually get playing time or even make the team again but that’s the kind of upside we like - go big or go home.

JETS TE FREE AGENCY TAKE: The Jets don’t really HAVE to do anything at tight end. And there’s really not incredible options out there. Hunter Henry and Dalton Schultz are the best free agent two way tight ends but I don’t see the Jets doing that. If anything, you have Conklin who is a good blocker so maybe draft or sign someone who isn’t a great blocker but gives you more in the passing game. Here are the free agent options that might fit the bill. 

POSSIBLE FREE AGENT OPTIONS: Gerald Everett, Noah Fant, Mike Gesicki, Jimmy Graham, Jesper Horsted

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