Training camp and preseason games are well underway which means actual NFL football is right around the corner! It’s time to set those draft dates, lock down our fantasy football rankings, and figure out how we’re going to beat ADP. The best way to do all that, as always, is to secure your copy of the Fantasy Alarm NFL Draft Guide available now but we never stop providing you the NFL news, rumors, and notes that help keep you up to speed - which is what we are doing today!

There’s a lot going on right now so we’re going to break things down into three sections. First, we’ll give you the big NFL news stories of the week. Then we’ll look at both players leaving with ailments (the injuries) as well as guys returning to the playing field (the outjuries). Finally, we’ll wrap it up with some of the “popcorn news” from around the league in the Training Camp Hype section. So let’s get to it!


Latest NFL News 

Dalvin Cook to the New York Jets, Ezekiel Elliott to the New England Patriots

Joe Mixon found not guilty of “aggravated menacing”

  • Joe Mixon had his day in court after being accused of waiving a gun at a woman and was found not guilty. He still has a second pending issue to be litigated concerning a teenage who was shot near his home - that is a civil case rather than a criminal investigation. 

Sam Howell, Anthony Richardson, Brock Purdy, CJ Stroud Named Starters

  • It’s “announce the starting quarterback season” in training camp. Most of these guys were outright named the starter while Kyle Shanahan’s comments that Brock Purdy would need to “melt in practice” to lose the job pretty much solidify that job too.

Blind Side Drama With Michael Oher

  • Michael Oher recently came out and said that he was NOT adopted as the movie The Blind Side depicted and instead he signed a conservatorship that the Tuohy Family used to make money off his name that was not shared with him. The family then offered a rebuttal that they not only didn’t make money off the movie but were disappointed that Oher tried to shake them down for $15 million before coming out with the story. There’s more drama right now with this story than the film itself!

Former Baltimore Ravens Running Back Alex Collins has Passed Away

  • It’s been reported that Alex Collins unfortunately died in a motorcyle accident on August 13, 2023. Coach John Harbaugh commented that “Alex was a joy to be around and someone whose light shined brightly”. 

NFL Injury Updates



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