Welcome to the DFS Playbook for NFL Week 7!

It's been one heck of a season for #FANation so far and we want to carry that momentum into this week's contests, so, as always, be sure that you have acquainted yourself with all of the NFL content from the week -- not just the specific DFS content, but also the seasonal which can be of immense help here as well. We are leaving no stone unturned as we sift through all the news and practice reports. Every bit of information helps out. For example, with news that the Saints have ruled out Alvin Kamara , everyone is anxious to pivot to Latavius Murray because of his reduced price. But A. Just how much of a bargain are you getting? And B. Is he going to be worth it in this match-up against the Bears who are coming off a bye week? Jon Impemba and I discuss the difference between good chalk and bad chalk on the NFL Podcasts and even touched on it this week as well.  Just because everyone else is pivoting, doesn't mean you should too. Last week when everyone was jumping all over Leonard Fournette , I didn't like the match-up, but felt compelled to, not only add him to the Playbook, but to also use him in the cash lineups based on ownership projections. The play worked, but it's not always going to be like that. Do I see Murray in the same light as Fournette or do I see him more like Malcolm Brown ?

Let's take a look at who I'm favoring this week.



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