As the December holidays approach, the NFL gets to expand its schedule and take over Saturdays, so now we get ourselves a three-game Saturday slate for NFL Week 15. Maybe that complicates decisions for our seasonal fantasy football players, but for those of us who play DFS, we get to have some fun with a short slate and some GPP tournaments. The action gets started nice and early with a semi-marquee match-up between the Minnesota Vikings and Cincinnati Bengals. I say “semi” because while we get that Ja'Marr Chase vs Justin Jefferson vibe, both receivers are playing with back-up quarterbacks in the form of Jake Browning and Nick Mullens. Not ideal, but interesting nonetheless. From there we get a blue-collar midday match-up between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Indianapolis Colts, followed up by Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos heading into Motown to face Jared Goff and the Detroit Lions for the nightcap. Should be quite the slate of games and they should make for some strong DFS lineup builds.



An important thing to keep in mind for today is that, because it is a three-game slate throughout the day, I stick to GPP tournaments only. There is far too much overlap of players in cash games which raises the pay-lines and makes it tougher to cash. Today should be about having a little skin in the game and having some fun. These short-slate contests can get weird as many people who build lineups try to find that random dart that no one else has and if that player does hit, well, then there's a distinct advantage to the lower ownership. But as with any dart throw, there is tremendous risk that he could also be a bust. This is why I don't recommend playing too heavily with your bankroll and try to have some fun.

Two things to mention before we get to the examples…

  1. Read the Playbook – I've made updates throughout the night. I've taken players out and I've added some too. This is going to be important as I try to whittle down the player pool for you and offer you the better side of usable lineups parts.
  2. Read all the content – All the coaching articles are also free. All the match-up reports, game previews, etc. are all free today so be sure to take a tour and check out who everyone from the team is on today.

As I've always said before, there is more than one way to skin a cat and more than one way to build a winning DFS lineup. I've got some hand-built ones for GPP tournaments tournaments, but, if you have the time, I recommend using the NFL DFS Lineup Generator just to see what the computer has to say. I usually stick with what I've built by hand, but always like to run things by the computer and see if maybe I am overlooking a particular build. Sometimes it will put a player from the Playbook on your radar that you may not have been eyeballing. Sometimes it will show you that you were on the right track the whole time. Again, this is all a guideline and a helpful tool. Not the gospel.

Go through all of that, keep up with all the latest news and then start building your lineups. We put you on the right path, but ultimately these decisions are yours. These lineups below are meant to serve as examples for you. A sounding board if you will. They are not meant for you to plug in as your own. That's the lazy way and we don't condone it. We are trying to teach you how to be a better DFS player; we aren't lineup-sellers. You should be creating your own lineups using all the information we provide you throughout the week and then coming here to see if there is anything you may have missed or simply for an alternative perspective.

Best of luck to you, have some fun, enjoy the games and hopefully we win some money!

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