Welcome to the NFL Conference Championship DFS Example Lineups!

How is your roster construction going for your GPP tournament lineups? As you probably have noticed, the pricing has made it easy to build a multitude of potentially winning DFS lineups and is allowing you to go in a million different directions. I'll warn you – they do it so that you'll build more lineups and enter more contests. I've built lineups with Philadelphia Eagles stacks that lead off with Jalen Hurts and A.J. Brown and I still find myself able to fit in a number of high-quality players. How about a Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase stack? Yup. That too. The thing to keep in mind is to stick to your narrative. Assess how you think the games are going to go and if you are looking to build multiple lineups, be sure to stick to a few core players you are really confident in. One of the biggest mistakes people make is that they build 10 different lineups, the players are all over the place and while you think you have the field blanketed, you're actually making it more difficult for yourself. So just be careful. Go through the NFL DFS Playbook, find your core players and consistently build around them using the rest of the Playbook and the DFS Dart Board. That's not to say you can't build some super-contrarian lineup just to see what happens, but use that as a dart-throw lineup and stick to the plan for your others. Make sense? Good! Let's get it! 

Again, these lineups are meant to serve as examples for you; a sounding board, as I said. They are not meant for you to plug in as your own. That's the lazy way and we don't condone it. We are trying to teach you how to be a better DFS player; we aren't lineup-sellers. You should be creating your own lineups using all the information we provide you throughout the week and then coming here to see if there is anything you may have missed or simply for an alternative perspective.

Best of luck to you this weekend, let's have some fun and let's make some money!

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