In fantasy football, the key to success is to always be a step ahead of your competition. To do so, you need to do something most people are afraid of – embrace change. The NFL game is constantly evolving and as such, so is fantasy football. If you continue to approach both the 2022 NFL season and your fantasy football drafts as you have every other year, you are already behind.

Welcome to the 2022 Fantasy Alarm NFL Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

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Fantasy Alarm has long been at the forefront of innovation in our industry and, as such, our subscribers have thrived. Years ago, we were laughed at when we made the decision to halt production on a fantasy football magazine and introduced the concept of a “living” draft guide online. Those who resisted and entered their drafts with outdated information, quickly changed their tune the following year as the Fantasy Alarm #FAmily took home an obscene number of titles. When we told everyone to focus more on coaching schemes and less on the actual players, most hesitated because we were “overcomplicating fantasy football” by trying to teach the X’s and O’s of the NFL game and their relevance to fantasy. The players who chose to learn are now dominating their leagues and, as you will see, many websites are now attempting to follow our lead with scheme analysis as well. While embracing change can be difficult at times, it is necessary if you want to win.

This season is no different as we have two game-changing announcements for this year’s fantasy football draft guide.


Welcome to Dynamic Tier Fantasy Football Player Rankings (DTR)

We’ve changed the game with regard to draft guides. We’ve changed the game with teaching coaching schemes. Now it’s time to change the game with a new way to build fantasy football player rankings. We still have your traditional rankings for standard, half-point PPR, and full-point PPR scoring from me, Adam Ronis, and Jim Bowden. We even still have our Top 200 for Re-DraftSuperflex, and Dynasty leagues. But new to the draft guide this year is what we call our Dynamic Tier Rankings, which will completely change the way you draft. You will find articles about this for each skill position here in the Draft Guide, but we have a quick video explanation here to get you started. 

The 2022 Fantasy Alarm NFL Draft Guide is FREE

No, you did not read that incorrectly. This year, we have decided to make our draft guide free as we believe everyone in search of a fantasy football championship deserves to be part of the #FAmily and the first to enjoy groundbreaking innovation. Of course, sales are important to our business, but what is even more important to us is the ability to share something we absolutely love with as many people as possible. Given the state of our economy and the current rate of inflation, we could all use a break, right? So enjoy this one on us and let’s bring home titles together!

Besides the new Dynamic Tier Player Rankings, what else will we find in the FREE Fantasy Alarm Draft Guide? How about everything we’ve brought you in years past with a few twists and turns?

  • Fantasy Alarm’s 500+ Linear Player Rankings – As mentioned above, Howard Bender, Adam Ronis, and Jim Bowden have their full sets of fantasy football player rankings in the format you are typically used to. Again, change is hard, so we didn’t want to completely turn you upside down.
  • Player Capsules – In-depth analysis of all the key impact players for the 2022 fantasy football season.
  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet – A round-by-round breakdown of suggested draft targets complete with auction value ranges for each tier of players.
  • Bold Predictions from the entire Fantasy Alarm staff.
  • 2022 Fantasy Football Sleepers & Busts
  • The Rookie Report – We’ve already delivered first-rate analysis for every impact player taken in the 2022 NFL Draft to get you started for Fantasy Football Dynasty Leagues and Best Ball. In this Rookie Report, Howard Bender provides you with his Top 10 Rookies for Re-Draft Leagues.
  • Full Positional Breakdowns from tiers & rankings to ADP analysis to specific strategies on how to draft each skill position. 
  • Draft & In-Season Strategy Session articles and videos for all fantasy formats
  • Updated NFL injury news and reports throughout the preseason.
  • Complete team-by-team offensive line breakdowns, grades, and rankings
  • Updated training camp battles and reports throughout the summer
  • Coaches Corner – A complete breakdown of every NFL team’s head coach, offensive and defensive coordinators, the systems they employ, and how that impacts the performances and fantasy value of the players.
  • Fantasy Football League Set-Ups & Strategies – Tips on how to set up and draft in every type of league from re-draft to Superflex to IDP to best ball to guillotine leagues, we have you covered. We even have analysis for winning the Scott Fish Bowl! 
  • Fantasy Alarm’s ADP TV – Exclusive weekly videos updating the latest ADP numbers with highlights of players who are rising and falling as the preseason progresses.

With that, I invite you to enjoy the FREE 2022 Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft Guide. We firmly believe that, with everything we have to offer, you will not only be the strongest and most knowledgeable fantasy player at your draft, but also the one standing in the winner’s circle at the end of your NFL fantasy season.


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Good luck and I’ll see you all in the money this year!


Howard Bender

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