Injuries and final roster cuts are occurring and ADP continues to shift as we head to the homestretch of draft season. There will still be drafts next week even with the regular season set to begin on September 9th. For those weaker teams expected to be playing from behind a lot of the season, view them as an opportunity to invest on the cheap from the fantasy football perspective. No team goes unlooked! Look at Vegas lines and totals to identify those weaker teams.


 James Robinson (Last Week ADP 65.08 -Today ADP 34.84): As expected, once Travis Etienne got hurt the interest in Robinson completely shot up. It confused me why Robinson was at a sixth round value in 12-team leagues just 1 week ago. He never did anything to lose his gig and he not only ran for 4.5 yards per carry in 2020, but he caught 49 passes. Robinson may be sitting as a third round pick right now, but his ADP will continue to skyrocket over the next week. It’ll very likely cost you a second round pick to invest in Robinson and it’s worth it. He rushed for 1070 yards and scored 10 touchdowns last season.

 Damien Harris (Last Week ADP 84.69-Today ADP 72.82): Harris is another Running Back whose ADP will ascend even higher over the next seven to 10 days. Sony Michel got traded taking some competition out of the backfield and then the Patriots released the ultimate touchdown vulture Cam Newton, meaning that the Patriots RBs should see a production boost. Harris rushed for five yards per carry last season. The Patriots have one of the strongest and deepest offensive lines in the league heading into the season. The risk with Harris is health as he was active in just 10 games last year but, it’s a much better situation for Harris with Michel and Newton gone.

 Cooper Kupp (Last Week ADP 43.34-Today ADP 39.93): It’s a small hop up the board, but for early round players, even a three to four pick rise is something to focus on. Earlier in draft season we saw Robert Woods rise up after Cam Akers got hurt. The Rams threw the ball 590 times in 2020. Woods had five more targets thrown his way than Kupp last season and Kupp caught more passes than Woods catching 92 balls last season putting him in the top 10 among wide receivers for caught passes. He’s caught at least 90 passes in his last 2 seasons and he’s stayed healthy. 


Ryan Tannehill (Last Week ADP 99.02-Today ADP 107.76): This drop in ADP over the last week has to be because Tannehill was placed on the COVID list a few days ago, but he still has a good amount of time before week one begins. The other reason could possibly be because of A.J. Brown’s health, but recent reports indicate that he will not have to miss anytime to start the season. Not only did Tannehill throw for 3819 yards last year, but now he has Julio Jones to the throw to. He was a top-10 fantasy QB last season and if some think that they won’t lean on Derrick Henry as much, it will be more of Tannehill throwing the ball. Let’s not forget that Tannehill helped his own cause last year by running in seven scores which ranked fifth most among quarterbacks. 

Kenny Golladay (Last Week ADP 71.53-Today ADP 79.10): As Golladay’s value continues to drop, this is a player that’s tough to take a risk on. After miss 11 games last season because of an injured Hip, Golladay has spent most of August sidelined with an injured Hamstring. We don’t know if he’ll be active to start the season and let’s not forget the Giants have a bunch of other weapons. Daniel Jones completed just 62.5 percent of his passes last year. A lot will hinge on the health of Saquon Barkley and how involved he is in the offense to start the year. They are still deciding whether or not they will bring him back in slowly or give him a full workload. We need to see Golladay practice and we haven’t seen any updates over the last few days on his health.

Matt Ryan (Last Week ADP 140.00-Today ADP 150.11): Ryan’s days of being a solidified QB-1 in fantasy football are done, but as a second QB or even an early waiver wire add, he could hold some value. The Falcons will be playing from behind in a decent amount of games and Ryan threw more passes and completions than any other quarterback last season.  Ryan has thrown for over 4000 yards in each of his last 10 seasons and he’s missed just 1 game in the last 11 years. The Falcons don’t have a strong run-game and this team is still going to throw a good amount making Ryan an intriguing value heading into the final couple of weeks of drafting. He’s thrown over 600 passes and completed over 400 of them in each of his last 3 seasons.