Whether you are in Scott Fish Bowl 13 this year or are hoping to make it into SFB14 next year by winning a satellite, mirror league, or Underdog contest, you are going to want all the fantasy football draft help you can get. And we’re here to help! If you missed it, we already posted our Guide To Winning the Scott Fish Bowl as part of the Fantasy Alarm Fantasy Football Draft Guide. That will not only help in terms of Scott Fish Bowl draft tips for beginners with draft strategy and etiquette, but it has helpful info on how to get in for next year's leagues. But we also decided we might as well just provide full fantasy football player rankings for SFB13 that you can pull up or print out for your fantasy football drafts. Compare it to current fantasy football ADP or 2023 NFL projections to take full advantage in your fantasy football leagues this year. Good luck on this year's tournament and let’s bring the Scott Fish Bowl championship back here to the #FAmily!


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Scott Fish Bowl 13 Player Rankings