Today is the beginning of week 22 in the NBA. That means there are only four more weeks left in the regular season. It goes by so quickly it almost seems unfair!

Yesterday, Fantasy Alarm NBA Best Bets went .500 for the day; not bad in baseball terms. Which reminds me, if you are a baseball fantasy manager or a lover of the game, make sure to check out Howard Bender, Jim Bowden, and the gang bringing award-winning fantasy baseball advice




In basketball betting, .500 was not good enough. Had Giannis Antetokounmpo played yesterday it would have certainly been Meat Loaf, but he did not. Grayson Allen over 2.5 threes was a successful cash fourteen minutes into the game – he made it look easy. 

The triple-double combo of Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic did not come through. Both had several possible assists not converted due to missed field goals. Hence, they took the game into their own hands. Had it gone to overtime it would have been a close call. Alas, Kyrie Irving drained a last second, twenty-one-foot, left-handed bucket over Jokic’s outstretched hand. This column mentioned it could be the game of the year yesterday, and it lived up to it. 

Today, there are eight games with three wagers as Fantasy Alarm looks to start the week with winners. Three player props who excel at what they do best, with the analytics indicating it should be a great night in my NBA best bets today.

Expert NBA Best Bet & Pick Today, 3/18

Clint Capela Player Props: Over 9.5 Rebounds (-135 on BetMGM) *TWO UNITS

The Atlanta Hawks play the Los Angeles Lakers tonight with the latest tip-off of the day, 10:30 PM ET. It is a battle of 10th placed teams; Atlanta in the Eastern Conference, and Los Angeles in the Western Conference. They both have at least a 3.5 game advantage over the eleventh placed team, and both can move up the rankings. The Hawks are 2.5 games from ninth place, and the Lakers are only 3.0 games from sixth place.

Clint Capela makes another appearance in this column, and it is back to his rebounds. This is the lowest his rebounding line has been in over two weeks. Although Anthony Davis is an all-time center, Clint Capela has already proved to be an excellent center himself, especially as a rebounder. 

The Atlanta Hawks are playing in back-to-back games, but at the same venue and did not have to travel. This should aid the 2014 first round pick Capela. He also only played twenty-five minutes in the blowout win over the Los Angeles Clippers last night. 

The Lakers allow the eighth most rebounds to opposing centers and Capela is a top ten rebounder this season. He averages 10.6 per game, has recorded ten or more rebounds in five straight games, and six of his last eight. Two units are placed for Capela to earn his average tonight.




NBA Prop Bets Today, 3/18

Pascal Siakam Player Props: Over 7.5 Rebounds (-115 on DraftKings)

Pascal Siakam makes another appearance for Fantasy Alarm NBA Best Bets, and once again it is on his rebounding line. In fact, it is the same rebounding line with the same odds. The Indiana Pacers host the Cleveland Cavaliers who are on a downward slide as of late. The Cavaliers are the only current Eastern Conference playoff team to have lost six or more of their last ten games. 

Siakam has been trending upwards and has positioned himself as a top ten forward in this league. He has covered this rebounding line in three straight games and has attacked the glass as Myles Turner defends the opposing teams center. It has led to Siakam recording sixty-five rebounds in eight games this month, an average of just over eight per game.

Cleveland allows 51.0 rebounds per game but allowed 55.0 in their last game and 52.6 per game on the road this season. Siakam should play over thirty minutes and earn the eight rebounds needed for this ticket.




Domantas Sabonis Player Props: Over 13.5 Rebounds (-130 on DraftKings)

Domantas Sabonis, of the Sacramento Kings, is the leading rebounder of the league, and has a 0.7 per game advantage over the next closest person – Rudy Gobert. Sabonis will likely finish as the back-to-back rebounding leader, a difficult feat to accomplish. Tonight, he can add to his average per game with an over on his rebounding line. 

Sabonis averages 13.6 rebounds per game and his rebounding line is set at his average. Luckily for him he is playing at home against the third worst rebounding team in the Association, the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies allow 53.8 rebounds per game and are playing the best rebounder in the Association. Something is not adding up, unless it is an expected blowout. 

Sabonis has gone over this rebounding line in every game but one this month. The one he did not, was the blowout win against the Milwaukee Bucks. Sabonis has played over thirty-one minutes in his last twelve games and should exceed that amount again. The Grizzlies allow the fourth most rebounds to opposing centers, and Sabonis just needs his average for this bet to be successful. One unit on the rebounding King of Kings, Domantas Sabonis.

Three rebounding bets kick off the week, as the data indicates they have great opportunities to earn the over. Remember these players are on teams that are fringe play-in/playoff teams and must play with effort. All three are playing for recognition they deserve as none of them were invited to the All-Star. They could be playing for All-NBA, top ten in a category, or NBA league leader. Expect effort from all three in favorable matchups tonight.




Bet Smart, Be Lucky - Iggy

*All NBA Best Bets to be placed at 1 unit unless specified otherwise