As we turn the calendar towards 2024, it is time to make sure our fantasy basketball teams are positioned for continued success. Let’s take a look at some NBA Waiver Wire options I have my eye on. At the same time, don’t forget to take advantage of all of the other great tools we have here at Fantasy Alarm for the NBA season. 


Precious Achiuwa, PF/C, New York Knicks

With Mitchell Robinson out for the season, the New York Knicks had to do something. It was clear they were lacking a post presence and it truly was beginning to impact them. While Precious Achiuwa was not the focal point of the OG Anunoby trade, he was a large piece of it. The Toronto Raptors had a glut of talent in the paint, and ultimately it was limiting Achuiwa’s playing time. Now after his trade to the Knicks, we should truly get to see what he can do. In just 17 minutes per game this season, Achuiwa is averaging an efficient 7.7 points and 5.4 rebounds per game to go along with 1.8 assists. If we bump his playing time up, there is no reason why he can’t flirt with a double-double on a nightly basis.

Nick Richards, C, Charlotte Hornets

While you never want another player to get hurt, the by-product of that is increased playing time for those behind them on the depth chart. Nick Richards had been having a strong year for the Charlotte Hornets, but while sharing time with Mark Williams, there simply was not enough minutes available. Now though, with Williams out indefinitely with a back injury, that is no longer the case. Richards, on most nights, has now become a 30 minute per game player. Prior to his last game, Richards had a three game streak of double-doubles. Considering he is averaging 8.8 points and seven rebounds a game, that shouldn’t be surprising. For good measure, Richards is also averaging 1.3 blocked shots per game.

Jalen Smith, PF/C, Indiana Pacers

In just 16 minutes per game this season, Jalen Smith is averaging.10.4 points and 5.4 rebounds per game while knocking down a three-pointer. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that we would be pining for Smith to have more playing time as projecting his production was very easy. Over 36 minutes, Smith’s averages bumped up to 23.8 points and 12.5 rebounds per game, and that would make him a truly top option. Now, if only the math and the actual performance was that cut and dry. However, Smith has moved into the starting lineup this week, and his playing time is beginning to increase. At this point, there is only upside with Smith, and this is the time to get in on it. 

Anthony Black, PG, Orlando Magic

I feel like I have been looking at the rookie for weeks now waiting for the right time to pull the trigger. Ultimately, it was playing time that he really needed. Now that he is getting an increased run to fill in for Markelle Fultz, the concern is that we might be too late. Until Black finds consistency though, we likely are alright though. Three games ago, we saw the top of Black’s upside as he finished with 23 points, six rebounds and four steals. The problem though is that in his next two games, all Black managed was a combined seven points and 10 rebounds although he did have nine assists. There is upside here, and it’s possible at some point it truly clicks, but be prepared for some inconsistency as we get to that point. 

Peyton Watson, SF, Denver Nuggets

A dog bite to Aaron Gordon has thrust Peyton Watson into the starting lineup. After two games, it is clear that Watson was prepared to take advantage of the situation, and with Gordon expected to be out for a little while, that should continue to be the case. After his move into the starting five, Watson is averaging 17 points, 2.5 rebounds, and two assists per game. Previously he was playing between 16 and 20 minutes per game, so it’s not like he is coming from truly out of nowhere, but the increased role and playing time certainly helps. 

Miles McBride, PG, New York Knicks

As trades shift things around, opportunity generally comes out of them. That was the case for Miles McBride after the Knicks traded Immanuel Quickley out of the backcourt. It was also interesting that right after the trade was announced, New York completed a three year contract extension with McBride. When given the chance, the young guard has shown the ability to make things happen on the court. The only problem though, is that his playing time has not been consistent. Now, the expectation is that he will take over Quickley’s role and that should allow McBride to show what he is capable of. 

Ayo Dosunmu, PG/SG, Chicago Bulls

The injury to Zach LaVine has opened up some additional volume and playing time in the Chicago backcourt. While his production can sometimes fluctuate on a nightly basis, Ayo Dosunmu is generally in line to take the volume. In four of his last six games, Dosunmu scored between 11 and 19 points, with the problem being that he had just 10 points combined in the other two games. The backcourt flexibility here is a big plus as well from a streaming perspective.