Another week means another opportunity to sit in judgment of Jeff Mans!  I have poured over Jeff’s rankings and opinions and, well, let us see how he did.  Oh, and as usual, I will pepper this piece with a few of my own masterpieces and pieces of [use a word for dung] from the past week.

Here is the 2015 Week 8 edition of Right, Wrong or Indifferent:


Eli Manning:  Maestro Mans was dead on when he penned:  “Manning will be low owned since he has struggled of late but the Saints defense has given up the most fantasy points to QBs and rank 30th in pass rush according to PFF. This is going to be a high-scoring game and I expect a big rebound for Eli and the Giants offense.”  It is hard to argue with the results!  350 yards and six TD is pretty darn awesome.  Kudos Jeff, I should have listened to you!  However, before anyone runs off and get all Manning-giddy, remember he had only 360 yards and one TD in his previous two games combined.   Put another way, Manning's fantasy inconsistency makes him a risky play every week – high risk but admittedly high reward.  If you listened to Jeff this week, reward it was.  Next week . . . ?

Charcandrick West:  Mr. Mans was spot on regarding C-West.  Jeff wrote: “I am throwing West in here for PRO subscribers because he grades out right in line with Justin Forsett and Doug Martin this week in my model. He is the obvious workhorse here for the Chiefs and is very active in both the run and passing games.”  123 total yards, four receptions and a TD says you did well by following Mr. Mans here.  Yes, the Lions are a dumpster fire right now but West is the man in KC and they will continue to run the football with or without Jamaal Charles.  Of course, you will have to live through the bye week next week but not much to do about that, right?

Alshon Jeffery:  Jeff is looking good here as he wrote:  “Jeffery is flying under the radar but gets a terrific matchup this week against Xavier Rhodes who is the 107th ranked CB (out of 109) according to PFF. Nice value and ownership here for Jeffery as well.”   10 catches for 115 yards and a TD is a big game WR day – period.  I will take that any day.  For some reason, Jeffery is priced below the top tier WRs each week. Take advantage until the price catches up with the production. 

Dan BaileyOk, one for me.  I pushed to pick up or roster Bailey everywhere I could this week.  Given that the Cowboys will struggle to score until Tony Romo gets back, I figured Bailey would get a lot of FG attempts.  He did.  He is the best kicker in football and a four FG day like today (with one being a bonus baby long kick) could repeat itself in each of the next two weeks. 


Andy Dalton:   Well, now for the other side of the coin.  This Mans prediction hardly came to pass:  “Dalton leads the NFL in passer rating (116.1) and is fourth in the NFL at passing yards per game (294). The Steelers defense ranks sixth-worst in passing yards per game and worst in PFF's coverage ratings this year.”  231 yards passing with two INT against just one TD is not getting it done.  When compared to the 7 TD from Drew Brees, 6 TD from Eli and the 397 yards from Matt Ryan, Dalton’s modest production did not get it done.  However, all is not lost for the redhead QB as “tasty” matchups with Cleveland and Houston await.  Stay the course until the playoffs when one really has to have courage to play Dalton.

Marshawn Lynch:  I think Jeff got Beast fever when he wrote “A bit of a discount on Lynch is perfect for this week against the Cowboys. The Seahawks rank in the top 5 in rush attempts, run play percentage, rushing yards and yards per attempt. The Cowboys defense is third-worst against the run according to PFF.”  80 total yards and no TD means Jeff got this one wrong.  I would not be too hard on Lynch.  The Cowboys' defense is far better than anyone gives them credit for.  In each of the last two weeks, they have given up just one TD (and the one TD was a bad call!).  Lynch will be fine.

Tyler Eifert:   Jeff booted this grounder when he said:  “The Steelers have given up the third-most fantasy points to TEs so far this year. The Steelers have some really good young LBs but they are hungry pass rushers who tend to get lazy in coverage.”  Four receptions for 39 yards is hardly the predicted big game.  However, given that Eifert has already tallied 6 TD and has two good matchups on the horizon, stay the course here and just eat the crow for a bad call this week.

Justin Hunter:  In all fairness, I have to look in the mirror and scold myself at least once.   Ack, I did it again.  Hunter and Zach Mettenberger should have been much better against a Houston D shredded by Ryan Tannehill a week ago.  Did not happen. Apologies for all who listened to my gut and followed along in starting Hunter. 


Darren McFadden:  Jeff noted: DMC will be the Cowboys' primary ballcarrier this week with Joseph Randle out and his salary does not take that into account. The Cowboys O-Line was punishing last week and with La'el Collins now starting at LG, looks like one of the best in football again. The Seahawks' defense has been good against the run this year but have not had an O-Line to deal with like this one.”  Because of some bad play-calling and a dumb penalty on Lucky Whitehead, DMC did not reach the end zone.  However, he ran hard and looked good for the second week in a row.  I cannot say Jeff was right given the lack of TDs but 113 total yards with six receptions ain't too shabby neither!

Keenan Allen:   Jeff was pretty high on Keenan Allen:  “The Rivers/Allen combo is going to be a very highly owned tandem this week. Allen will draw the slow footed Jimmy Smith this week which should allow him to make some big runs after the catch.”  I think Jeff was on his way to being dead right with Allen when he hauled in a nice TD grab at the end of the first half.  However, Allen missed the entire second half.  Given the five catches for 35 yards and a TD, I think Jeff earned a push here. 

A.J. Green:  About Green, Jeff penned as follows:  “I could support either Green or Marvin Jones here. Green gets the nod because of his higher floor but both are definitely in play. The Steelers' pass defense ranks dead last in pass coverage according to PFF and have given up the sixth-most passing yards per game.”   The Steelers played much better D than predicted.  Dalton played far worse than predicted.  This whole thing was on its way to a “Wrong” when a late TD saved the day for Green.  Stay the course, A.J. (don’t call me A.C.) Green is a fantasy football stud. 

Ok, let’s use what we learned and win in Week 9.  Good luck!