As the MLB season kicks into high gear, PrizePicks Arena presents two enticing picks for March 30th, 2024, set to deliver substantial returns. With a keen eye on player statistics and matchups, we've selected standout performers primed for success on the diamond. Let's delve into our top picks for today's action.

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PrizePicks MLB Picks Today: Saturday, March 30

Matt Wallner: More Than 0.5 Total Bases against Kansas City Royals Pitcher Seth Lugo

Matt Wallner, the formidable outfielder for the Minnesota Twins, is set to shine against Kansas City Royals' pitcher Seth Lugo. Wallner's prowess against right-handed pitching in 2023 underscores his potential for a standout performance. With a staggering .413 weighted on-base average (wOBA) and an impressive .281 isolated power (ISO) against righties, Wallner is well-positioned to rack up total bases in this matchup. Lugo's pitching style aligns favorably with Wallner's strengths, making this pick a compelling choice for PrizePicks Arena enthusiasts.

Austin Riley: More Than 1.5 Hits+Runs+RBI against Phillies Starter Aaron Nola

In another exciting matchup, Austin Riley of the Atlanta Braves is poised to make a significant impact against Philadelphia Phillies' ace Aaron Nola. Riley's history of success against Nola is a key factor in this pick, with a career batting average of .386 and an impressive 1.154 OPS against the formidable pitcher. Riley's ability to consistently produce against Nola positions him as a standout candidate to exceed the 1.5 Hits+Runs+RBI mark in this contest. As Riley steps up to the plate, expect him to capitalize on his past successes and deliver a stellar performance for PrizePicks Arena participants.

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