As we inch closer to Opening Day of the 2024 MLB season, your fantasy baseball research should be leveling-up with each passing day. Spring Training is in full-swing and both the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues have games being played every day. Our fantasy baseball player rankings and the Ultimate Fantasy Baseball Cheat Sheet are continuously updated, we are doing more fantasy baseball mock drafts to keep monitoring the fantasy baseball ADP risers and fallers and we remain vigilant over every position battle on every MLB team. Today, we take everything a step further, somewhere none of our competition can go with their fantasy baseball draft guide. Today, we get our information on every team from the general managers themselves.

Welcome to Fantasy Alarm’s Front Office Insights!

Jim Bowden was a big-league general manager for 16 years and has ties with the front office of every team. Sure, you can rely on the assumptions of beat writers or the guesses we hear others make, but wouldn’t you prefer to know who is getting the saves inside a team’s bullpen or what their potential batting order is from the team’s front office instead? We would and that’s exactly what you are getting here. 


We understand that time is money and you just don’t have the time to sit and read a 2,500-word article loaded with statistics, charts and analysis. It can be a bit of a hassle. In an effort to help make some of the Draft Guide more conveniently accessible, Jim sits down with Howard Bender to discuss all 30 MLB teams and serve up the analysis in podcast form. Don’t worry, they are all somewhere between 10-20 minutes in length, depending on how wild an offseason a team had and how deep Jim felt he needed to go.

In each podcast, Jim and Howard discuss the team’s front office hierarchy, relationships between ownership, executives and coaches, offseason personnel changes, how the team handles things like prospect promotions and trade negotiations and more. We also break down potential holes in the lineup, what we think the team may do moving forward and what Jim, as a General Manager, would do if he were handed the keys to the kingdom.

We believe these Front Office Insights are going to provide you with information you won’t find in any other Draft Guide, and best of all, for the Living Draft Guide concept, we’ll be updating with additional podcasts throughout the spring.

When you see an MLB division in bold-type and underlined, just click it to get the audio. They will all be available before you know it.