Jessie Biddle has been moved from the Phillies to the Pirates. He won’t be seen in 2016, he had Tommy John surgery last October, but he’s still 24 years old and it wasn’t that long ago that he was looked at as one of the better prospects in baseball. Here are the pre 2014 rankings for Biddle: Baseball America 71st, Baseball Prospectus 94th and 53rd. Maybe the Pirates can rehab the former high level prospect and make him into a potentially solid mound option in 2017.

Carlos Quentin signed a minor league deal with the Twins. He’s 33 but hasn’t appeared in the bigs since July 2014 (he even returned last May). He had that one great season in 2008 (.288-36-100 with a .965 OPS) but the last time he was a viable option in the fantasy game was 2011. Pay him no attention.

Dae-ho Lee has reached an agreement with the Mariners in his attempt to come to the States and have success. Lee is 33 years old and has spent time playing in Korea and Japan, and he’s been a pretty solid slugger. Concerns. (1) His age. (2) His size. Take a look at that photo. The dude is far from svelte being listed at 6’4”, 286 lbs. Not exactly a physical specimen is he. (3) He’s not a great defender. Truth be told, he will be competing with the likes of Jesus Montero and Gaby Sanchez for work at first base and DH behind Adam Lind who was brought over in the offseason in a deal with the Brewers. AL-only material at best.

Colby Lewis won 17 games last season, made 33 starts and lasted 204.2 innings. He was one of only seven men to hit all three numbers last season: Jake Arrieta, Dallas Keuchel, Zack Greinke, Gerrit Cole, David Price, Madison Bumgarner & Lewis. Huh, who knew?

Have you been checking out the Player Profile series? Hopefully you have. You can find the articles in two spots. You can read the reports here. If reading isn’t your thing, and let’s face it I and be pretty boring at times rambling on and on about numbers, then you can watch the player profiles as well. Of course, then you run into the issue of having to watch my ugly mug discuss the players. Quite the conundrum.

Vodka can help you to a great night of pleasure and pain. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. They are mostly good nights aren’t they? I mean boozing, dancing, standing up and laying down… who doesn’t want to do that? Turns out vodka also has a practical use.

Who are the most talented minor leaguers? We can debate that forever. We also can debate which players own the most mouth dropping individual skills. Seems pretty clear though that when you talk about the complete package, all aspects of the game, that Byron Buxton is the most physically gifted guy going.

Jonathan Lucroy was thought to be on the move about a month ago. Now it’s looking more than likely that he will begin the campaign with the Brewers. Even if the team has the desire to deal Lucroy, he has a list of eight teams in which he cannot be traded to (we know one of those teams, the Nationals). Lucroy is a career .282 hitter who had his 2015 ruined by injury (.264-7-43 in 371 at-bats). From 2012-14 an average season by Lucroy was .297/.359/.472 with 14 homers 70 RBI. Don’t forget that level of production with Lucroy at the draft table – he could return to it in 2016.

Zack Wheeler had Tommy John surgery and is working his way back into shape. Following the lead of Matt Harvey, the Mets are planning on taking things a bit slowly with the return to action for Wheeler. Some hurlers are back in 12 months from the surgery, but the Mets are targeting a return to action for Wheeler around the 15 month mark. That would put Wheeler on pace to return to the Mets starting rotation right around the All-Star Break. I would only draft Wheeler in an NL-only league or in a mixed league where you have a DL spot in 2016. Otherwise, Wheeler is a 2017 option.

If you’re a fan of Magnum P.I., or Archer, you will love this little video clip. Did I just date myself with a Magnum reference? Probably.


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