Happy 4th of July, everyone. I hope you enjoy the BBQs, the fireworks and a day off from the daily grind. Be smart, be safe and have an outstanding time. You also have a full slate of games starting nice and early, so start your morning with a little pitching data and get those lineups set for the first pitch.

                 vs Lvs R   
Max ScherzerWSHRHMIL114.211.622.201.57.19616.8%3.302.860.9636.8%44.0%0.840.3310.214$12000$13900$7100
Danny SalazarCLERHDET93.110.313.860.58.18512.8%2.223.471.1149.5%32.4%1.530.2230.282$10600$11200$6600
Zack GreinkeARIRHSD109.17.491.730.99.25211.8%3.623.611.1649.4%29.7%1.660.3140.288$10200$9000$7200
Kyle HendricksCHCRHCIN91.$9200$10400$6100
Aaron SanchezTORRHKC105.18.202.910.77.2398.9%3.083.481.2359.6%20.2%2.950.3150.270$9100$9900$6300
Carlos MartinezSTLRHPIT95.16.892.930.57.2169.8%2.833.881.1160.1%22.1%2.720.3230.186$8900$8900$6400
Lance McCullersHOURHSEA46.010.955.480.20.26813.2%3.913.691.6758.7%17.4%3.380.3190.343$8700$8800$6350
Rick PorcelloBOSRHTEX100.08.011.891.17.2437.9%3.783.821.1448.1%32.4%1.480.2680.355$8700$8000$5750
Jerad EickhoffPHIRHATL96.07.792.161.13.26210.0%3.383.941.2445.6%31.9%1.430.3290.311$8400$8400$6000
Matt HarveyNYMRHMIA89.07.282.430.81.28911.1%4.554.211.4042.9%31.3%1.370.3740.292$8400$7000$6500
Junior GuerraMILRAWSH69.17.792.600.91.21212.0%3.253.891.0746.1%34.6%1.330.2850.276$8100$8300$6000
Matt MooreTBLHLAA96.18.412.621.49.26511.7%4.674.061.3240.4%40.8%0.990.3040.336$7800$7200$6300
Julio UriasLADLHBAL33.$7,600$6,900$6,200
Daniel NorrisDETLACLE11.010.641.642.45.2987.4%4.093.481.4630.3%42.4%0.710.4450.356$7300$5900$5950
Tim LincecumLAARATB13.17.435.401.35.33912.1%6.755.282.0346.5%25.6%1.820.3140.519$7200$6700$5700
Tom KoehlerMIARANYM87.07.554.450.62.26610.0%4.454.781.5448.8%28.6%1.710.3650.301$7200$6800$5600
Wade MileySEALAHOU80.26.582.571.56.2839.6%5.584.401.4046.0%34.8%1.320.3450.353$7100$6000$5600
Edinson VolquezKCRATOR99.16.983.260.91.2689.4%4.804.251.4354.5%25.6%2.130.2920.344$7100$6300$5900
James ShieldsCWSRHNYY67.17.623.341.20.27211.3%$7100$4600$6000
Yovani GallardoBALRALAD34.$7000$6200$5800
CC SabathiaNYYLACWS76.27.163.520.47.23910.3%3.174.491.2948.9%33.6%1.450.3360.286$6900$7600$5900
Jake PeavySFRHCOL82.26.862.721.09.28711.1%5.344.641.4540.1%39.0%1.030.3990.329$6900$5600$5700
Jon NiesePITLASTL92.16.343.021.85.2927.9%5.074.321.5357.8%21.9%2.640.3430.387$6500$4900$5800
Ricky NolascoMINRHOAK96.27.351.771.30.29810.3%5.313.931.3844.6%34.2%1.300.3410.352$6500$5000$5550
Sean ManaeaOAKLAMIN55.07.202.621.31.28212.4%5.404.391.4243.6%34.9%1.250.2230.379$6300$7400$5850
Cody ReedCINLACHC16.011.252.813.380.34811.6%$6,200$6,500$5,550
Nick MartinezTEXRABOS18.03.505.501.50.2718.0%5.006.681.7254.0%31.7%1.700.4030.353$5900$4000$5500
Joel De La CruzATLRAPHI6.01.501.501.50.2922.4%4.505.551.3343.5%39.1%1.110.3640.338$5600$4500$5600
Erik JohnsonSDRAARI11.28.494.633.86.3048.2%6.944.561.7144.4%41.7%1.070.3850.552$5300$5800$5500
Eddie ButlerCOLRASF54.15.972.321.99.3208.9%6.964.571.5848.4%30.6%1.580.4030.397$4400$4000$5400

Max Scherzer, WAS – He’s the top pitcher on the board and, given the way the Brewers have been playing lately, has the best match-up. Over the past week, the Brew Crew has posted a league-worst .269 wOBA with a 23.2-percent strikeout rate and just a .092 ISO. Let’s also not forget their .296 slugging percentage in that time as well.

Kyle Hendricks, CHC – There will always be the concern of a shortened outing, but he did pitch into the seventh his last time out, the first time he’s done that since June2. Facing the Reds should make it worth the risk though as, not only do they have .299 wOBA with a 22.5-percent strikeout rate against righties this season, but their recent numbers (over the last week) are right there and have just a .113 ISO. He faced them in his last outing and dominated, so while that may unnerve a lot of people, the Reds struggles have been so prevalent this year that it may not matter at all.

Carlos Martinez, STL – He may have some trouble getting run support given the way the Cardinals bats have been swinging, but the Pirates continue to be a mess at the plate over the last several weeks. Over the last seven days, the Pirates have posted a less-than-stellar .281 wOBA with a 22.2-percent strikeout rate and C-Mart already has a 1.54 ERA in 11.2 innings against them this season.

Archie Bradley, ARI -- Apologies for not having Bradley's numbers up top, but rest assured, I am using him today in both cash and GPP games. The Padres still rank dead last against with a .285 wOBA against righties and with a 24-percent K-rate, Bradley's strikeout upside should be big here.. Probably a little chalky for some, but I like it.

Jerad Eickhoff, PHI – The Braves continue to struggle offensively, as evidenced by their .285 wOBA against right-handed pitchers, and there’s been little to no power to enjoy either. A .112 ISO against righties this season and a rising strikeout rate don’t exactly instill fear in the hearts of opponents.

Tom Koehler, MIA – He’s worth a dart here in GPP play despite the fact that some of the Mets bats are starting to wake up. However, a s a team, they are still posting just a .307 wOBA over the last seven days. Add in the Mets’22.8-percent K-rate against righties and Koehler just might have some added upside.

Jake Peavy, SF – I never like to recommend Peavy, but he catches a favorable match-up here as the Rockies continue to struggle on the road. They’ve got a .301 wOBA with a 23.3-percent strikeout rate away from Coors and are sitting on a .302 wOBA with a mammoth 26.6-percent strikeout rate over the last seven days. For a low-cost GPP, why not?