Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies will be up against Chad Bettis , who is making his first start in over a month. The Phillies are getting an automatic boost, since they are at Coors Field, so a prime spot to be targeting their hitters. Bettis is giving up a .363 wOBA to righties, along with 1.42 HR/9 and 1.23 HR/9 to lefties. We should be seeing their implied run total set around five or higher, even though it’s not listed yet. Plenty of upside here due to the park factor, but you certainly are paying a premium price for the hitters. The power seems to be in a better spot for the righties but go for the lefties if they fit in your lineup. Rhys Hoskins .263 ISO. Maikel Franco .235 ISO. Asdrubal Cabrera .222 ISO. Justin Bour .218 ISO. Odubel Herrera .176 ISO.

Houston Astros

The Astros are up against Sam Gaviglio , who simply put, isn’t a good pitcher, so you want to stack against him when you can. He is giving up a .353 wOBA to lefties, a .340 wOBA to righties, 1.59 HR/9 to lefties and 1.60 HR/9 to righties. Yikes. Those are some seriously bad numbers and you load up on the Astros hitters since they have a ceiling game potential sitting in front of them. This is also a slight positive park shift in favor of the Astros since they are in Toronto tonight, which is why they come in with an implied run total set at 4.95. Tyler White .266 ISO. Alex Bregman .247 ISO. Evan Gattis .197 ISO. Marwin González .171 ISO. Jake Marisnick .168. Brian McCann .164 ISO.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Dodgers come in with an implied run total set at 4.73 tonight and are in somewhat of a ‘must win’ spot. They are still in the hunt for the playoffs, so a perfect team to target in the last week of games, as they aren’t taking their foot off the gas. They are up against Matt Koch , who is giving up a .405 wOBA to righties and 2.36 HR/9 this season. This means you really want to be targeting the power hitters on the Dodgers since the home run upside is massive here. He’s been in and out of the bullpen this season but struggles when he is a starter like he is tonight. Max Muncy .323 ISO. Joc Pederson .292 ISO. Yasiel Puig .273 ISO. Manny Machado .242 ISO. Yasmani Grandal .233 ISO.