We’ve got a number of struggling offenses lately which makes it a little nicer for those of us who monitor the pitching match-ups so closely. When a team is ice-cold, you have to take advantage when you can. Sure, every slump comes to an end and you never want to be on the losing side of that, but more often than not, you can ride their cold streak pretty well and earn some key dollars doing just that. Here’s a look at today’s numbers and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

                 vs Lvs R   
Max ScherzerWSHRAPHI182.$11200$13600$8250
Cole HamelsTEXLHSEA168.28.913.201.01.23113.4%2.673.721.2351.1%29.1%1.760.2420.311$10300$11500$7700
Johnny CuetoSFRHARI179.27.911.650.70.24010.2%2.863.441.0852.3%28.2%1.850.3060.257$10300$11200$7200
Zack GreinkeARIRASF130.07.821.871.11.26511.9%4.293.631.2448.0%29.1%1.650.3230.311$9800$8300$7000
Masahiro TanakaNYYRAKC168.07.611.500.86.23611.6%3.113.521.0749.5%27.7%1.790.2700.278$9400$10600$7450
J.A. HappTORLABAL155.18.062.611.04.23211.1%3.193.831.1545.9%33.1%1.390.2850.298$9300$9300$7000
Kyle HendricksCHIRHPIT152.07.992.070.77.20710.6%2.193.601.0051.6%29.7%1.740.2740.248$9300$10800$7550
Drew PomeranzBOSLHTB146.19.343.320.98.26012.0%4.063.442.4149.5%36.4%1.360.2610.283$9000$11600$7350
Jake OdorizziTBRABOS155.28.042.491.27.24410.8%3.534.111.2138.1%40.7%0.930.2580.344$8900$7400$6450
Adam WainwrightSTLRAMIL156.07.042.420.81.2869.1%4.674.221.3946.5%28.7%1.620.3610.314$8700$6900$6600
Rich HillLALACOL82.04.503.070.22.21711.9%0.003.381.9351.7%29.9%1.730.1960.271$8300$7000$6750
Jerad EickhoffPHIRHWSH155.27.521.911.27.26110.0%3.874.021.2243.9%35.0%1.250.3470.294$8000$7200$6200
Collin McHughHOURHOAK142.08.942.471.46.30511.3%5.013.771.5244.9%34.0%1.320.3600.369$7900$6000$6350
Edinson VolquezKCRHNYY156.26.553.161.03.2759.1%4.884.351.4455.0%24.4%2.250.3270.333$7300$5800$6350
Tom KoehlerMIARANYM145.07.143.480.81.25610.3%3.854.581.3946.0%29.8%1.540.3160.319$7300$6800$6400
James PaxtonSEALATEX86.28.101.770.62.28313.0%3.643.591.3450.4%28.9%1.740.3140.314$7200$8000$6500
Josh TomlinCLERHMIN145.26.551.112.10.2728.3%4.704.051.2344.0%34.3%1.280.2980.372$7200$5200$6250
Chad KuhlPITRACHI43.25.562.271.03.2458.6%3.504.461.1745.2%31.9%1.420.3450.273$7000$6200$6200
Daniel NorrisDETLHCWS34.27.532.861.04.3068.1%3.644.261.5944.6%30.4%1.470.3850.353$6600$6600$6350
Kendall GravemanOAKRAHOU149.$6600$5900$6050
Matt WislerATLRHSD130.06.582.491.52.25510.0%4.924.541.2942.0%38.3%1.100.3360.306$6600$6400$6400
Edwin JacksonSDRAATL51.35.453.981.38.2699.7%5.665.323.3144.0%35.1%1.250.3470.373$6300$4800$5550
Tyler AndersonCOLLHLA83.08.351.951.08.25611.9%3.693.331.2156.5%25.7%2.200.2580.326$6200$5500$6300
Seth LugoNYMRHMIA28.27.532.510.00.20211.3%2.514.211.0146.2%32.1%1.440.2420.246$6000$4100$6300
Tim AdlemanCINRALAA29.$6,000$5,700$5450
Jered WeaverLAARHCIN144.04.562.381.94.3118.7%5.315.611.5229.4%45.4%0.650.3830.382$5900$4200$5750
Wily PeraltaMILRHSTL89.05.973.541.52.3328.1%5.874.761.7352.5%23.7%2.210.3980.407$5900$4300$6200
Ubaldo JimenezBALRHTOR100.$5600$4000$5600
Andrew AlbersMINLACLE8.16.481.082.16.3165.8%4.323.911.5663.0%11.1%5.670.0980.476$5500$4000N/A
Anthony RanaudoCWSRADET19.25.076.862.75.2426.7%7.886.084.1048.5%39.4%1.230.3390.408$5500$4000$5400

Max Scherzer, WAS – He’s coming off an outstanding eight-inning, 10-strikeout shutout of the Orioles and now gets a Phillies team that has posted a .244 wOBA with a 24.5-percent strikeout rate over the last seven days. Home runs are usually the concern with Scherzer, but with the Phillies posting a .122 ISO over the last week, it is obvious that power is not their strong suit right now.

Cole Hamels, TEX – The Mariners have been the worst-hitting team in the majors over the past week with a .233 wOBA, a .089 ISO and a 27.7-percent strikeout rate. Hamels should have no trouble in this one.

Masahiro Tanaka, NYY – He hasn’t allowed a run in his last two starts and has a 14:1 K:BB over those 14.2 innings. Couple that with the Royals struggles against righties this year – a 27th-ranked .301 wOBA with just a .696 OPS – and you’ve got the recipe for DFS success.

J.A. Happ, TOR – The Orioles continue to struggle against southpaws -- .293 wOBA with just a .677 OPS – and have been one of the worst against a lefty while at home. Happ can certainly have his ups and downs like we saw last week, but he’s worth a look after his last start against the O’s which was seven innings of one-run ball and 11 strikeouts.

Drew Pomeranz, BOS – The Rays are starting to settle down with the strikeouts but are still posting a 24.8-percent rate over the last seven days. Their .313 wOBA in that span is just about average and while they may not look so hapless at the plate against Pomeranz this time, he did do a fantastic job of suppressing their power potential.

Josh Tomlin, CLE – Now we’re moving into dart territory as Tomlin has done very little to warrant consideration. But he actually dominated the Twins back in July when he faced them and they’re not exactly lighting up the scoreboard lately, as evidenced by their .295 wOBA over the past seven day, which comes with a 21.1-percent strikeout rate and a below-average .134 ISO.

Matt Wisler, ATL – It’s a dart only Tommy G. can love, right? Hell no. None of us are big fans of Wisler, but facing a Padres team that has a .270 wOBA and a ridiculous 27.5-percent strikeout rateis almost a no-brainer for a $1 GPP.

Seth Lugo, NYM – Has there been a team less able to hit for power than the Marlins who have posted a .043 ISO over the last week? That’s beyond atrocious. Couple it with a .264 wOBA and Lugo should be able to pitch deep enough and strong enough for the win.

Andrew Albers, MIN – While I’ve recommended Tomlin, I don’t think it would hurt to set a cheap GPP lineup going the opposite way here. After all, the Tribe bats a super cold right now with a .265 wOBA and .078 ISO over the last week.