After looking at all of the tools available at FantasyAlarm, the example lineups page should be used to help validate your thoughts, as well as help you consider some options that may not have been on your radar for the slate.  In addition to the example lineups, below you will find a breakdown of possible routes to take when building your MLB lineups tonight. While we are focused on FanDuel and DraftKings, this breakdown can be used for all sites. Please use our live chat feature to share your thoughts, and receive any feedback leading up to first pitch.  Good luck!

Please note that this was written before all lineups have been posted, which may have opened up new routes to consider. This slate comes down to how you feel about the game being played at Wrigley.  The line is starting to drop, but is still the highest for the slate.



I always start my lineup building with pitching, as it’s the most important part of building your lineups. I tend to look for pitchers who I believe can pitch six innings, strike out six, and give up no more than two runs.  Feel free to set up whatever parameters you want to, but should set yourself some type of “floor” when it comes to how you select your pitchers.

Of the top pitchers taking the mound tonight, I think the sites were correct in making Max Scherzer and Chris Sale the top two priced pitchers for tonight.  I don’t think you can wrong with either of the two, and believe are in better spots than Clayton Kershaw tonight. As mentioned in the playbook, I do prefer Scherzer out of the three, with Justin Verlander as a lower owned GPP-pivot play.

Michael Wacha will be a popular value option on FD, and works as a #2 SP on DK.  While Wacha would remain my gpp value play on FD, I’m not opposed to saving the $3K to go with Jarlin Garcia .  Overall, I think finding a hitter core, and then mix and matching the top pitching options may be the better route over trying to take multiple value pitching risks.

Thoughts from the FantasyAlarm Team:  Our pitching coach today, Brett Talley, likes Scherzer, Sale, and Kershaw from the top priced group.  Wacha is his top value play, with Kyle Hendricks and Tyson Ross as his GPP pivots. Garcia is joined by Andrew Suarez , and Nick Tropeano as his value plays.

Our projections have Sale and Scherzer at roughly the same number, with Wacha and Garcia both making it into the top eight.  Suarez joins them as the value play on FD, while Gracia is the clear value play on DK.

Top Hitting Targets:   

There are plenty of other routes to take with details given in the playbook, and our other tools if wanting to look elsewhere.

On FD, I think avoiding a catcher outside of stacks due to the deep first base options is the way to go on most nights.  I have no issues punting with Victor Caratini for minimum price on FD in a Cubs stack though. On DK, Manny Piña would be my punt play, while Yadier Molina is my preferred catcher over J.T. Realmuto if paying up.  Christian Vázquez is also in play for a punt option on DK.

As mentioned in the playbook, I don’t think you need to fully pay up at first tonight.  I do like Jose Martinez and Albert Pujols , with C.J. Cron also being a solid target. Unfortunately, Anthony Rizzo will have some solid ownership leading off for the Cubs.  He’s been in a slump, but has a solid price tag on the highest projected run scoring team for those playing cash games.

I like Robinson Canó ’s price tag on DK, and with Baez out for the Cubs tonight, I can see some going with José Altuve , Ozzie Albies , or Brian Dozier . I may lean towards paying down for the struggling Matt Carpenter if he’s leading off.  Same with Ian Kinsler and Chase Utley depending on their lineup spots.

Both Kris Bryant and Nolan Arenado are in play, but as mentioned in the playbook, I prefer Christian Villanueva over those two.  He’ll be likely lower owned, and if not wanting to take that chance, stick with Bryant or Travis Shaw . Rafael Devers makes for a solid FD play, as well as Matt Duffy across the board if leading off.   

SS is roughly Xander Bogaerts or Addison Russell for me, and will not to try to overthink it.  If I decide to overthink it, I’ll look at Carlos Correa , Semien, or Manny Machado .

OF is always wide open, as I feel the sites want you to punt with one of the three spots, as well as pay up for one of them. OF is always wide open, as I feel the sites want you to punt with one of the three spots, as well as pay up for one of them. Mike Trout is my top option if paying up, but not against J.D. Martínez , Tommy Pham , or the other top options.  Ben Zobrist will be a popular punt play for FD cash games, and works as a 2B/OF on DK. I like the Brewers OF options, Andrew Benintendi with a slight bump leading off, and Kyle Schwarber going deep with the wind. Nelson Cruz is a top GPP-pivot OF option for me.

Thoughts from the FantasyAlarm Team:  Our hitting coach today, Jon Impemba, likes Trout, Xander, and Rhys Hoskins as his top priced plays, while Cron is joined by Alex Bregman and Asdrubal Cabrera as mid-priced options.  Max Kepler and Manny Margot are his value plays.

Our projections have Manny Machado as the top play by more than two points over Cruz, Braun, and Yellich.  Wilson Ramos was a surprise 8th, with Matt Adams , Matt Joyce , and Logan Morrison as the top FanDuel value plays.  SK has the same top three, but Andrew Benintendi checks in at 4th, while Blanco and Field join Joyce as the top value plays over LoMo.



If playing GPPs, your best approach is stacking.  Pick a game, or two teams that you think will blast off, and go all in on them.  Yes, entering your cash lineup, or another type of lineup can cash in a GPP, but if looking to finish in the top 1%, you need to hit with a stack.  I spoke about the stacks I like, and my approach throughout the playbook. Overall, I like the Cardinals and Angels, but the Twins and Rays could both be sneaky.  The Cubs and Red Sox will likely be the two top stacking options.

Final Thoughts:

FanDuel:  I would pay up for a top pitcher, and like Scherzer over Sale.  Would then go Zobrist and Caratini from the Cubs, but still think paying up for Xander over Russell is the play.  Can go Russel for the $1.1K discount. I would go with one of the top 3B options, and then one of the cheaper OF leadoff hitters, with Grossman as a likely popular choice. That will leave you with roughly $3K for the other three spots.  For gpp’s, save that salary with Wacha at pitcher to load up on top hitters. FYI, dropping Xander to Russell does allow enough to add in Trout, but left with under $2.4K for the last two spots if sticking with Scherzer.

DraftKings:  On DK, Scherzer with Wacha leaves you with roughly $3.6K per hitter, while Scherzer with Garcia leaves you with a little over $4K per hitter.  I do like the $1.5K discount with Russell over Xander on DK, and prefer to punt catcher, which will likely be Pina. If you take Cano for the DK discount, that leaves you with a little under $4K for the other five players.  Can go with a top 3B option, a cheaper 1B play like Martinez or Pujols (If playing Trout), or use it for Rizzo while paying down in the OF. I do like Braun and Benintendi for solid price tags.