Tuesday’s DFS MLB slate features all 30 teams in action with the main slate having a roster lock of 7:05 PM ET. 

Weather should remain a non-factor tonight, though there are some showers scheduled a few hours into the Blue Jays/Yankees game.

Like most nights on Coors, I will keep my Coors players at a minimum. Nine times out of 10, starters in Coors are going to be a solid play as long as the salaries do not suffocate your pitching options.

Buster PoseySFRCOLTyler Anderson442127127262556.287.805.152.302.34421.1%35.6%91.6%$4,000$4,700$4,900
Russell MartinTORRNYYLuis Cessa37893175364481.246.762.175.314.33218.5%35.4%80.2%$3,400$4,300$4,550
Jonathan LucroyTEXRSEAJames Paxton424126216269425.297.867.210.327.36724.0%35.2%88.7%$3,200$3,300$4,600
Sandy LeonBOSSSDPaul Clemens1906773129180.353.973.211.438.41225.7%36.7%91.0%$2,800$3,500$4,400

Buster Posey, like most hitters, loves to hit at Coors Field, and he gets a good matchup against Tyler Anderson, who he hit a 2-run homer off of earlier this season. 

Russell Martin has batted .280/.391/.568 with 10 of his 17 home runs since the All-Star Break. 

Jonathan Lucroy is coming off of an outstanding week of baseball. He has gone 10-for-23 (.435 AVG) in that span with a homer and five RBIs. 

Sandy Leon is getting less and less playing time thanks to the expanded rosters, but he has still been productive when starting. He has hits in each of his last six starts, going 9-for-22 (.409 AVG) with a double and three walks. 

FIRST BASE                      
Anthony RizzoCHCLMILWily Peralta500146268293663.292.929.248.310.39118.4%34.4%91.1%$4,200$5,400$5,450
Jose AbreuCHWRDETMatt Boyd533156225586350.293.821.182.326.34719.9%32.1%88.3%$3,300$4,500$4,750
Adrian GonzalezLADLARIShelby Miller492144176278480.293.808.159.336.34326.2%31.9%87.3%$3,200$4,200$5,150
Dae-Ho LeeSEARTEXMartin Perez26068133047170.262.758.177.306.32522.3%26.4%87.9%$2,400$3,000$3,900

Anthony Rizzo loves to face Wily Peralta, as outlined by his 14-for-28 (.500 AVG) line with five homers, three doubles, and 11 RBIs. 

Jose Abreu has homered off of Matt Boyd in the past and has been raking to the tune of .365/.406/.714 with seven homers over his last 15 games. 

Adrian Gonzalez is working on a 6-game hitting streak and gets a great matchup against Shelby Miller, who he has gone 4-for-7 (.571 AVG) with a home run against in their previous meetings.

Dae-Ho Lee has been outstanding over his last five starts, going 11-for-23 (.478 AVG) at the plate with a double and six RBIs. 

SECOND BASE                      
Brian DozierMINRKCDillon Gee5241463892915313.279.926.298.281.38516.5%34.6%87.0%$4,300$5,300$5,000
Daniel MurphyWSHLATLWilliams Perez486165258298324.340.976.253.337.40520.7%37.7%95.1%$3,800$5,300$5,000
Jean SeguraARIRLADRoss Stripling5351711283513130.320.843.155.362.36219.9%28.4%92.8%$3,400$5,300$5,000
Wilmer FloresNYMRCINBrandon Finnegan29479153747231.269.789.197.271.33722.3%25.9%88.1%$3,000$4,400$4,150

Brian Dozier has been absolutely REDONKULOUS since the All-Star Break, and has taken it to an entirely different level. Yesterday, he pulled off a TRIPLE DONG outing. Tonight, he faces Dillon Gee who he has homered against three times in just 14 at-bats. 

Daniel Murphy has three extra base hits over six career at-bats against Williams Perez of the Braves.

Jean Segura knows how to hit a good breaking ball, and Ross Stripling knows how to throw a good breaking ball. I’m going to give the edge to Segura who has been locked in at the plate, and batting .375/.420/.563 over his last 15 games. 

Wilmer Flores’s numbers against lefties has been sensational this season. He is batting .340/.386/.691 with 10 homers and 26 RBIs this season against southpaws. Translate that over the entire season, he’s a 50 home run hitter (yeah, I know, that’s pushing it). 

THIRD BASE                      
Adrian BeltreTEXRSEAJames Paxton500146267891430.292.852.208.286.36017.3%34.6%88.8%$3,400$5,000$4,900
Kyle SeagerSEALTEXMartin Perez500145257886593.290.886.226.305.37322.4%37.8%89.1%$3,400$4,300$5,200
Jedd GyorkoSTLRPITRyan Vogelsong32479264951300.244.816.265.239.34419.8%35.9%87.2%$3,300$4,900$4,500
Jake LambARILLADRoss Stripling446116277084505.260.870.274.303.36318.7%41.1%83.7%$2,900$5,000$4,850

Adrian Beltre is 5-for-10 (.500 AVG) with a homer, three walks, and three RBIs through his previous meetings against the hard-throwing southpaw, James Paxton

Kyle Seager will be a compelling GPP play tonight in a lefty versus lefty situation against Martin Perez. Seeger is 10-for-27 (.370 AVG) with three homers, lifetime, against Perez, and should have very low ownership in those GPPs. 

Jedd Gyorko is 5-for-15 (.333 AVG), lifetime, against Ryan Vogelsong, and four of his five hits have gone for extra bases. 

Jake Lamb has a great matchup against Ross Stripling, and he is under $3000 on FanDuel tonight. I’d stay away from him on DK though. 

Corey SeagerLADLARIShelby Miller529167249165491.316.912.219.358.38524.1%39.9%88.5%$3,700$5,300$5,350
Andrelton SimmonsLAAROAKRoss Detwiler37210413832215.280.662.065.302.29119.8%24.2%93.4%$2,700$3,500$3,950
Jose PerazaCINRNYMRafael Montero1414821514414.340.783.071.380.34330.6%22.0%93.3%$2,700$4,400$3,400
Chris OwingsARIRLADRoss Stripling33196237351916.290.758.130.355.32422.4%30.9%89.4%$2,400$3,800$4,350

Corey Seager gets a nice matchup against Shelby Miller of the D-Backs and is coming off of a great night where he went 3-for-5 (.600 AVG) with a homer, double, and three RBIs. 

Andrelton Simmons faced Ross Detwiler many times through their days in the National League, and Simmons absolutely owned the matchup, going 4-for-11 (.364 AVG) with two homers, a double, and six RBIs. 

Jose Peraza has to be considered tonight if he’s in the lineup. The Mets, namely Travis d’Arnaud, has been horrible at throwing out runners, and the Reds, including Peraza, are very aggressive on the bases. 

Chris Owings is coming off of a heckuva week, batting .519/.552/.704 with a triple, three doubles, four RBIs, and two stolen bases. His value on FanDuel tonight is ridiculous for a decent matchup against Ross Stripling

Mike TroutLAAROAKRoss Detwiler47115327108889523.3251.020.253.378.42822.5%42.5%86.4%$4,500$5,600$5,400
Nelson CruzSEARTEXMartin Perez496140358083530.282.897.256.318.37616.7%34.3%83.5%$3,900$4,700$5,350
Ryan BraunMILRCHCJason Hammel4361342568754014.307.907.232.331.38018.4%33.3%90.0%$3,800$4,300$5,100
Bryce HarperWSHLATLWilliams Perez4341092375769519.251.848.214.261.35615.8%33.5%88.5%$3,700$5,400$5,200
J.D. MartinezDETRCHWMiguel Gonzalez372118206156381.317.955.255.380.40121.6%40.3%84.4%$3,600$4,600$4,800
Adam JonesBALRTBJake Odorizzi516144257876302.279.778.180.295.33117.2%32.6%84.9%$3,600$3,800$4,650
Mark TrumboBALRTBJake Odorizzi522134418298462.257.859.282.278.36116.8%38.0%81.2%$3,500$3,900$5,400
Gerardo ParraCOLLSFJeff Samardzija330856423586.258.683.148.304.28919.2%31.1%89.9%$3,300$3,500$4,650
Jackie Bradley Jr. BOSLSDPaul Clemens481131227977507.272.845.222.320.35818.2%36.9%84.0%$3,200$4,800$4,750
Paulo OrlandoKCRMINErvin Santana374114439321111.305.735.099.378.31621.0%26.9%88.0%$3,100$3,200$3,900
Miguel SanoMINRKCDillon Gee38592225058491.239.785.221.332.33621.0%39.9%78.6%$3,000$3,900$4,500
Justin UptonDETRCHWMiguel Gonzalez490117216567379.239.721.186.303.30719.5%37.9%78.4%$2,900$4,200$4,600
Avisail GarciaCHWRDETMatt Boyd34484104943283.244.691.140.308.30122.4%35.2%83.2%$2,900$3,800$4,150
Joc PedersonLADLARIShelby Miller35385205456495.241.815.238.286.34720.7%37.5%84.6%$2,800$3,700$4,350
Coco CrispCLESHOUBrad Peacock40295114947388.236.701.164.258.30123.1%24.2%89.8%$2,800$3,700$4,350
Travis JankowskiSDLBOSClay Buchholz27670247103830.254.674.072.358.30527.7%24.2%88.4%$2,600$3,600$3,850
Jeff Francoeur MIARPHIAdam Morgan2857473234182.260.690.130.338.29518.5%30.1%76.6%$2,600$4,100$3,800

Mike Trout just rarely disappoints nowadays. Over his last 15 games, he has batted .453/.567/.792 with four homers, 11 RBIs, and three stolen bases. 

Nelson Cruz has two hits in four at-bats against Martin Perez this season (.500 AVG), and both of those hits cleared the fence for home runs. 

Ryan Braun is batting .333/.455/.704 with three home runs throughout his career against Jason Hammel of the Cubs. 

Bryce Harper got the night off on Labor Day, but he should be back in the lineup tonight. Once again, he is batting .316/.375/.561 with two homers, 12 RBIs, and four stolen bases over his last 15 games. Don’t be afraid to stack him with Trea Turner and Daniel Murphy, either.

J.D. Martinez knows how to crush a fastball, but he has been a plus player against breaking pitches this season as well. PITCHf/x suggests that his matchup against Miguel Gonzalez is a good one for the Tigers right fielder. 

Adam Jones has a great history against Jake Odorizzi, having gone 11-for-28 (.393 AVG) with two homers against Odorizzi in their previous meetings. 

Mark Trumbo is on his way to the home run crown this season. The thing that has really helped him get to this point is the consistency of his power. He’s a pretty good value considering the upside (I mean, under $4000 on DK) and a decent matchup. 

Gerardo Parra’s value throughout the industry has been fairly consistent throughout the season (he’s only $3500 tonight on DK). Injuries have definitely hurt his 2016 campaign, but he has done a solid job throughout the last few weeks. He matches up well against Jeff Samardzija, and has gone 8-for-21 (.381 AVG) with a homer against him throughout his career. 

Jackie Bradley Jr. will mainly be in play on FanDuel today, but he matches up well against Paul Clemens, and has gone 7-for-20 (.350 AVG) with a homer, double, four runs, and four RBIs over is last five games. 

Paulo Orlando has a mild 4-game hitting streak, going 6-for-17 (.353 AVG) at the plate with a double and four RBIs. He is perfect over two at-bats against Ervin Santana, whose repertoire definitely fits Orlando’s strengths. 

Miguel Sano is gaining a bit of momentum. He has hits in each of his last three games, and has gone 5-for-12 (.417 AVG) with two homers, a double, three walks, and four RBIs. 

Justin Upton has homered in three of his last four starts. If there’s anything we know about Upton in 2016, it’s the fact that he’s extremely streaky. 

Avisail Garcia matches up quite well against Matt Boyd of the Tigers. He has rebounded the last couple games, picking up after his best month of the season in August, where he batted .319/.360/.660 with four homers. 

Joc Pederson remains a great value throughout the industry. He’s a bat that you want to roster for his power potential, and that’s what he has been able to bring lately. Over his last four starts, he has gone 4-for-12 (.333 AVG) with a couple homers, three walks, and four RBIs. 

Coco Crisp has batted .312/.476/.750 with a homer, triple, and two doubles, lifetime, against Brad Peacock of the Indians. 

Travis Jankowski is getting a ton of playing time for the Padres to end the season. He doesn’t have much power upside, but is a relatively safe play thanks to a decent OBP and speed potential. He’s a pretty good value throughout the industry tonight. 

Jeff Franceour is getting more and more playing time thanks to the injury to Marcell Ozuna. He is 5-for-13 (.385 AVG) over his last three starts, but most importantly, he faces Adam Morgan, who is giving up a .400 wOBA and 2.58 HR/9 against right-handed hitters this season. 

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