For the third straight day, tonight’s slate once again poses some weather concerns in multiple places so please keep an eye on that.  It’s the last series match ups with the postseason on the line for some teams, while others are waiting for their season’s to end.  Please remember on stacked nights like tonight, not all of the top players are listed.  That does not mean they are not in play, but wanted to provide other options.  I didn’t list many players from the Brewers, Rockies, and Diamondbacks, but their teams are in a great spot tonight.  Once lineups are posted, there should be plenty of value options available if looking to load of on those three teams.  Once again, the final weekend of MLB should be geared more towards tournaments over cash games.  Good luck!


Today’s my last hitting coach of the season, and hope that you both enjoyed it, and was able to use it to help cash in your lineups.  Thank you to all that have followed my thoughts this year!


Gary SanchezNYYHBALYovani GallardoR1950.3030.3780.6721.050.4380.36910.40%24.80%49.30%33.10%17.60%42.60%0.32$3,800$5,200$4,800 
Mike ZuninoSEAHOAKRaul AlcantaraR1570.2170.330.490.820.3550.27311.40%32.40%29.20%52.10%18.80%24.00%0.256$2,500$3,100$4,150 
Buster PoseySFHLARich HillL5270.2850.3580.4350.7930.3420.1510.30%10.80%50.90%28.30%20.90%10.80%0.298$3,200$3,400$4,800 
Yadier MolinaSTLHPITTyler GlasnowR5220.3030.3560.4210.7770.3410.1186.90%11.10%49.70%27.30%23.10%6.50%0.331$3,000$3,500$4,500 
Evan GattisHOUALAADaniel WrightR4420.2490.3180.5090.8270.350.268.70%25.70%41.50%38.70%19.80%26.40%0.271$3,000$4,000$4,750 


Cash/GPP Plays:  Gary Sanchez went 2-2 in his first meeting with Gallardo, but I think he may be out of gas.  He had another O’fer last night to make him 1 for his last 23 with the lone hit leaving the yard.  I’ll look at him on Aces only, with his price being too high for his recent production.  Buster Posey hasn’t been the hottest hitter of late either, going 1-9 in the series vs the Rockies.  Has a tough matchup vs Hill, but Posey is 3-5 off him.  Worth a shot to take a few Giants in gpp’s tonight.  Evan Gattis may go low owned on DK’s tonight with his higher price tag compared to others.  He’s on a four game hit streak with homers in two of them.  He’s 1-3 with a HR off Wright.  Yadier Molina is listed for use in a Card’s stack if willing to keep riding the Cardinals.


Value Plays:  I like Posey’s price on DK, and across the board Mike Zuznno makes for a nice punt play at catcher.  He went deep last night, and is 1-2 with a homer off Alcantara.


Edwin EncarnacionTORABOSRick PorcelloR5910.2660.3580.5360.8940.3810.2712.20%19.70%38.20%38.60%23.10%23.70%0.273$4,000$4,000$5,250 
Miguel CabreraDETAATLMatt WislerR5820.3130.3920.5550.9470.40.24211.30%17.00%44.10%32.60%23.30%23.80%0.333$3,900$5,300$5,250 
Joey VottoCINHCHIJake BuchananR5430.3240.4350.5450.980.4160.22116.30%17.90%44.70%28.40%27.00%23.30%0.366$3,900$5,400$5,350 
Chris CarterMILACOLChad BettisR5360.220.3210.4910.8120.3470.27111.90%32.10%32.80%43.70%23.50%26.20%0.259$3,900$4,500$5,250 
Mitch MorelandTEXHTBMatt AndrieseR4530.2340.30.4260.7260.3140.1927.10%23.20%42.70%35.20%22.10%18.60%0.266$3,000$3,000$4,300 
Ryan HowardPHIHNYMRobert GsellmanR3190.1940.2570.4480.7050.3010.2547.70%31.40%37.00%41.70%21.30%27.30%0.202$2,700$3,900$4,050 

First Base

Cash/GPP Plays:  There is a plethora of top options available at first tonight.  Rizzo, Ortiz, Freeman, and Goldy are all in play tonight if starting, but going to target Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto, Chris Carter, and Edwin Encarnacion if paying up tonight.  Votto went 3-4 against a Cub’s bullpen start last night, and will have the same situation again tonight.  Carter is my favorite play at first tonight.  He’s 1-3 with a HR off Bettis, and has homered in six of the last seven games where he recorded a hit.  Edwin is 13-37 with 3 HR’s off Porcello, and works well in a Jay’s stack.  Miggy should be the most popular play as he has homered in two straight games, and on a ten game hit streak.  

Value Plays:  Ryan Howard is going into his last weekend playing for the Phillies, and have already said they will play him all weekend.  More of a narrative punt play than anything.  Mitch Moreland is 1-2 with a homer off Andriese, and outside of the Coor’s game, the Rangers once again have one of the highest team totals of the night.


Robinson CanoSEAHOAKRaul AlcantaraR6430.2970.3490.5230.8720.3710.2266.60%14.00%47.00%33.60%19.40%19.80%0.302$3,300$5,300$5,250 
Brian DozierMINACWSCarlos RodonL6080.270.3410.5510.8920.3770.2818.80%19.60%37.10%47.50%15.40%18.70%0.279$4,100$4,100$5,250 
Rougned OdorTEXHTBMatt AndrieseR5990.2710.2960.4970.7930.3390.2263.00%21.60%42.90%39.00%18.10%17.90%0.298$3,500$3,700$4,950 
Devon TravisTORABOSRick PorcelloR3960.2980.3310.4440.7750.3370.1464.80%20.30%48.00%31.40%20.60%10.40%0.358$3,500$3,200$4,650 
Jose PerazaCINHCHIJake BuchananR2290.3320.3580.4190.7770.340.0872.90%12.80%47.40%24.20%28.40%6.40%0.369$3,700$4,300$3,500 

Second Base


Cash/GPP Plays:  Robinson Cano and Matt Carpenter were let downs last night.  I’m off the Carpenter train except for in a Card’s stack, and Cano is a FD option only for me tonight.   Jose Peraza will be my plug and play for one of the 2B/SS spots as his price is still not increased.  If the weather holds up, I’m ok paying up for Brian Dozier tonight, who is 6-15 with 3 HR’s off Rodon, and hopefully can break out of 1-27 slump.  Rougned Odor ended his six game hitless streak with a 2-4 night including a homer in his last game.  As mentioned earlier, Vegas likes the Rangers to score some runs tonight.

Value Plays:  The weather concerns me in New York, but if it changes, look for Devon Travis to be back in the leadoff spot to work into your Jay’s stack.  If it’s Carrera, feel free to fire him up again at OF.  Wendle may also be a popular play if leading off again for the A’s.  


Nolan ArenadoCOLHMILBrent SuterL6050.2940.3620.5690.9310.3910.2759.80%14.80%35.60%43.50%20.90%18.30%0.292$4,200$5,500$5,800 
Jonathan VillarMILACOLChad BettisR5760.2850.3690.4580.8270.360.17311.60%25.80%58.80%21.70%19.50%21.60%0.372$4,500$5,100$5,350 
Adrian BeltreTEXHTBMatt AndrieseR5770.2980.3560.520.8760.3750.2227.60%10.40%41.90%37.70%20.40%16.80%0.29$3,500$4,100$5,250 
Nick CastellanosDETAATLMatt WislerR4000.2880.3330.5020.8350.3570.2146.20%24.40%34.00%41.60%24.40%14.90%0.345$2,400$3,700$4,450 
Eduardo NunezSFHLARich HillL5530.2970.3250.4390.7640.3270.1424.90%14.80%51.10%31.00%17.90%11.00%0.314$3,000$4,100$4,450 
T.J. RiveraNYMAPHIAlec AsherR970.340.3520.4950.8470.3590.1552.90%14.30%43.50%28.20%28.20%12.50%0.361$3,000$3,300$4,400 

Third Base

Cash/GPP Plays:  Jonathan Villar is one HR away from being the first player since Ricky Henderson to have 20 homers and 60 stolen bases in a season.  He has a great chance to hit it tonight at Coors.  The real power hitter is on the other side in Nolan Arenado.  He hit safely in all three games against the Giants but was held without a homer for the first time in four series.  Has a great chance to go deep vs the lefty Suter tonight.For much less on FD and DK, Adrian Beltre is 3-3 with a homer off Andriese, and have a few other Rangers in nice spots to pair him with. Eduardo Nunez is a nice player to pair up with Posey vs Hill, as he is 3-7 with a HR off him.

Value Plays:  Nick Castellanos is back in the Tiger’s lineup, and has a cheap price across the board.  The issue may be he may not play a full game.


Francisco LindorCLEAKCYordano VenturaR5960.30.3550.4280.7830.3390.1288.00%13.10%51.50%25.70%22.80%10.50%0.325$3,300$3,900$4,900 
Asdrubal CabreraNYMAPHIAlec AsherR5120.2810.3370.4790.8160.3510.1986.60%18.30%39.60%36.90%23.50%15.20%0.311$3,400$4,700$4,700 
J.J. HardyBALANYYMichael PinedaR3950.2730.3130.4150.7280.3150.1425.90%15.30%47.10%33.30%19.50%8.10%0.304$2,400$2,400$4,050 
Aledmys DiazSTLHPITTyler GlasnowR3920.3010.3710.5150.8860.3760.2148.90%13.20%47.00%34.90%18.00%14.40%0.314$3,300$4,600$4,450 
Dansby SwansonATLHDETDaniel NorrisL1200.30.3530.4420.7950.3320.1428.20%22.40%48.40%30.80%20.90%10.70%0.371$3,100$3,400$4,200 
Wilmer DifoWSHHMIAAndrew CashnerR520.2890.3620.4040.7660.3340.11510.30%17.20%59.50%19.00%21.40%12.50%0.341$2,000$2,800$3,450 


Cash/GPP Plays:  I don’t feel you need to pay up for the top priced players at SS tonight. Aledmys Diaz and Asdrubal Cabrera are about the highest I’m looking at tonight. Both are in play in their team stacks.  Diaz went 2-3 last night, and scored a run for the third straight game.  Cabrera had his string of three straight two hit games snapped with an O’fer last game.  Not a huge fan of stacking the Met’s tonight, but like Cabrera as a possible low owned option. Francisco Lindor and the Indians are in a nice spot tonight as a sneaky stack option.  His last hit came on 9/16 though.


Value Plays:  Dansby Swanson was listed here last night not knowing he would have been moved up to the two hole.  If there again, he makes for a great play as he is 3-6 with a triple, homer, and stolen base over his last two games.  J.J. Hardy is 9-20 with 3 HR’s off Porcello, and checks in as an even cheaper option than Swanson.  Highly doubt he gets moved up in the order though.  Also like Difo if gets the starting nod over Drew tonight.


Carlos GomezTEXHTBMatt AndrieseR4050.2910.3710.5640.9350.3010.2737.60%29.50%50.00%30.60%19.40%15.90%0.312$3,000$4,200$4,550 
Jay BruceNYMAPHIAlec AsherR5300.2650.3160.5590.8750.340.2947.40%21.60%39.00%39.50%21.50%20.00%0.261$3,400$4,900$4,500 
Jose BautistaTORABOSRick PorcelloR4140.2320.3610.4470.8080.3540.21516.50%20.00%39.50%38.20%22.30%17.50%0.253$3,700$4,100$5,150 
Jayson WerthWSHHMIAAndrew CashnerR5220.2450.3370.420.7570.3320.17511.80%22.90%42.40%37.90%19.70%14.60%0.29$3,400$3,700$4,900 
Robbie GrossmanMINACWSCarlos RodonL3240.2810.3870.4480.8350.3680.16714.20%24.50%39.00%34.10%26.90%14.50%0.364$2,700$3,700$4,100 
Domingo SantanaMILACOLChad BettisR2340.2610.3480.4440.7920.3480.18311.20%31.80%44.90%24.50%30.60%27.80%0.364$3,300$3,900$4,600 
Hunter RenfroeSDAARIBraden ShipleyR260.3460.370.8461.2160.5030.53.70%14.80%42.90%47.60%9.50%40.00%0.278$2,200$3,500$3,100 
Manuel MargotSDAARIBraden ShipleyR230.3480.3480.5650.9130.3880.2170.00%21.70%66.70%11.10%22.20%0.00%0.444$2,800$3,000$3,000 
Ryan RaburnCOLHMILBrent SuterL2230.220.3090.4040.7130.3120.18410.90%31.30%45.90%34.20%19.90%18.00%0.292$3,000$3,500$4,450 
Tony KempHOUALAADaniel WrightR1130.2210.2940.3360.630.2790.1159.40%20.50%50.00%30.20%19.80%3.80%0.276$2,100$2,900$3,900 
Randal GrichukSTLHPITTyler GlasnowR4350.2410.290.4850.7750.3320.2445.80%29.20%41.10%41.10%17.70%19.50%0.293$3,100$4,500$4,650 


Cash/GPP Plays:  As usual, outfield is pretty loaded tonight with multiple routes to take at similar price points. Please note even though players like Trout, Cargo, and many other top priced players are not listed, they are still in play.   Carlos Gomez has been a popular play lately, and don’t think much changes today.  He’s homered in two straight, and finished the Brewer’s series 7-12 with four XBH’s and eight RBI’s.  Jose Bautista was a letdown last night, but is 15-36 with three HR’s off Porcello.  Jay Bruce has hit safely in his last four games, including back to back homerun nights. He’s about the only Met as of now I like for pairing with Cabrera.  

Robbie Grossman is the one Twin I’m willing to pair with Dozier tonight.  He’s hit safely in four straight games, and went 2-5 with a HR in his first meeting with Rodon. I’m not 100% sold on either Domingo Santana or Ryan Raburn, but they both provide some cheap exposure to Coors. Santana more than likely will play entire game unlike Raburn.  

Value Plays:  There should be plenty of value options once again tonight at outfield, Hunter Renfroe and Manuel Margot will continue to provide salary relief this final weekend of baseball.  The problem is that their ownership levels are starting to increase.  If starting look for Tony Kemp as a pivot punt option at OF.  Although he has only six hits this month, four of those have went for XBH's.  He’s 2-2 with a homer off Wright as well.